Trump Gets It

The clueless establishment Republican leadership ineptly bumbles about oblivious to the real reason Donald Trump is polling so well which is the fact the he dares to speak truth to their power.

Donald Trump has been a media personality since the 1980s when he embarked upon a real estate career which saw him build several high profile properties around New York City. There were his casinos in Atlantic City, his airline, and several books documenting the secret to his success as he continued to amass a fortune while remaining in the public eye. The 1990s saw Trump’s empire come crashing down to the point where he once famously owed close to a billion dollars as the airline and the Atlantic City casinos were sold off to satisfy his creditors. To be fair, this was a tough time for a great many as the high flying 1980s, fueled on speculation and junk bonds, met the reality of the 1991 recession. Through it all, Donald Trump remained a celebrity in the public eye.

Despite the media limelight, Trump has always been a man talented enough in business to strike shrewd deals, and he embarked upon a series of them to claw his way out of debt and rebuild his fortune. Along the way, he became even more media savvy to the point of launching his own television show torturing celebrities with ridiculous challenges designed to showcase their business acumen or lack thereof.

Now, contrast Donald Trump’s career of intersecting business and media acumen with that of the Republican Party over this same time period. In the 1980s, Republicans were enjoying historic success with conservative outsider Ronald Reagan in the White House restoring America both at home and abroad from the disastrous Carter presidency. Unapologetic conservatism was definitely in style as American prosperity returned in spades. After Reagan left office, establishment Vice President George H.W. Bush stepped up to the plate. Not nearly as charismatic as Reagan, Bush nonetheless deftly put together an international coalition to oust Saddam Hussein from Kuwait and restore America’s confidence in its military. The First Gulf War was a tremendous success and showcased the massive technological advantage America had amassed on the battlefield.

Soaring in popularity at a 96% approval rating, Bush demonstrated a keen acumen for foreign policy. However, that acumen failed to translate to the domestic front as Congressional Democrats managed to corner him into the massive political blunder of raising taxes despite his famous “Read my lips, no new taxes!” campaign pledge. As the inevitable recession set in, Bush’s popularity plummeted, and Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton was able to capture the White House in 1992 where he benefited from the Reagan economic policies as the American economy recovered and chugged along.

Clinton’s attempts to enact a more progressive agenda at the start of his first term were met with strong voter disapproval. Hillary Clinton’s attempt at a government takeover of the health care system, known as HillaryCare, was rebuffed as Americans watched opposition ads of a couple worrying that they would lose control of their health care. Being the consummate politician he is and caring only for the agenda of keeping himself in the White House, Bill Clinton quickly dropped further attempts to pursue the unpopular progressive agenda. This point was reinforced in 1994 with House Minority Leader Newt Gingrich’s “Contract with America” which helped Republicans recapture the House and make Gingrich Speaker. Americans sent a strong message to Clinton that the progressive agenda was unpopular and which Clinton quickly took to heart. Clinton’s shift back toward the center, which had gotten him elected in the first place, meant he had little trouble defeating moribund Kansas Senator Bob Dole in 1996.

Seeking a return to the White House in 2000, the GOP establishment quickly lined up behind Texas Governor George W. Bush as the party standard bearer. Party leaders amassed a massive war chest while discouraging serious rivals from challenging their handpicked candidate. Those who did challenge were quickly shuttled to the sidelines through the establishment primary system. Their strategy worked as Bush barely squeezed past Vice President Al Gore pushing his environmental agenda Americans didn’t really see as a problem.

Continuing with their tradition of selecting the next guy in line for the nomination, the establishment GOP leadership paved the way for yet another mushy moderate Senator in the form of John McCain who had developed his reputation as a maverick to mask his political embarrassment at having been one of the Keating Five Senators who went to bat for failed Lincoln Savings and Loan CEO Charles Keating. Keating managed to loot Lincoln to the tune of billions while having these Senators run political interference for him. McCain was so inept that he actually suspended his campaign at one point close to the election on the pretense of attending some minor Senate vote. Needless to say, the establishment GOP’s maladroit nominee flamed out so badly that another Senator with a tissue-thin resume and funny name ended up as president all while promising to fundamentally transform American politics.

That Senator, as we know all too well, is none other than former community organizer and student of the Chicago school of thug politics Barack Obama. Raised as a Muslim in Indonesia and steeped in communism by his grandfather’s communist friend Frank Marshall Davis, Obama has indeed transformed American politics to the point of establishing himself as America’s first emperor arrogantly deciding which laws he will and will not obey as he stonewalls myriad scandals that a weak and complicit establishment Republican opposition has decided is politically untenable to pursue.

The bold conservatism of Ronald Reagan and the politically shrewd tactic of tying together individual House races into a national election under the guise of a list of conservative initiatives by Newt Gingrich have been replaced by a mushy moderate timidity that schools candidates into never taking a position on any issue for fear of alienating a voter. It was this refusal to alienate voters that sank Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin when trapped on the abortion issue by biased journalists seeking an embarrassing and indefensible sound bite. Instead of articulating a clear position on the issue of abortion, each attempted to straddle the fence in true moderate establishment fashion so as not to possibly offend a voter. Predictably, each ended up offending a majority of the voters and went down in flames as their lame and pathetic answers were broadcast repeatedly by a smug media thrilled with their well done job.

The establishment GOP leadership has been convinced by its army of pollsters and consultants that moderation is the only winning strategy, and they have blindly followed this horrible advice through several defeats at the national level. The Democrats and their army of pollsters and consultants are only too glad to reinforce this losing strategy through its media acolytes constantly repeating that message. Establishment Republicans have been beaten down so much by the party leadership that they are afraid of their own shadows. Democrats merely have to mention a threat to have Republicans cowering in the corner and begging to pass whatever the Democrats put in front of them. It’s gotten so bad that the Democrats actually toy with the Republicans by allowing them to twist in the wind a while before throwing them a rope.

