The Big Lie

The Big Lie is that worldly concept perpetuated by those seeking short-term advantage by any means available, and we are constantly confronted with either choosing the truth or allowing ourselves to be seduced by the Big Lie and surrendering to the forces of darkness which perpetuate the Big Lie for their benefit.

The Big Lie exists on multiple planes and permeates our daily lives often to the point where we fail to even recognize its presence in many areas. It has a spiritual component wherein Satan attempts to convince us that belief in him is a valid lifestyle choice with no consequences. It has a political component wherein its adherents advance multiple forms of the Big Lie to gain political power. It has a social component wherein we attempt to suppress the truth for the sake of fitting in as part of a social group. We’ve all bitten our tongues at some function when someone was spouting off some nonsense we absolutely know as a lie just for the sake of not making a scene in which we come off appearing rigid and unapproachable.

Each permutation of the Big Lie feeds off of the other permutations, and each supports the other in some form or fashion. For instance, when advancing a component of the Big Lie in the political sphere, its adherents will call upon the social component by confronting a possible challenger with not speaking up for fear of being wrong and risking possible embarrassment. By failing to defend the truth for fear of social embarrassment, the potential challenger allows the adherent to further perpetuate the Big Lie.

In the political world, the Big Lie has several components. To the environmentalists, the Big Lie is Global Warming which they perpetuate to gain political power by convincing us all that mankind is destroying the planet through the free enterprise system that works to raise our standard of living. To the racial grievance industry, the Big Lie is their idea that white people are intentionally keeping blacks, Hispanics, and any other racial minorities down so whites can live comfortably at the expense of minorities. To the corporatists, the Big Lie is the idea that there is a shortage of American workers to staff their manufacturing operations which requires us to throw open our borders and ignore the illegal immigration that is splintering our country by diluting the shared concept of being an American which unites our people. To the feminists, the Big Lie is that all men are bad and only seek to use women for their own benefit while promoting the idea among women that it is necessary to turn the tables on men by divorcing them and gaining their assets. These are smaller components of the Big Lie which seeks to convince us of an alternate reality where the truth is whatever Big Lie proponents define it to be for their benefit.

We Christians know Jesus as the truth. Jesus admonishes us to be in the world but not of the world. We are to recognize the Big Lie and resist the temptation to believe it. The Big Lie is a product of the world and worldly thinking. It is perpetuated to gain advantage and power to advance the short-term interests of its adherents. The left perpetuates its various themes on the Big Lie to gain political power by frightening voters with some manufactured crisis that only they can solve. A side benefit to perpetuating the Big Lie is that it instantly puts opponents on the defensive and forces them to spend energy refuting the Big Lie instead of developing creative solutions to real problems and making the case for those solutions.

Conservatives are especially prone to falling victim to the Big Lie perpetuated by the left by being unable to recognize that logic has very limited ability to counter the Big Lie. The Big Lie relies upon emotion and humans are much more susceptible to emotional arguments than logical arguments. Conservatives are naturally predisposed to use of logic. We tend to see the world in logical terms. To us, there is a right way of doing things and a wrong way. Many of us are trained in logic as the basis of our professions and we naturally apply logic to our daily lives with excellent results. However, logic fails us when confronting the Big Lie of the left because the left skillfully employs emotion to tug at the heartstrings of the masses. We know those adorable puppies in the commercial are staged in sympathetic poses designed to elicit a caring response in us, and that the group sponsoring the commercial is only interested in getting us to send them money to stop some alleged abuse of those adorable puppies, but many can’t resist the appeal of the Big Lie and end up sending a check anyway even as logic screams for them not to be seduced by the Big Lie.

