Gun Control Meets Reality

The horrific image of an unarmed French policeman being murdered in cold blood by heavily armed Muslim terrorists as he attempted to surrender while begging for his life put an end to the gun control debate once and for all.

A casual observer of modern politics quickly realizes that the radical left is all about power and control while the conservative right is all about liberty and self reliance. Gun control is a core tenet in the left’s worldview not because those elites actually running the left believe in the false narrative that it will somehow reduce crime by reducing the number of guns, but precisely because it will reduce the ability of the populace to resist their schemes of government control by reducing their access to guns.

The facetious argument espoused by those useful idiots of the radical left too dumb to realize they are being used by the elites is that gun control will reduce the number of guns leading to a reduction in the level of crime. This is patently absurd. First, by definition, a criminal is one who breaks the law and breaking a gun control law is nothing to one who sets out to break laws. Second, only law abiding citizens obey the law, hence only law abiding citizens will obey gun control laws. Third, if they are already law abiding citizens, then there is no need for gun control laws because they are already law abiding citizens. Following this logic to its conclusion, you end up with a populace where only the criminals have guns while the law abiding citizens are left unarmed and at their mercy. So, why does the left continue to push for such an illogical fallacy as gun control when it is so easily debunked?

The answer lies in the left’s desire to restructure government as the elites’ way of providing for the rest of us whom they feel are inferior to them and unable to manage our own lives. These Ivy-League educated elites actually believe that they are special due to their station in life and feel guilty that they have so much while others have so little. To assuage their guilt, they feel the need to manage our lives because they feel that we would be doing better if we only had their smarts and their ability to properly manage our lives. They feel they must give back by running our lives for us because they believe we are too stupid to run our own lives and their evidence for this is the fact that they have much while we have so little.

Never does it enter into their thinking that we might choose to pursue things other than crass materialism, or that we might be happy pursuing a profession that pays less for the pleasure of the labor involved. And, it is this inability to objectively look at our lives as our own that cause them to fail to appreciate that some of us might like guns for the pleasure of owning them, or might enjoy honing the skill of marksmanship, or might appreciate the historical value of firearms. To these elites and their useful idiots on the radical left, the only purpose of a gun is to kill. They misunderstand guns and they misunderstand those of us who appreciate firearms.

First, guns don’t kill, people do. A gun is merely a tool with a specific purpose. It does not reason, holds no biases, and does not kill. When misused, it can be used by a person to kill another person, but so can a hammer. What it absolutely can’t do is kill own its own. When used properly, a gun can be used to acquire food, improve marksmanship, or provide relaxation through plinking at benign targets. But, it can provide these things only to those with an appreciation of firearms.

A favorite point of the radical gun control left is that the only purpose for a handgun is to kill people. This is patently false and rarely challenged effectively. A handgun is often used by hunters as a backup weapon because skilled hunters realize they are not the only predators stalking the forest. It is also used in those cases where a coup de grace is required to finish off wounded prey as a high powered rifle would be overkill for this purpose. There is actually an entire subgenre of handgun hunters who value the skill and extra challenge required to hunt effectively with a handgun. Handguns are also used by ranchers to scare off predators or kill pests such as rattlesnakes and varmints that threaten their livestock. In fact, the image of the Old West cowboy wearing a low slung gun belt and dueling in the street is a Hollywood myth as the real cowboys wore a gun high on the hip for protection against snakes and varmints on long cattle drives. They removed their guns when going into town as many Old West towns had ordinances forbidding firearms to be worn openly.

The radical left has managed to convince European governments to enact gun control and confiscate the privately owned firearms of law abiding citizens. Not only are the citizens unarmed, but the police of many of these countries are also unarmed. And so we had the situation of an unarmed French policeman attempting to protect unarmed citizens from heavily armed Muslim terrorists bent on murder with no regard to their own lives and completely at ease with dying for their cause. The helpless policeman held up his hands in surrender and begged for mercy as he lay on the ground defenseless against the Muslim terrorist who casually strode up to him and murdered him in cold blood with a shot to the head as if he were merely pointing out a tourist landmark.

