Death of a Thousand Cuts

Those Americans concerned about President Obama’s usurpation of the Constitution who are waiting for Obama to commit an act so egregiously unconstitutional that it will rally Americans to come out against him in force are doomed to disappointment as Obama prefers to accomplish his tyranny in incremental steps that appear reasonable.

President Obama set out to fundamentally change America as he promised in his 2008 campaign, but not in the positive way his supporters believed. Conservatives opposed to the elevation of a first time Senator with a thin resume and a murky history of community organizing in Chicago to the presidency warned that his background did not align with his rhetoric. The facts that he had attended Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s black liberation theology church for twenty years and that his circle of friends included unapologetic Weather Underground domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn further eroded his credibility that he intended positive change for America.

Aided by a Democrat controlled Congress, President Obama set about enacting radical progressive legislation his first two years in office despite overwhelming opposition from Americans and at the expense of addressing more fundamental problems that loomed over the country. President Obama resurrected the discredited economic policies of John Maynard Keynes, so favored by those on the left, in response to the economic depression gripping America in 2009 despite the fact that these very policies had been shown to exacerbate the Great Depression of the 1930s when enacted under FDR. As conservatives warned, the failed Keynesian economic prescription of increased government spending aided by the inflationary printing of fiat money vastly deepened the economic depression and strangled every possibility of economic growth.

Having been raised a Muslim in Indonesia, President Obama set about fulfilling a campaign promise by embarking on a Muslim apology tour widely believed at the time to be just the naïve product of liberal Utopian fantasy whereby America’s enemies would come to love us if we only acted nicer towards our belligerent adversaries. We now know that this Muslim apology tour was actually the product of President Obama’s hidden Muslim faith whereby he intentionally softened America’s stance toward Islamic terrorism in support of his Muslim brothers. In the process, Obama pointedly alienated Israel, America’s longtime ally and the only democratically elected government in the entire region.

We now know from research into President Obama’s past that he was extensively influenced by noted communists such as Frank Marshall Davis, to whom Obama was introduced by none other than his own grandfather who was also a communist; Saul Alinsky, in whose footsteps Obama followed as a radicalized community organizer; and the aforementioned Reverend Jeremiah Wright, in whose church Obama is still a member despite numerous claims that he left the church when Wright’s radical communist theology was revealed to shocked Americans.

Given the breadth of shocking revelations about President Obama’s past, the question arises how someone with such a radicalized past could manage to get elected to the presidency of a center-right America? The answer lies in two parts. First, Obama was aided and abetted extensively by a leftist media content to pointedly ignore his past in their quest to get him elected. The media not only refused to dig into Obama’s past, but worked feverishly to obfuscate his past, covering up details and explaining away inconsistencies with fawning praise and media misdirection that often turned the tables on Obama’s accusers to paint them as racist for daring to oppose the first black president. The leftist media sought to assuage the faux liberal white guilt of America’s past affiliation with slavery by electing the first black president to make up for past American sins towards blacks.

Second, candidate Obama portrayed himself as a blank canvas upon which Americans could project whatever fantasy they had of him as president. Obama campaigned upon the nebulous theme of hope and change while purposely avoiding any serious content to allow Americans to presume their fantasy of hope and change. Americans were invited to imagine their greatest hopes along with their idea of change and encouraged to believe that this was exactly the hope and change Obama represented. Millions of Americans were fooled into believing this campaign ruse, while millions more believed electing a black president made eloquent through the aid of Teleprompters would heal racial divisions.

It cannot be ignored that Obama was also greatly aided by the Republican Party whose establishment leadership, conditioned for years by the media into believing their only path to electoral victory lay in the quisling moderation of surrender to morally superior Democrats, selected a nominee so weak that he not only undermined his own handpicked running mate during the campaign, but actually abandoned his own campaign at a crucial point near the end with the flimsy excuse of having to concentrate on Senate business.

One other key element in Obama’s victory was the constant media drumbeat against his predecessor George Bush. Bush was excoriated and eviscerated by a completely biased media hostile to his every action. He was made to appear as a dullard who could barely manage to breathe on his own whose presidency had allowed him to alienate America around the world by going to war against the Islamic terrorists which had attacked America on 9/11. Bush was accused of inventing evidence of weapons of mass destruction held by Iraq as an excuse to wage war on Saddam Hussein for attempting to assassinate his father despite the widespread belief by knowledgeable and credible sources that Iraq did indeed possess these materials and was in pursuit of weapons of mass destruction. President Bush sought to build a case against Iraq with the United Nations whose members voted to support the war based on the evidence presented to them by the Bush administration. The orchestrated media campaign against President Bush was vitriolic in its contempt of both the man and his presidency and unleashed a wave of hatred from the left that should have be shameful were the left capable of feeling shame.

