The Iranian Bomb

Despite numerous dire warnings and as entirely expected, the fanatical Iranian regime probably already has a functioning nuclear weapon it is prepared to test at such a time that is most convenient for its propaganda purposes, and we’re doomed to relive the threat of nuclear annihilation we faced from the old Soviet Union from a nation whose leaders love the martyrdom of their religion more than they love their children.

It is painfully obvious to even the most casual political observer that President Obama has aligned the United States away from its traditional Mideast ally Israel toward not just the Arab Muslims, but, more specifically, away from our traditional Sunni Arab allies towards the fanatical Iranian Shiites bent on sponsorship of the most ruthless terrorist organizations in the region. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has earned the public ire of President Obama for daring to point out this obvious realignment and for daring to defend his country’s right to exist and defend itself from its hostile Arab neighbors unwilling to publicly refute their past support of Israel’s annihilation. Many of Israel’s antagonistic Arab neighbors still have specific clauses in their governing charters calling for the explicit destruction of the Israeli state and the ethnic genocide of its Jewish inhabitants.

The more enlightened of Israel’s neighbors, such as Jordan, came to terms with Israel’s right to exist decades ago and continue to thrive even after becoming targets themselves of Islamic fanaticism from such groups as ISIS. Others, such as Egypt, grudgingly embraced Israel after suffering military defeat and recognizing that continued resistance to such a determined group of fighters was proving more expensive in blood and treasure than they were willing to sustain. The Sunni Saudis have always preferred to support the spread of their extremist Wahhabism through terrorist proxies such as Hamas while giving the illusion that they were more interested in the generation of wealth through their oil business.

What began as a mechanism to counter the Shiite regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria by supporting an armed insurgency to counter its support from Iran, has now morphed in the ISIS movement and its attempt to establish a Muslim Caliphate over the entire Mideast that has grown beyond the ability of its Sunni sponsors to control. The Saudis and its Sunni allies see a Shiite Iran supported by President Obama and his Iranian adviser Valerie Jarrett slowly encircling their countries by extending the crescent of their influence through Iraq to connect with Syria, and the destabilization of Saudi Arabia’s southern neighbor Yemen. The Saudis are rightly enraged with President Obama’s support of the Shiite Iranians which are now threatening the Sunni states and upsetting the regional balance of power.

Given the fact that President Obama was schooled in communism at the feet of radical Frank Marshall Davis, churched in the pews of radical Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s black liberation theology church, and employed as a community organizer utilizing radical Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals playbook, is it any wonder that President Obama’s love for toppling the establishment in favor of ensuing chaos is at work undermining the stability of the Mideast? And, given that his closest adviser is Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, is it any wonder that President Obama has realigned American interests in the Mideast towards the most fanatical and destabilizing presence in the Mideast, namely Shiite Iran? President Obama’s bow to the Saudi king was no accident, but a serious breach of protocol that was merely an acknowledgement of his deference to the Muslim king as a fellow Muslim himself. And, his reference to “57 states” was no mere unintelligent slip of the tongue, but an insider reference to the 57 Muslim states of the United Nations for the amusement of his inner circle.

In the seventh year of his tenure, it is well documented that President Obama is a congenital narcissistic liar who will say and do anything to promote his agenda over the interests of the American people. It is also no surprise that President Obama is practiced in the Shi’a form of dissimulation known as taqiyya whereby a Shi’a Muslim is allowed to lie in order to advance the spread of Islam. The numerous administration scandals and attendant stonewalling cover-ups to frustrate investigative attempts to uncover the truth are a testament to his ability to lie with impunity to the American people. President Obama famously lied about numerous aspects of his rapidly failing ObamaCare program designed to extend the entitlement state further into the middle class to promote Democrat political prospects.

Perhaps the most insidious lie to come from President Obama is assurance that his administration is actually working to prevent the Iranians from acquiring nuclear weapons when it is all too obvious to everyone that his dithering is buying time for the Iranians to accomplish their goal of producing nuclear weapons. The Israelis have nervously watched this lie up to the point where they realize their very existence is threatened and that a United States led by President Obama will not only refuse to come to their rescue, but not even be able to prevent the Iranians from supplying their terrorist proxy Hezbollah with a nuclear weapon able to destroy Tel Aviv.

