Memorial Day 2015

As we pause to celebrate this Memorial Day, let us remember the sacrifices of those who gave that last full measure of devotion in securing and protecting our liberty, and let us also reflect upon our stewardship of that liberty secured by the Patriots and passed down through successive generations.

In recalling the monumental achievement of the Patriots, consider that they began as a small group of colonists dedicated to throwing off the shackles of Great Britain, the world’s lone superpower upon whose empire it was noted that the sun did not set. These colonists were exasperated at watching Britain drain the wealth out of the colonies while daring to further insist that the colonists pay for the privilege under the rubric of protection. Britain’s haughty attitude irked a great many colonists who soon began thinking of themselves as an entity separate from Britain and chaffing under its chains.

A lone shot fired at British forces marching past the Green at Lexington on their way to seize colonial stores of arms and munitions located at Concord galvanized the colonists into action in an impossible effort to defeat the most powerful military in the world. The colonists had absolutely no chance of success against Great Britain, but they took the chance and fought a war with impossible odds to win their freedom. Many lost their lives in the process, but America emerged victorious through their efforts. The Patriots own America’s claim to liberty, and they have dutifully passed that claim down through successive generations which have accepted it with the knowledge that they are merely caretakers and not owners of this most precious gift.

These successive generations have fought and died to preserve that freedom which we currently enjoy. It is incumbent upon us to jealously guard and preserve that freedom so as to be able to pass it along to the next generation in as good a shape as it was whence we received it. Many a crisis has threatened that freedom including that great internal struggle we know as the Civil War. Brother fought against brother in that infamous war, but Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator, preserved the Union with assassination as his reward.

Threatened by the strife of great European powers, America intervened in not one, but two world wars managing to preserve and advance the cause of freedom from those despots who would usurp it in the service of their own glory. Our soldiers rescued a people threatened with total annihilation by a madman bent on global domination who had managed to subdue a significant portion of the world order prior to his eventual downfall. We organized a coalition of allies the likes of which the world had never seen to defeat the dark forces of totalitarianism and restore peace and order in the world.

Emerging from that terrible conflict, we found ourselves struggling against the totalitarian auspices of a former ally convinced of its superiority and the legitimacy of its hegemony. This opponent to freedom preferred indirect conflict through proxy wars to which we rose in defense of threatened liberty wherever this totalitarian axis of evil chose to do battle. Eventually, we prevailed against this political foe and realigned the world once again toward peace and freedom.

Now we struggle in a conflict with religious undertones that manifests itself as a clash of civilizations pitting the freedom of a modern, open society with that of a medieval, closed society bent on control of its population and subjugation of the world in the name of its militaristic religious order. The difference this time is that there are many within our country refusing to recognize the enemy and actively working to excuse this enemy while subtly promoting its cause.

Our Founding Fathers warned us that freedom is never free, and the price of freedom is eternal vigilance in pursuit of freedom. We maintain a professional fighting force dedicated to the preservation of this freedom precisely because we can’t afford to relax our guard against the forces which threaten our freedom. Americans have never warred to gain territory, but to protect American interests while gladly handing back territory won in war and assisting their people in rebuilding from the ravages of war which made their freedom possible.

This Memorial Day, please remember the citizen soldiers who gave their time and their lives to secure, preserve, and protect the freedom we enjoy. At the same time, reflect upon our current stewardship of that freedom and the manner in which our current leaders have diluted our freedom for their own benefit. Recall the multitude of scandals surrounding the current administration as it lies to us to advance its interests which are opposed to our liberty. Remember the hidden agendas of those who seek to be our leaders as they have profited handsomely through their years of public service. America is a resilient nation capable of overcoming bad leadership, but it has its limits and those are being sorely tested. It would truly be a pity to reflect upon this Memorial Day remembering the sacrifice of so many in the preservation of our liberty only to realize that we are allowing our leadership to waste that which others have fought others so valiantly to preserve.

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