The two major parties have so alienated Americans with their failed promises, overlapping agendas, and outright lies that 2016 is shaping up to be a monumental repudiation of the establishment forces in both parties.

Establishment Democrats have lukewarmly anointed Hillary Clinton as their presumptive nominee even as they nervously watch her implode on the stump. She comes across as wooden and robotic as she nervously parses her answers to questions fearful that a slip of the tongue will unravel one of the many scandals lurking in her public closet. It doesn’t help that the Obama team and its media acolytes are quietly sabotaging her campaign with slow leaks pertaining to the Benghazi scandal and her involvement in the criminal conspiracy known as the Clinton Foundation. Better the constant drip of slow leaks that keeps everyone focused on the story to undermine an enemy than the smoking gun bombshell which can be managed until the public forgets when the inevitable next big news story comes along.

It’s no secret that the Obamas and the Clintons hate each other with a passion and conduct their warfare covertly while publicly benefiting from a surreal symbiotic relationship. Bill Clinton dragged the Democrat Party close enough to the center to win two presidential terms only to be rejected by the hard-core progressives when it came Hillary’s turn in 2008. By then, the progressives had decided that they had waited long enough and rallied behind a Muslim communist Senator from Chicago who was only too happy to tell them what they wanted to hear to attract them as useful idiots to his cause.

The progressive buzz has alighted upon Vermont socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and his anti-establishment message that the Democrat Party has become the party of rich fat cats profiting off the misery of the lower classes while merely mouthing platitudes towards their plight. An avowed unrepentant socialist and independent, Sanders is drawing huge crowds while Hillary can’t draw flies to her carefully staged events. His message is resonating among progressives who have long suspected Hillary of being too closely aligned with Wall Street. Their expectations are being justified by the many revelations being surreptitiously leaked concerning the Clinton Foundation finances and their juxtaposition with Clinton power indicative of influence peddling.

Hillary is damaged goods with the many scandals surrounding her and her laughable explanations which only reinforce the public’s cynical attitude that she is guilty and only avoiding justice through both the influence of supporters and opposition unwillingness to rock the boat. The combination of multiple scandals, inability to appear authentic, and her generally old and tired appearance mean Hillary is in deep trouble on the campaign trail. It would come as no shock to eventually learn through a Team Obama leak that Hillary masterminded the entire Benghazi Talking Points scandal to the point of demanding that Susan Rice read from her script as the Obama team buries Hillary and rehabilitates their stooge Susan Rice. It also won’t come as a surprise if Hillary at some point decides that she just can’t go on with the campaign and must withdraw due to health concerns.

On the Republican side, things are just as bleak for the establishment forces. Having suffered the back of the establishment’s hand through three election cycles despite their efforts clearly being responsible for Republican victories, conservatives are finally fed up with the establishment and its lies of conservative fealty. We’ve watched the establishment cozy up to the progressive Democrats time after time to hand President Obama unexpected policy victories. Despite swearing to conservatives that they were opposed to Obama’s illegal immigration amnesty efforts and pledging to undo them while securing the border, House Speaker John Boehner turned on the conservative wing right after the election to begin ramming illegal immigration legislation supported by President Obama through Congress.

The Republican establishment is beholden to wealthy corporatist donors who favor open borders and unlimited immigration because these immigrants are cheap labor and their presence depresses American wages. These corporatists have no need to hire Americans and pay American wages when immigrants will work far cheaper. This also means that these corporatists no longer have to locate their manufacturing facilities overseas and lose control of their proprietary property and manufacturing quality. They can keep production in the United States while benefiting from cheap labor and keep control of their intellectual property while managing quality control.

Donald Trump was written off as a self-promoter merely trying to garner publicity for his brand when he first announced that he was considering another presidential run. Everyone shrugged thinking back to 2012 when Trump toyed with a run only to back out after bringing attention to President Obama’s forged birth certificate and highlighting the fact that he would not release his college transcripts because they would reveal Obama as being a dimwitted student who only got by through the intervention of his handlers’ connections. The notion that Trump was going to be nothing but an annoying distraction was quickly disabused by Trump himself during his announcement speech when he called out the hypocrisy on illegal immigration by clearly stating what Americans have been thinking and saying privately that illegal immigrants bring crime and disease to America while distorting the job market.

Suddenly, Americans saw someone with a huge media platform expressing the truth as they see it, and Trump garnered attention from Americans that every other candidate would kill to have. The progressive media immediately swung into action denouncing Trump’s comments with their full force and fury as being racist and inconsistent with American values. Their war against Trump caused several high profile venues to break business ties with Trump, and Americans watched as Trump weathered the media storm not only refusing to apologize or back down from his comments, but to double down and reinforce his message that illegal immigration was harming America.

For the first time in a long time, Americans were seeing a man of principle speak truth to power and weathering the inevitable media attack without backing down. The establishment collective was being challenged by a man wealthy enough to speak the truth without giving a damn about the consequences. Americans who had cynically written Trump off as a self-promoter garnering media attention suddenly started rallying around Trump as the media campaign against him backfired and resulted in providing him with the sympathy he could never have achieved as a merely wealthy candidate.