Given those conditions of a perfect electoral storm, a little known backbencher Senator with a thin resume and little in the way of accomplishments was elevated to the presidency despite all the warning signs from his past so carefully obscured by a complicit media. President Obama began his tenure with Democrat control of Congress and so egregiously alienated Americans that they handed the House of Representatives to Republicans two years later and then the Senate four years after that in attempts to stop his unconstitutional behavior.

There has not been a grand act of unconstitutional behavior that has rallied Americans against President Obama, but there have been numerous incremental acts that boil the blood of Americans left scratching their heads wondering how President Obama’s contradictory actions fit into a larger narrative that could possibly be a positive direction for the country. If one begins with the presumption that President Obama intends to fix what ails America, then one will always be left in dazed confusion as to the sense of his actions. However, if one begins with the premise that President Obama is actually a radicalized communist Muslim who seeks to destroy America from within while supporting Islamic terrorists, then his actions suddenly become astoundingly clear and sensible as necessary elements to accomplish that destruction.

Let us not forget that during his tenure enacting his incremental destruction of a thousand cuts, President Obama has been steadily infiltrating all levels of the federal government with his progressive minions established as radical bureaucratic sleeper cells waiting for the opportunity to sow future destruction long after Obama is out of office. These insidious radical bureaucrats will be positioned to wreak havoc on Americans and must be rooted out of government like so many cockroaches infesting a house.

We are left pondering how to stop President Obama’s egregious usurpation of the Constitution. The success of our government system has always relied upon the ability of men willing to set aside their own self-interests for the good of the nation. President Obama is the first president unwilling to put the good of the country ahead of his quest for power and the destruction of America in the communist belief that America should suffer like any third world country. Obama’s communist mentality leads to his belief that there is no such thing as American exceptionalism and the very thought of such is insulting to the rest of the world. He discounts America’s efforts to improve its standard of living to a point where the ravages of the third world are insulated against. He refuses to recognize that third world countries exist in the third world due to the corruption of their leaders who put their self-interests ahead of the good of their countries.

America did not achieve its position as the world’s lone superpower with the highest standard of living in world history at the expense of others, but as the result of following sound economic principles which encouraged the development of a robust and thriving free enterprise system which seeks to meet the needs of consumers while earning a profit for the hard work invested by entrepreneurs. Other countries had the same opportunity to adopt free market policies, but some failed to do so with the consequence of becoming third world countries. America did not force their decisions nor did it profit from their decisions, rather it chose the course of free enterprise to its benefit. Rather than emulate its success, those promoting the communist ideology have convinced these third world countries to double down on their mistake and agitate against America’s success as being at their expense. Like true communists, they refuse to take ownership of their mistakes or even admit they were wrong.

Again, we are left wondering how to stop President Obama’s criminal behavior. The only two remedies available reside with Congress. They can either exercise the power of the purse to shut off funding for the government until President Obama capitulates to their demands that he act within the confines of the Constitution, or the House can impeach him and the Senate convict him for high crimes and misdemeanors against the Constitution. The weak establishment Republican opposition will do neither. They have been so thoroughly conditioned by the media to believe the false narrative that Americans will not tolerate a government shutdown and will punish them at the polls despite evidence to the contrary in the last election that they will never consider even shutting down the Department of Homeland Security over the clearly unconstitutional amnesty program embarked upon by the mere issuance of a memo by DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson. And, there is no way weak establishment Republicans will muster up the courage to impeach America’s first black president and face the firestorm of withering criticism from every sector of the radical left with its media acolytes leading the charge. There is likely nothing President Obama could do to force establishment Republicans to seriously consider impeachment. His knowledge of this fact allows him to grow ever bolder in his usurpation of the Constitution, and our knowledge of this fact forces us to watch helplessly as our liberties are snatched away at a growing pace.

No sitting president can be arrested as they are protected by a Secret Service detail sworn to protect them from any threat including the threat of arrest. The Constitution provides only one remedy for the arrest of a president. Upon conviction by the Senate of impeachment, the Senate Sergeant at Arms is directed to arrest the former president for trial in criminal court as a private citizen. As is plainly evident, there exist few remedies for the removal of a president dedicated to the fulfillment of his own self-interests ahead of the interests of the country. President Obama has clearly shown himself to be dedicated to a radical agenda of American destruction both at home and abroad, and establishment Republicans have clearly shown themselves to be unwilling to stop the president. It was for precisely this situation that the Founders included the Second Amendment so we Americans would have the ability to resist the tyranny they knew would eventually arise due to their understanding that men were not angels.

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