Everything changed when the Democrats were trounced in the midterm elections in ways that are yet to be fully appreciated, but some things sadly remained the same.

The Democrat Party was fully aware of the angst Americans had against its candidates because of President Obama going into the 2014 midterm elections. Their private polls revealed that their candidates were facing a monumental loss in which Republicans would not only hold the House, but add to their majority while the Senate was destined to fall into the hands of Republicans by a comfortable margin. Their only hope was to score a symbolic victory like picking off Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell while testing out various campaign themes for the future.

Still, they pulled out all the stops including maximum use of their media acolytes to report fake polling data showing Democrat candidates in much tighter races or even ahead in some cases when this was clearly not the case. They ran Democrats as independents hoping to fool frustrated voters by removing the dreaded “D” before their candidates’ names on the ballot. They planted Democrat poll workers masquerading as Republicans to aid and abet election fraud. They relentlessly attacked every smidgen of dirt they could possibly dig up or even fabricate on Republican candidates. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid hammered the theme of the Koch brothers pouring money into the election as if big money Republican donors were somehow wrong while pointedly ignoring their own big money Democrat donors such as wacko hedge fund manager turned environmentalist Tom Steyer or perpetual shady Democrat financier George Soros.

In the end, none of these dirty tricks were enough to save a Democrat Party which had left a horrible taste in the mouths of American voters who had experienced six years of the Obama administration’s progressive agenda of failure and lies. President Obama’s signature legislation, Obamacare, has been a complete failure that was never sold to Americans so much as it was crammed down our throats as we protested vehemently. Its rollout was a monumental disaster, and the promised reductions in health care premiums turned out to be the massive price hikes predicted by conservatives who warned that healthy young people would not sign up to subsidize the sick and elderly.

The Obama administration has lurched from one scandal to the next, always stonewalling investigations in the most obvious and least defensible ways yet allowed to avoid accountability due to Eric Holder’s control of the Justice Department handling the fake internal investigations and Harry Reid’s control of the Senate to avoid committee investigations. This left the House alone in investigating these scandals ranging from the Fast and Furious gun running scandal which resulted in the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, to the IRS investigation in which Obama acolyte Lois Lerner illegally targeted TEA Party conservative groups to deny tax exempt status and forward confidential taxpayer information to the White House for use against its conservative political enemies. This is how Harry Reid was able to target the Koch brothers with specific financial information related to their conservative activism.

Americans have suffered through seven years of economic depression rivaling that of the 1930s while being smarmily lied to by the Obama administration’s underreporting of the true magnitude of unemployment and economic ruin gripping the country. Aided by their media acolytes, the administration carefully reports the U3 unemployment figure with no mention that it is not the only unemployment figure tracked by the labor department or even the most accurate figure. The U3 figure measures only new applications for unemployment and counts everyone not receiving unemployment as working even though they may still be unemployed after having exhausted their unemployment benefits or underemployed working temporary or part time jobs. The more accurate U6 figure includes these categories and still underreports the true magnitude of unemployment in America. A much more accurate method lies in measuring the number of workers being served through payroll firm ADP which has tracked steadily downward since President Obama took office. On top of this, we’re told by the relentlessly perky Obama administration spokespeople how great the American economy is doing while we drive past boarded up storefronts and empty strip malls in a surreal juxtaposition of economic fantasy and reality.

Even the foundational voting blocs of the Democrat Party showed the strains of a party leadership attempting to placate each aggrieved group while these grievances naturally overlapped various groups in ways impossible to leave everyone satisfied. The most egregious example of this was the Democrat courting of the fabled Hispanic vote through their drive to provide amnesty for millions of illegal aliens that they hope to bolster Democrat voter ranks at the expense of the black community which is already suffering higher the average unemployment. Blacks now face the prospect of competing for limited employment opportunities with these millions of new workers whose presence puts even more pressure on already stagnant wages. Blacks are fed up with their black president who has not only not fulfilled his implied and actual promises to lift them up and actually not even lifted a finger to help them, but who now actively works against them courting a new voting bloc. President Obama has completely thrown blacks under the bus to enlarge the diminishing Democrat voter base at their expense and the black leaders who matter are fully aware of his treachery.

Americans went to the polls in 2014 with all this happening in the background and handed Democrats a stunning defeat that threatens the very viability of the party. Those Democrats ensconced in safe liberal seats casually threw their struggling red state comrades to the wolves allowing those less progressive souls forced to walk a more moderate line due to their conservative constituencies to dangle in the wind as they diverted party funds to protecting their own seats. Democrats like Mary Landrieu were never really a part of the progressive insider club, and there was no reason to waste any funds on her struggling runoff after the Senate was already lost, but their ultimate insult was to deny her one campaign claim of clout by voting down her Keystone XL Pipeline authorization by one vote in a sop to their deep pocketed environmentalist base.

So, what does the future portend from this election? The progressives are loathe to give up their control of the Democrat Party, but their massive defeat in this election is an unmistakable sign that the progressive agenda is a loser and will continue to be so. So great was the disgust of Americans with the progressive agenda and its identification with the Democrat Party that candidates were defeated for merely having a “D” next to their name on the ballot. Forces within the Democrat Party are already arguing for a more populist direction away from the progressive agenda with an emphasis on the type of consumer protections championed by progressive darling Senator Elizabeth Warren. Warren has become a serious threat to Hillary Clinton’s nomination for 2016, and there are several movements afoot to draft Warren as an alternative to Hillary. The Democrat Party is left to struggle with its identity and a rebranding to make it more palatable to Americans. At any rate, it appears the Democrat Party is destined to wander in the wilderness for a long time thanks to the overreach of President Obama and the progressives.

I mentioned that one thing had not changed, and that is the propensity for the establishment Republican leadership to acquiesce to the demands of the Democrats and President Obama still trapped in their fearful posture of avoiding any hint of a government shutdown. Americans sent the strongest possible message to Republicans that we intended them to stop President Obama’s egregious behavior through the unconstitutional use of Executive Orders to change and implement laws more to his liking. We did NOT hand them the Senate majority because we expected them to make deals and give fealty to the progressive false narrative of bipartisanship as if that were the entire reason for legislation in the first place! Sadly, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are ramming through a massive combination Continuing Resolution and omnibus spending bill known as the CROmnibus that fully funds Obama’s amnesty efforts over the widespread objections of GOP and TEA Party conservatives. House Speaker Boehner was forced to rely on President Obama to twist enough Democrat arms to provide the votes necessary for passage in the House as liberals objected to the package and withheld their support. It’s not often that the radical progressive left unites with conservatives in objecting to legislation.

The Democrat Party is fracturing in ways unimaginable before the midterm elections with realignment of various voting blocs and general dissatisfaction in party direction. Americans have thoroughly rejected the progressive agenda after having experienced it not living up to the promises of its Democrat advocates, and the scandal plagued Obama administration has been the high water mark of the progressive movement. TEA Party conservatives are marshalling their electoral power to force the reluctant establishment GOP leadership away from moderate capitulation toward outright conservative opposition to the destructive progressive agenda and its totalitarian communist overtones. Those establishment Republicans who fail to heed the new conservative tack of American voters are set to suffer the same feat as their progressive Democrat counterparts. Having thoroughly defeated Democrats in our own divide and conquer strategy, we TEA Party conservatives are now able to turn our attention to the establishment Republicans and thin their ranks in the next election. With the 2014 midterm elections, change has come and it’s here to stay!

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2 Responses to Aftermath

  1. Adam says:

    How can everything change but some things stay the same?

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