Logic does have its place in resisting the Big Lie, but it is not the giant-killing Kryptonite conservatives imagine it to be. Take Global Warming for instance. A great number of scientists recognized the Big Lie being promulgated by the left and began speaking out with facts that countered their Big Lie. Remember, scientists are trained to think in terms of logic, so the idea of perpetuating the Big Lie among this group is a tough sell. It has been revealed that temperature data has been manipulated to reflect a nonexistent warming trend over the past several decades, and that Global Warming proponents conspired to keep their colleagues from publishing research which pointed out this data manipulation so damaging to their Big Lie. Faced with these damaging revelations and an increasingly skeptical public slowly awakening to this Big Lie, the Global Warming proponents switched tactics by renaming their Big Lie Climate Change and launching a media campaign to denigrate their detractors as “deniers” in an attempt to shame them into acceptance of their Big Lie. Once again, one aspect of the Big Lie leverages another aspect to support and perpetuate itself.

While logic was successful in revealing the Global Warming Big Lie, its adherents merely changed their terminology into something much less definable or measurable and continue promoting the Big Lie that mankind in causing harm to the planet. Opponents of the Global Warming Big Lie were able to use logic to reveal that anthropocentric global warming is a Big Lie, but proponents now scare people into believing that our weather patterns are worsening with ever more cataclysmic weather events on the horizon all because of their new Big Lie, Climate Change. It’s the same old Big Lie, just new terminology resting on another kernel of truth, and, if you’re not a scientist able to grasp the complexity of the science behind this debate, then you are more likely to believe the scare tactics of big headlines proclaiming climate doom unless the left is allowed to act immediately to drive up your electric bill to the point you can no longer afford energy use. By that time, the game is over and it’s too late to reverse the steps that made energy usage unaffordable.

Logic works well in matters of science which lend themselves to objective measurement and open Big Lie proponents up to measurable scrutiny. Big Lie proponents have done much better in the social sciences which are geared much more toward subjective measurement and interjection of emotion. Social sciences seek to understand the human condition from a social standpoint in order to promote improved social conditions. However, improvement of social conditions is very much a subjective undertaking open to abuse of the emotional appeal.

Back in the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan was accosted by the left with an incarnation of the Big Lie which perpetuated the myth of the homeless veteran made so through an uncaring government and uncaring Republican politicians so tightfisted that they would prefer homeless veterans over spending the money to alleviate this widespread and chronic problem. However, research demonstrated that this situation was not the widespread and chronic problem portrayed by Big Lie proponents. First, there were not nearly as many homeless veterans as had been speculated by Big Lie proponents. The figures were wildly inflated to stimulate a public outcry. Second, most of those veterans who were homeless were so due to various reasons including the fact that many of them preferred homelessness as a lifestyle alternative over the exercise of personal responsibility necessary for home ownership. The emotional appeal kept the issue alive much longer than necessary and provided a distraction to President Reagan’s tenure that shifted focus away from other more pressing problems.

Another example of the emotional appeal exhibited by proponents of the Big Lie was the AIDS crisis of the 1980s. Once again, Big Lie proponents castigated President Reagan and conservatives as being cold and heartless over the AIDS issue by denigrating public health efforts to quarantine AIDS victims to prevent the spread of the disease. As a result of the efforts of Big Lie proponents to quash attempts to quarantine sufferers of the disease, AIDS spread through the gay community like wildfire and killed thousands. HIV/AIDS continues being spread long past any ability to apply quarantine efforts and presently infects over 1.1 million Americans. Proponents of the Big Lie argued that quarantining early AIDS victims was an assault on their rights with the result that a disease which cares nothing for the rights of anyone continues to decimate millions. All this deception was perpetuated despite numerous examples of the effectiveness of quarantining to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