We older Americans lived under the threat of nuclear annihilation from the Soviet Union and its Axis of Evil during the Cold War. We practiced duck and cover in elementary school, memorized the locations of nuclear fallout shelters, helped our fathers build nuclear bunkers in the backyard, and watched with great fear and trepidation movies such as Fail Safe, WarGames, and Red Dawn. We remember the real fear and anxiety we experienced during President Kennedy’s tense standoff with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and we recoiled in horror upon learning we had come within minutes of a nuclear first strike under Soviet Premier Yuri Andropov in 1983.

Thankfully, none of these nuclear scenarios ever materialized, and we were able to spare our children this fear and horror to the point where they have no reference of such fear to draw upon in realizing just how serious the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran poses to the free world. As terrorizing and fearful as the old Soviet Union was, we at least had the ability to imagine that they loved their children as much as we did, which is why the doctrine of Mutual Assured Destruction, or MAD, worked as well as it did in preventing a nuclear holocaust.

With Iranian acquisition of nuclear weapons, we move from a world in which nuclear armed countries faced off over political differences rooted in economic ideology to one where the principle philosophical differences are rooted in religion. This is a far more dangerous world that that of the Cold War with its clarity and ability to appeal to reason. Muslim terrorists have repeatedly demonstrated their disregard for their own lives in pursuit of their religious goals. They willingly sacrifice themselves in terrorist homicide bombings designed to inflict fear and a sense of invincibility upon the populations of their opponents.

The American military has faced similar fanatical asymmetrical threats in the past and learned to deal effectively with such suicidal opponents. The willingness of Moro guerillas to throw themselves at American forces during the Philippine Insurrection in the beginning of the 20th Century resulted in adoption of the Colt M1911 .45 as the official sidearm of the military as it had the stopping power to drop charging Moro guerillas lacked by the standard issue Colt M1892 .38 of the time. Hordes of Chinese pouring over the Yalu River at Chosin Reservoir surprised the US X Corps and led to a massive retreat in the freezing cold as waves of Chinese troops assaulted US forces until effective support could be provided to stabilize US lines. Perhaps the most famous of these suicide warriors were the Kamikaze pilots of the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service in World War II resulting in tactical changes that relied upon interception of Japanese aircraft further away from the main carrier force.

Before 9/11, the thought of terrorists flying an airplane into a building resulting in their death hadn’t occurred to most planners as they had forgotten about such previous encounters with asymmetrical threats. America painfully relearned the lesson of asymmetrical warfare on that fateful day. The fear though, has been limited since to individuals with the ability to detonate explosives with limited damage but well concealed so as to escape detection. Car and truck bombs seem to be more prevalent in the Mideast, though several attempts on US soil have been thwarted in recent years. The increased need for planning and logistics makes car bombs more detectable than the average homicide bomber, but they are well within the realm of possibility as evidenced by the truck bomb of Timothy McVeigh which destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995.

The increasing sophistication of Muslim terrorists to evade detection, coupled with the overwhelming destructive effect of a nuclear weapon, evokes a truly frightening comprehension that is orders of magnitude greater than anything we have experienced previously. The thought that the fanatical Iranian regime could develop the ability to produce nuclear weapons and place them in the hands of their terrorist proxies is completely unacceptable to everyone except President Obama and his administration of Muslim apologists who still insist on promoting the fiction that the Iranians are peaceful and can be nudged to the bargaining table to salvage Obama’s presidential legacy.

Our children are about to experience nuclear terror we thought we had abolished forever with the destruction of the Soviet Union on a scale unimaginable to those of us who lived through the Cold War. And, it’s all thanks to President Obama and his penchant for sowing discord and chaos throughout the world in fealty to his communist upbringing. I fear that President Obama has managed to initiate a level of damage his successor will be unable to repair if we are lucky enough to survive that long. At the very least, we will have to live with the threat of a nuclear Iran and a Mideast nuclear arms race as the balance of power is reoriented in the most dangerous part of the world. Now that is a truly shameful presidential legacy.

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