Not surprisingly, we conservatives have reached the end of our rope as we’ve watched establishment Republicans constantly selling out conservatism to enact the progressive Democrat agenda of destruction that is ruining America. Many of us left in 2009 to form the TEA Party movement and establish chapters across America as opposition to the establishment Republican leadership. Despite constant rumors of its demise circulated by the progressive Democrats through their media acolytes and gleefully endorsed by establishment Republicans, the TEA Party movement has continued to thrive and grow.

At first, we worked with the Republicans to regain the House in 2010 only to be told to shut up and sit down after the election. We responded by recruiting our own candidates and supporting them in the primaries in 2012 only to earn the enmity of the establishment Republican leadership which had the gall to actually threaten us for our efforts to promote conservatism. By 2014, it had become all too apparent that the establishment Republican leadership was in open warfare against us TEA Party conservatives as their threats escalated to the point where Karl Rove began his American Crossroads Super PAC with the goal of defeating TEA Party conservatives in the primaries.

It is into this climate that media savvy Donald Trump has waded and in which he is currently thriving. In 2012, Trump toyed with the notion of running for president while highlighting American concerns about Obama’s refusal to release his college transcripts and the controversy surrounding his birth certificate. After promising to be “the most transparent administration in history,” this level of secrecy surrounding college transcripts and birth records did not sit well with a large segment of Americans. Through his skillful use of the media, Trump forced the Obama administration to release what they billed as Obama’s long form birth certificate. That document has been shown to be an absolute forgery by several independent researchers despite a massive media campaign to ridicule and ostracize anyone daring to speak the truth.

Trump began this election cycle threatening once again to run for president, but Americans mostly shrugged and figured Trump was merely trying to gin up media attention since we had seen this all before. We were shocked when Trump actually filed papers with the Federal Election Commission and absolutely stunned with his announcement speech in which he voiced the truth on illegal immigration we Americans had long been saying in private. Predictably, the media launched an overwhelming campaign to humiliate and ostracize Trump for daring to speak truth to their power and we cynically watched the formula unfold awaiting the inevitable Trump cave in as he walked back his statements and profusely apologized to save his business interests. Oh boy, were we ever pleasantly surprised when Trump not only refused to apologize, but actually doubled down on his comments!

After weathering the withering criticism from the biased media and suffering the loss of several business ventures, the story slowly stopped being about Trump’s comments and started focusing on the illegal immigration highlighted by his comments. Trump, ever the knowledgeable media magnate, manipulated the story to keep it alive for several days longer than the media would normally allow. Americans sick to death of watching political robots from the Big Government Party struggling to differentiate themselves from each other despite being exactly the same began to rally around Trump as we finally saw someone wealthy enough to take on the establishment without backing down. Trump’s wealth, a liability before as the class warfare politics of the progressives had scorched the landscape of any sympathy towards any defense of the rich, was now an asset as the leftist attacks drew Americans to Trump and created sympathy for him he could never have achieved on his own. Americans see Trump as the one guy with enough of his own money to remain beyond the clutches of the establishment. And, Trump the astute businessman launched a retaliatory campaign by suing several entities who had breached their contracts with him with their “principled” refusals to honor their contractual obligations.

The establishment GOP leadership has been left utterly helpless in the face of the Trump media onslaught. Top GOP donors have appealed to party chairman Reince Priebus to find a way to silence Trump all to no avail. Their pathetic attempts resulted in Trump’s announcement that he would launch a third party bid if he was not treated fairly by the GOP during the debates and the primaries. Stunned by this shrewd political maneuver, the best they could come back with was a lame attempt to have each of the candidates sign a pledge not to run as third party candidates. Trump merely laughed as he shrugged it off and turned it against the befuddled establishment leadership.

Trump is leading handpicked establishment candidate Jeb Bush by double digits despite media subversion designed to bring Trump down but which ends up backfiring as he turns it to his advantage. Rumors of marital rape leaked to besmirch Trump’s reputation led to ex-wife Ivana not only denying the rumors, but providing a glowing endorsement of Trump as president. And, media attempts to distort Trump positions and statements have been met with Trump’s characteristic bombastic style of calling out the lies and media hypocrisy. Lightweight Lindsey Graham attempted to smear Trump by calling him a jerk for daring to question John McCain’s status as a war hero only to have Trump broadcast Graham’s cell phone number to Americans who began a constant calling barrage that forced Graham to change his number. We are truly being entertained by a showman who is giving the boot to a class we absolutely loathe. Politics doesn’t get more entertaining than this.

Donald Trump understands that Americans are sick to death of the political class of Republicrats which have teamed up to work against us Americans while feathering their own nests. He understands our frustration at being left with no voice as the politicians abuse us and run America into the ground. He has watched the lies that have undermined our faith in government and left us powerless to stop its ever encroaching abuses. He understands that we Americans long for someone to step forward with the ability to speak truth to their power who will absolutely not back down and who has the resources to resist their attempts to silence him.

In short, Donald Trump gets it! We see Trump as a man whose wealth has provided him access to the secret world of the political class while insulating him from their reach. We see him as just as frustrated as we are, and we relish his refusal to back down or play their games. We absolutely love watching Trump turn the political establishment on its tin ear and leave them twisting in the wind for a change. We can’t wait to see Trump ride roughshod over the entire political class and leave the establishment writhing in the pain of its destruction! We see Trump as the only candidate able to break the political logjam created by the Republicrats and their Big Government Party. And, we are going to thoroughly enjoy watching Trump eat the political establishment alive and restore America to prominence in the world while rolling back Obama’s progressive agenda and banishing it to the dustbin of history. Because Donald Trump gets it!

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