The Hell No Party

In throwing Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu under the bus in her desperate attempt to pass the Keystone Pipeline bill to remain a viable candidate in her runoff election against Louisiana Congressman Bill Cassidy, her fellow Senate Democrats demonstrated conclusively that they are now the Hell No Party placing ideology firmly above loyalty to any of their fellow Democrat Party members.

TransCanada has sought permission to build a pipeline to connect their oil producing tar sands to Gulf Coast refineries for the past several years only to face the headwinds of the Obama administration antagonistic to the production of any fossil fuel energy sources that make energy affordable to Americans. President Obama has intentionally dragged his feet on approval of the Keystone Pipeline applications by tossing it to the State Department to entangle it in endless red tape so he can claim the plausible deniability of stating that he is awaiting their decision when he is fully aware that they are intentionally slowing the process to buy him time. The Obama administration has never had any intention of approving the Keystone Pipeline, and is merely running out the clock until TransCanada throws its hands up in frustration and cancels the project.

President Obama and his acolytes have trotted out the usual litany of environmental arguments to cast aspersions on the Keystone Pipeline and erode public support. These intentionally misleading talking points have fallen on deaf ears as Americans clamor for the energy independence long sought by the politicians and finally within reach that technologies such as the Canadian tar sands and hydraulic fracturing are now making possible. The petroleum industry has fought back with a publicity campaign that reminds Americans there are some two million miles of pipeline crisscrossing the country that move petroleum products much safer than shipping them by rail. As the North Dakota oil being extracted through hydraulic fracturing comes on line, Americans are watching gas prices fall drastically at the pump while the Saudis nervously drop their crude oil prices fearful of the possibility that America might finally achieve the elusive energy independence that would signal the end of their pitiful influence in the world.

Since the oil shock of 1973, politicians have belabored their support of the nebulous idea of American energy independence while doing little to actually achieve it. America’s current position on the cusp of energy independence was not achieved by the politicians, but in spite of the politicians by private industry employing new technology on private lands. President Obama intentionally closed off energy production on millions of acres of public land to thwart the dream of American energy independence and intentionally keep us at the mercy of the oil sheiks in the Mideast. Gas prices are falling at the pump because of the actions of private entrepreneurs on private lands and Americans are all too aware that this is the case.

Realizing it was the Democrats impeding the production of affordable energy to placate their influential environmental supporters, Americans cast a vote against the Democrats and their agenda of totalitarian control with its communist agenda relabeled with the highly misleading progressive terminology and handed Senate control to the Republicans with the clear message that they are to act as opposition to the Obama administration and stop his egalitarian rule by any means necessary! Their decision to wrest control of the Senate from obstructionist Harry Reid intent on shielding President Obama from unpalatable political decisions by refusing to bring any legislation to a floor vote has already paid off with Mary Landrieu’s last minute attempt to force a vote on the Keystone Pipeline. It was only Landrieu’s desperate reelection race that finally forced Reid to allow a vote on Keystone, and her fellow Democrats bluntly said hell no to both the bill and Landrieu’s reelection bid as the attempt fell one vote short and failed.

Mary Landrieu’s talk of bringing political clout for Louisiana as Chairman of the Senate Energy Committee was just that – talk. Her failed vote on the Keystone Pipeline demonstrated conclusively to Louisiana voters she never had any of the clout she claimed, and demonstrated to other red state Democrats that they could expect no help from the Hell No Party in their reelection efforts. Now they must explain to their constituents how their situations are different from Landrieu’s and how they can expect to wield influence when Landrieu couldn’t.

Radical environmentalist and former hedge fund manager Tom Steyer managed to purchase the Senate Democrats for $85 million to make them beholden to his agenda over the support of one of their own. Interestingly, Steyer’s hedge fund, Farallon Capital Management, was heavily invested in fossil fuel projects such as coal mines and coal power plants and Steyer profited handsomely from fossil fuels before arbitrarily deciding that Americans shouldn’t have access to the affordable sources of energy that fueled the bulk of his wealth. This is just another example of the hypocrisy prevalent in the elitist circles of the Hell No Party with its blatant message to Americans of do as I say, not as I do.

Mary Landrieu is mad as hell at her fellow Democrats as she should be after carrying their water so long and suffering the indignities heaped upon her for being the deciding vote on Obamacare through her cynical “Louisiana Purchase” payoff vote arranged at the behest of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to bail him out with the feds over a fine for Medicare fraud. On the very cusp of achieving a committee chairmanship and real Senate power, Mary Landrieu is about to be turned out into the street without so much as a thanks for the memories from her fellow Democrats cravenly hiding behind their safe districts. Other red state Democrats like West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin and North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp realized what was at stake and attempted to throw Landrieu a line, but the hard core liberal Senators threw her under the bus anyway in favor of Tom Steyer’s environmental donor cash.

Having tired of the empty rhetoric and inept governing of the Obama administration, Americans are tired of watching their lives pass by through unnecessary economic turmoil wrought by the failed Keynesian policies of communists who label themselves benignly as progressives. We Americans aren’t nearly as dumb as the elitists think we are…or wish we were! We realize that the progressive Democrats and establishment Republicans are both elitists conspiring against us to retain power and keep us excluded from their rarefied air. We realize that they are lying to us through the media sycophants with their constant spin on the issues in their pathetic attempts to piss on us and tell us that it’s raining. We handed control of the Senate to the Republicans with the mandate that they stop the imperial arrogance of President Obama through every avenue possible to send the clear message to any future president that there is no method by which they can seize power from the American people to trample their liberty!

We expect the Republican opposition to pursue relief from President Obama’s unconstitutional power grab through the courts, through the power of the purse which lies with the House, through the Senate’s advise and consent role, through the passage of laws expressly limiting presidential authority, through the revision of laws granting presidential authority, through the abolition of unconstitutional federal agencies with the power to issue rules that have the binding effect of laws, through the passage of constitutional amendments, through efforts to impeach the president to remove him from office, and through the shutdown of the government itself if that is what it takes to bring an end to President Obama’s unconstitutional actions! The Founders intended for power to flow from the people to government and for politicians to always be mindful of the fact that they worked for the people and not the other way around. It is high time we returned to the wise and noble ideas of the Founders!

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