With the announcement by Nancy Pelosi that House Democrats would support John Boehner as Speaker in the event of a conservative coup, there is no longer any hiding the fact that establishment Republicans have betrayed conservatism and conservatives to side with the Democrats in enacting their progressive big government regulatory agenda.

Since his elevation as House Speaker in 2010, Ohio Representative John Boehner has lurched from one crisis to the next, always having to surrender to the demands of President Obama and his Democrat lackeys in the House. In the process, Boehner has consistently claimed he was left with no other choice but to accede to the demands of the minority Democrats despite the fact that he has purposely avoided serious opposition to Obama through the use of the power of the purse afforded the House by the Constitution. John Boehner will not even consider shutting down parts of the government, much less the entire government, out of the fear ginned up by the biased mainstream media that Republicans will be held accountable by Americans who do not want to see the government shut down for any reason.

This entire media meme is of course patently false and absurd as Americans who overwhelmingly voted Republican in 2014 did so with the express purpose of sending President Obama the message that they wanted his radical agenda of illegal immigration and unconstitutional rule by decree stopped at all costs! American voters snatched control of the Senate away from Harry Reid due to his running interference for Obama by blocking all legislation and handed it to Republicans with the mandate that they act in concert with the House to stop Obama. With Senate control in the hands of Republicans, voters took away John Boehner’s primary excuse for failing to oppose Obama by claiming that the Senate was blocking his legislation.

Speaker Boehner could pass numerous repeals of Obamacare secure in the knowledge that they would never see the Senate floor thanks to Harry Reid’s stranglehold on Senate legislation. With the Senate now in the hands of Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell, that excuse has been removed and Boehner has been exposed as the establishment hypocrite he has always been. His flimsy excuses no longer resonate with conservatives who were grudgingly willing to give him the benefit of the doubt when Reid controlled the Senate despite Boehner’s lackluster enthusiasm for confronting the president and his eager willingness to fold like a cheap lawn chair at the first hint of resistance. With Reid no longer in control of the Senate, conservatives have a clear picture of Boehner and his complicity with Democrats.

We conservatives who questioned John Boehner’s ability to effectively confront President Obama back in 2010 have now been vindicated beyond a reasonable doubt as our worst fears have been confirmed by Boehner’s own actions since the 2014 election. It was fairly obvious to us that Boehner was unfit to be reelected Speaker this term, and we waged a concentrated effort to convince conservative Republicans to reject Boehner in favor of a conservative firebrand who would eagerly confront President Obama’s unconstitutional overreach. This effort came within four votes of succeeding as a record twenty-five Republicans refused to vote for John Boehner as Speaker.

I can easily imagine that House Democrats would have crossed over to vote for John Boehner in sufficient numbers to reelect him Speaker had Republicans secured enough votes for his ouster. House Minority Leader Pelosi’s announcement this week that they would stand with John Boehner in the event of a conservative coup to prevent the possibility of a conservative from being elected Speaker only confirms this idea. Pelosi’s announcement is shocking in its revelation of just how intertwined the establishment Republicans have become with the big government progressives of the Democrat Party. All the lies to conservatives that Republicans would oppose Obama if they were handed Congressional control are revealed in stunning clarity.

There can be absolutely no doubt by any conservatives still clinging to the notion that they can wrest control of the Republican Party away from the establishment that John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have thoroughly betrayed conservatives to sell out the GOP to the Democrats. There can be no retaking of a party that has betrayed its base, its principles, and its soul to so thoroughly conspire with the opposition against the American people as to leave us with no voice in government to oppose their elitist plans. The Republican brand is so tarnished that it is no longer worth having even if conservatives actually had a chance to retake the party! Why would conservatives even want such a corrupt brand? It would be as if someone wished to step up as an Apostle to replace Judas Iscariot and take his name in the process!

It is time for those conservatives suffering from battered wife syndrome and clinging to the GOP to finally admit the truth that they will never retake the GOP from the establishment and would only have a thoroughly tarnished brand if they could. It is time for these conservatives to finally break with the Republican Party and join the rest of us conservatives in the TEA Party to offer Americans a clear conservative political choice not tarnished by the betrayal of the establishment GOP leadership! The evidence is plain for even the most myopic to see, and any further refusal to see this evidence is indicative of a desire to win at the cost of conservative principles – exactly the temptation that corrupted those Republicans of the establishment in the first place!

It is too late now to entertain thoughts of removing John Boehner as House Speaker given Nancy Pelosi’s hearty endorsement of support, and there is no chance of removing Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader. We conservatives, yea we Americans, are stuck with these two establishment sellouts who have betrayed not only conservatives, but the millions of Americans who voted Republican believing their lies that they would stop President Obama’s destructive progressive agenda and unconstitutional overreach.

With Pelosi’s stunning announcement of support this week, Democrats have all but destroyed the Republican Party by demonstrating conclusively to Americans that it stands for nothing besides winning at all costs and that they can’t trust Republicans to protect their interests by speaking for them. There can no longer be any doubt that there is absolutely no difference between the progressive Democrats and the establishment Republicans. Both favor big government, with the only shade of difference being that each believes it can run that big government better than the other. We Americans no longer have any representation in our government, a condition which hasn’t existed since the Patriots overthrew the British to win American independence!

Our Founders would be shocked to see how far we have strayed from the ideals of liberty and self-government they fought and died to wrest from the British and enshrine in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution! I dare say that not one would risk their lives, their honor, or their sacred fortunes to challenge the world’s lone superpower in an unwinnable fight if they had known how little we would value all that they sacrificed to obtain! The liberty that they purchased with their blood was never ours to trade away for the vague promises of security! That liberty was merely handed down to us with the express understanding that we were to guard it zealously so that we might pass it along intact and undiluted to the next generation.

John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have betrayed conservatives and Americans through their complicity with the progressive Democrats to shred the Constitution and allow President Obama to become a tyrant ruling by decree. However, we Americans have betrayed the Founding Fathers by allowing our liberty to be stolen from us by these tyrants with absolutely nothing to show for in return except a shiny new set of chains! Betrayal indeed!

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One Response to Betrayal

  1. AlfredE says:

    The Republican party actually has two bases: the run-of-the-mill Republican who are an average Joe and Jane who are traditionally conservative; and the Big Money Establishment people who pay for the campaigns. A plurality if not a majority of the Big Money actually supports Big Government, with its opportunities for cronyism; hence the performance of the current Party which Joe and Jane rightly perceive as being ineffective at best, and treasonous at worst.

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