The class warfare rhetoric has been thrown out the window as Americans now see Trump’s wealth as an advantage when it comes to challenging the collective entrenched in Washington instead of affording him a luxurious lifestyle. Trump has reminded Americans that America has always been about achieving the very wealth he has earned so that any American could enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. Trump has made it cool to be wealthy again and forced the dour old communist progressives to defend why they wish to keep Americans poor and ignorant in service to their failed ideology of social justice. As an added bonus, there has been a tremendous backlash against those corporate entities which rushed to sever ties with Trump as a show of support to the establishment collective. Thousands have cut up their Macy’s credit cards and returned them in a show of support for Trump who is relishing the backlash. Macy’s could have avoided all of this controversy if it had merely done nothing, but its establishment leaders couldn’t help but wade into this swamp and are suffering for their arrogance.

Donald Trump is a master at digital media manipulation, and those who fail to appreciate his digital media prowess do so at their own risk. Trump holds a grudge like few people and is able to savage his detractors mercilessly through digital media outlets such as Twitter. Trump has already forced detractors such as Neil Young and Lawrence O’Donnell to cry uncle as he pointed out their hypocrisy in attacking him. Young approached Trump to fund a business idea which Trump famously related while political pundit O’Donnell was forced to admit he didn’t really know how much NBC had paid Trump for “The Apprentice.” The hapless Republican establishment has been notoriously slow on the uptake when it comes to reaching Americans through digital media to present its message, but Donald Trump is a master of digital media who will have no trouble getting his message out using these platforms.

Meanwhile, the Republican establishment is having fits with Trump’s surging popularity. Those Republican candidates mired at the bottom of the polls with no chance of making the first tier of the debates are decrying the ruse that Trump is hurting the Republican “brand” while ignoring the resurgence of interest by voters in the Republican Party which the establishment has almost managed to drive into obscurity. Some seven to eight million Republicans stayed home in 2012 rather than vote for yet another handpicked mushy moderate loser establishment candidate who wouldn’t fight for conservative principles in the form of Mitt Romney. These same Republicans are suddenly excited about Donald Trump and his penchant for the truth. They applaud Trump’s willingness to fight against the establishment collective while ignoring Lindsey Graham railing that Trump is destroying the Republican “brand” and John McCain taunting that Trump was “bringing out the crazies” at his Arizona rally. A rally, I might add, which had to be moved to a much larger venue due to overwhelming interest and which had tickets being scalped despite being free to the public.

The establishment invective against Trump has reached the point where several top Republican donors recently implored Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman Reince Priebus to do everything in his power to keep Trump off the debate stage to keep him from speaking the truth and pointing out the hypocrisy of the other establishment candidates. Donald Trump’s greatest establishment Republican sin has been to raise the issue of illegal immigration to the point where the other candidates can no longer duck the issue and are now forced to take a definite stand. The establishment candidates will be forced to accede to the demands of their corporatist donors to come out in favor of immigration and paint it as reasonable as possible.

In other words, they will regurgitate the same old lies and explanations which Americans stopped buying long ago as they exercised their common sense judging the evidence of a failed economy all around them. We see the failed businesses with their boarded up strip mall stores, and recognize that millions of Americans can’t find decent jobs despite the establishment lies that all is well with the economy and that businesses can’t expand for lack of qualified workers. We may be voiceless, but we aren’t stupid. And we were voiceless until Donald Trump came along and managed to upset the establishment collective by speaking truth to its power.

A little known fact is that the Democrats and Republicans conspire to keep the system rigged so that Americans can only choose between their two preferred candidates. They do this through the mechanism of the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD); a private firm begun in 1987 by the Democrats and Republicans which regulates who can appear in the presidential debates. This commission conveniently finds that only the Democrat and Republican nominees can appear in the debates while shutting the door to any prospective third party nominees. The CPD is co-chaired by Democrat insider Mike McCurry, former spokesman for President Clinton, and former RNC chairman Frank Fahrenkopf, so it’s no wonder they favor nominees from the two major parties. Their mission is to prevent another Ross Perot third-party candidate from effectively challenging the supremacy of their two-party system.

Americans have watched as the establishment Democrat progressives, aided and abetted by the establishment Republican corporatists, have driven America into the ground economically and dissipated any pretense to power in shaping foreign policy. Thanks to the establishment collective, America now stands as naked before the world as the mighty Roman Empire shortly before the Visigoths arrived to lay siege to that once powerful city. So helpless were the Romans that they threw open the gates of the city and invited the Visigoths to plunder as they pleased to save their pathetic lives.

The Islamic terrorists who threaten America will know no such restraint as the Visigoths who merely sought financial recompense for past services rendered while the Muslims see Judeo-Christian America as a religious obstacle which must be annihilated to please their god. And, thanks to our extravagant debt and depressed economy, America will not even have the financial means to defend itself from the coming Armageddon. Americans are embracing the anti-establishment candidates of both sides in a last-ditch attempt to save us from the fate past empires have suffered due to the arrogance and ineptitude of their establishment collectives. 2016 is shaping up to expose a monumental political shift as Americans align against the untrustworthy establishment collective invested only in perpetuation of its own power at our expense.

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