This is the image of evil in all of its banality. A Muslim terrorist committing murder as if it was nothing more to him than swatting a mosquito because to him and his belief system, the murder of anyone not committed to his belief system is nothing more to him than swatting a mosquito. There was no thought that this was a human life, no respect for life, or gravity of the situation, or thought of consequences. This was premeditated cold blooded murder in the name of religious fanaticism.

The Charlie Hebdo massacre shocked Europeans into the reality that the huge Muslim populations they have struggled to bend over backwards to accommodate have absolutely no intention of assimilating and fully intend to take Europe away from the Europeans as part of their Islamic caliphate. These Muslim terrorists really are the dangerous fanatics conservatives have warned citizens about, and they really do intend to kill anyone who disagrees with them. There is no accommodating these people because they want it all at the expense of the Europeans themselves! The desperate attempts to appease these Muslims who now control entire sectors where the police no longer patrol in the foolish hands-off policy of ceding control to the Muslims in the hopes that they leave them alone is all for naught. How quickly Europeans have forgotten the pointed lesson of Neville Chamberlain attempting to appease Hitler only to realize later that he was merely emboldening Hitler to expand his ambitions of conquest.

It also shocked Europeans, and the rest of the world, into the realization that gun control is an absolutely ludicrous lie that leaves unarmed citizens at the mercy of those who would prey upon them with a pointed display of its failure for all to see. The Charlie Hebdo massacre effectively ended the gun control debate for all time. Period! From now on, anytime anyone from the left mentions support of gun control all one need do to counteract their ludicrous claims is hold up a picture of that unarmed French policeman being executed by a heavily armed Muslim terrorist. That image effectively sums up the conservative argument against gun control and fulfills the claim that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Europeans are now regretting their gun control laws as they realize the helplessness of their situations in the face of huge Muslim populations living among them with the intention of killing them. They want guns and they want the Muslims gone! Conservative parties all across Europe were already enjoying phenomenal growth over the issue of Muslim immigration and their refusal to assimilate while demanding that Europeans conform to their rigid beliefs. Now, that growth is exploding as shocked Europeans react to this horrific episode of Muslim terrorism in their midst. Marine Le Pen will be the next president of France, and Nigel Farage will be the next Prime Minister of Britain while conservatives all across Europe will increase their power.

Conservative European parties have been falsely denigrated by the left as being the equivalent of the Nazi Party. Nothing could be further from the truth. First, the Nazi Party was not a right wing party as is falsely claimed by the left. It was a product of the left committed to socialism and fought bitterly with the communists over the same group of adherents. The Nazi Party was formally known as the National Socialist German Workers Party, or NSDAP, and promoted socialism as its goal. There were just as many American leftists committed to the Nazi Party in the 1930s as were committed to the Communist Party in the foolish belief that the free enterprise system had failed when, in reality, it was FDR’s socialist policies which deepened and prolonged the Great Depression by strangling the economy.

Second, the Nazi Party was not conservative. It favored big government control of all aspects of life including economic intervention with select business leaders allowed to manage industry at the expense of free enterprise and economic competition. All Germans, and later all others in countries under German control, were forced to adopt a fealty to the cult of personality surrounding Adolf Hitler as the Fuehrer, or leader. We see this same forced deification of the leader in communist North Korea where three generations of the Kim family have been worshipped as gods by the North Korean population on threat of death. Leader deification and cults of personality are hallmarks of communist systems and the antithesis of conservatism which values individual liberty and upholds the notion that government derives its power from the people being governed and is always subordinate to the people.

Gun control as an issue is as dead as a doornail. Polls show the tide turning in America back towards gun ownership and relaxation of gun control laws. The gun control experiment has been tried in limited form, and Americans have concluded that it just does not work. The rise of radicals marching in the street and murdering police officers has caused Americans no shortage of fear that they could be next and should have a firearm for protection. The image of an unarmed French policeman being murdered in cold blood by radical Muslim terrorists has only served to drive this point home not only for Americans, but for the rest of the world also.

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