The Big Lie is not some groundless conspiracy theory woven out of thin air with no substantial basis. It exists in multiple formats easily recognizable to anyone open-minded enough to seek the truth and motivated enough to perform the least bit of research. Conservatives seeking 501(c)(3) status for their groups from the IRS were accused of being paranoid for insisting that the IRS was targeting them by slow-walking their applications until Lois Lerner revealed that this was indeed the case and she was the IRS official in charge of doing so. So, what is the truth? Was it that conservatives were paranoid or that the government was, in fact, targeting conservative groups? Prior to Lerner’s admission, it was perceived and portrayed to be the former. Were the Benghazi attacks a spontaneous uprising stemming from the release of some obscure anti-Muslim video, or were they the result of careful planning on the part of terrorists designed to coincide with the anniversary of 9/11 as they sought to punish America from reallocating Qaddafi’s weapons supply to Syrian resistance fighters that the Libyan terrorists sought for themselves? Did Hillary really establish a private email server to partition off her personal correspondence, or was it a premeditated effort to hide criminal behavior in which Hillary knew full well she would be engaged? The perception very much depends upon whom you ask and the timing of your question. However, the truth remains the truth and eventually comes out.

Proponents of the Big Lie know full well that the Big Lie is indeed a lie, but they perpetuate it anyway because it serves their interests. It allows politicians to scare voters into supporting them for election. It allows con artists to fleece us out of our money on a scale ranging from the individual promoting a corner shell game to corporations selling us things we don’t need for conditions we don’t have and which don’t work anyway. Anyone remember the deer whistle scam? It allows those with a grievance to magnify their grievance up to the point that it is a social phenomenon worthy of inordinate attention that validates the aggrieved party while serving to enrich them simultaneously.

We must remain vigilant to recognize and counter the Big Lie whenever and in whatever form we encounter it. Americans are slowly awakening to aspects of the Big Lie such as recognizing that the media is very much biased toward the left and lies to protect it, but very few recognize that the various components are interwoven into the Big Lie. We must resist the seductive power of the Big Lie in our personal lives even as we rail against the Big Lie in the political arena or the corporate arena. We must recognize that establishment Republicans have fully bought into the Big Lie having recognized its electoral power to keep them in office. We have to more effectively counter the Big Lie by calling out its adherents for perpetuating components of the Big Lie through ridicule. We must continue employing logic to refute components of the Big Lie, but we must also recognize the limits of logical analysis when confronted by emotional appeal.

The good news is that we conservatives are slowly winning the argument against the Big Lie. Conservatives have demonstrated that they are no longer willing to cede ground in the culture wars as the left continually takes its inch and seeks to turn it into a mile. Conservatives are getting stronger, and the conservative movement is resonating with greater numbers of Americans. For proof, look no further than the Pro Life movement which has only grown stronger since the 1973 Supreme Court ruling in Roe vs. Wade legalizing abortion, to the point of advancing legislation requiring abortion clinics to adhere to the same medical standards of cleanliness and professionalism as hospitals, and which is causing abortion clinics to shutter for their inability or unwillingness to do so.

Gay marriage has been the catalyst which has awakened conservatives to the fact that there is no compromising with the left. Their emotional appeals in the cause of advancing the Big Lie went from the notion of fairness in the allocation of federal benefits to the notion that it is beyond the purview of anyone to define marriage at any time for any reason. So, they now want to leave it up to the government to define marriage by admitting in a legal context that marriage is indefinable for purposes of enforcing the law. Of course, all this exists in the realm of the state which has attempted to appropriate the Holy Sacrament of Marriage away from God who ordained it according to His definition which is unchallengeable and unchanging. Remember, the Big Lie is worldly and seeks to advance the preposterous idea that God doesn’t exist and that Satan is the rightful ruler of the world. By destroying marriage, Big Lie proponents seek to hasten the collapse of the family as the cornerstone of society and, ultimately, the collapse of morality, along with the Church.

The Big Lie is made up of legions of smaller lies all advanced with the aim of perpetuating the evil which serves the short-term interests of its adherents. The long view argues for belief in Christ as we Christians exercise our faith that God is ultimately in charge and has a plan for our salvation manifested to us by His Son, Jesus Christ. We are admonished by Christ to resist the temptation of the Big Lie and its focus on worldly allures. We must continue seeking the truth as found in God’s Word to effectively counter the Big Lie, and we must work tirelessly to resist the Big Lie whenever and however we encounter it.

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