Huckabee Calls Out the Establishment

Mike Huckabee issued a stern warning to the establishment GOP leadership that he fully intends to leave the Republican Party to become an independent if the GOP capitulates on the issue of gay marriage and continues to abandon social issues like the fight against abortion.

The strength of the GOP has always been its conservatism that stands in stark contrast to the destruction of the radical progressive agenda which is speeding America’s slide into the cesspool of immorality and decline. As the base of the party, conservatives have been the tireless workers whose volunteers staffed campaigns, went door-to-door, manned phone banks, and donated generously to advance Republican candidates and the conservative message.

Conservatism is a political philosophy which seeks to preserve those institutions and principles which have taken America from discovery to the world’s lone superpower with the highest standard of living in world history in less than 400 years. Conservatism encompasses both fiscal and social issues intertwined in a system of interdependencies based on Judeo-Christian morality that seeks to maximize personal liberty while emphasizing personal responsibility in fidelity to the Constitution as envisioned by the Founders. As such, the system of conservatism relies on the interdependencies of social and fiscal policies and is weakened considerably when they are separated as the progressives and their media acolytes insist under the subtle guise of generosity in helping those they consider too dense to figure out a truth they consider self-evident. The establishment GOP leadership has succumbed to this subtle persuasion by adopting the false canard that fiscal and social issues can be separated in a classic example of the old Roman military strategy of divide and conquer.

We conservatives have watched as the establishment GOP leadership has allowed the sirens of the progressive media convince it that social conservatism is a losing proposition at the polls and their quiet abandonment of any defense of social conservatism. We rallied around Rick Santelli’s 2009 on-air rant expressing his frustration that neither party was doing anything to address the implosion of the housing market and the market manipulation which had thrown America into a modern Depression. TEA Party groups spontaneously sprang up across the country holding rallies to express this same frustration with both parties on these and a range of other issues involving the abandonment of conservative principles.

Taken aback at first, the establishment GOP leadership quickly sought to capitalize on this anger and frustration in its attempts to co-opt the TEA Party movement. They convinced TEA Party conservatives to work for a GOP victory in the 2010 elections which we conservatives were all too happy to oblige given our history as tireless campaign workers. And work we did, in a tremendous effort that resulted in Republicans retaking the House of Representatives as the first step in stopping President Obama’s radical progressive agenda of destruction. Riding high from this achievement, we naturally expected newly elected House Speaker John Boehner to step up with a spirited opposition to the Obama administration that used the House’s power of the purse to choke off funding for Obama’s egregious agenda and rein in his excessive regulatory regime.

What we got was John Boehner emotionally crying at the realization of becoming House Speaker. Chagrined, we were willing to overlook this as a very human man expressing the emotion of the moment when we should have realized that it is Democrats who use emotion as a weapon in their messaging and that this was clearly a bad sign that our Republican leader was allowing emotion to overcome him in public. Boehner quickly began to disappoint us as he insisted on negotiating with a clearly unwavering Obama who used these negotiations over the budget as a stalling tactic much like despots of the world to buy time to consolidate their power.

Eventually realizing that we had been had by the establishment GOP leadership whose elected politicians had no intention of defending conservatism or exercising conservative principles in this fight against the destruction of the progressive agenda, we resolved to field our own candidates in the 2012 primaries against those more egregious Republican defectors from conservatism. The TEA Party had coalesced by this time into a serious political movement, although an amorphous one lacking structure and cognizant of utilizing the Republican Party structure to advance our goals and candidates. We built upon our 2010 success by sending Deb Fischer form Nebraska and Ted Cruz from Texas to join Mike Lee from Utah and Rand Paul from Kentucky in the Senate. We also helped Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker survive a recall election launched by the unions out for revenge over Walker’s success in passing legislation to break up the public sector union stranglehold that was bankrupting the Badger State.

Angered by their failure to co-opt and control the TEA Party movement for their own benefit, the establishment GOP, led by Karl Rove, declared open war on TEA Party conservatives, and thus the base of the Republican Party, in preparation for the 2014 election cycle. Rove famously declared that TEA Party candidates were “unelectable” and “extremists” whom he vowed to defeat in the 2014 GOP primaries. Rove established the American Crossroads Super PAC and raised substantial sums for this effort while taking every opportunity to denigrate TEA Party conservatives. He sought to blame the TEA Party for 2012 election losses in an attempt to excuse poor establishment strategies and open establishment hostility to TEA Party conservative candidates.

In a completely dishonest fabrication, Rove created the false narrative that Republicans Todd Akin of Missouri and Richard Mourdock of Indiana were actually TEA Party candidates despite their long histories in the GOP. In Missouri, Akin defeated TEA Party candidate Sarah Steelman in the primary to face Clair McCaskill for the Senate. Akin went on to lose after attempting to straddle the fence on a gotcha abortion question and committing a monumental gaffe that saw his support evaporate and the establishment GOP, which had hand-picked him to run, abandon him to his fate. As Indiana State Treasurer, Richard Mourdock was a respected conservative Republican who picked off establishment incumbent Richard Lugar in the primary. Miffed at their loss, the establishment GOP refused to support Mourdock in his general election campaign. Mourdock suffered his own abortion gotcha gaffe similar to Akin’s and went on to lose the election. Although both were conservative enough to garner TEA Party support, neither were TEA Party candidates.

With the recent decision by the Supreme Court declining to hear several gay marriage cases and thus allowing lower court rulings legalizing gay marriage in several states to stand, the establishment GOP leadership is adopting the position that gay marriage is the law of the land and must be abandoned in favor of other issues. This coincides with their preference to abandon what they are convinced by the progressive media sirens are losing social issues to focus exclusively on fiscal issues despite their poor defense of those issues either. TEA Party favorite Senator Ted Cruz has castigated the GOP for abandoning the cause of traditional marriage and has vowed to introduce a constitutional amendment defending traditional marriage in the next Congress.

Expressing his frustration at the establishment GOP leadership for abandoning traditional marriage so easily, Mike Huckabee declared his willingness to leave the GOP and become an independent if they do not change course. Huckabee’s departure would be the most high profile exodus from the GOP by a man with a considerable following and the respect of social conservatives. His abandonment of the Republican Party and its feckless establishment leadership whose garbled message of moderate mushiness has tarnished the Republican brand and left voters unable to determine where the GOP stands on the issues could be the pivotal event that convinces TEA Party conservatives to leave the GOP and form the TEA Party as a conservative alternative to the collusion of the present two parties. Not even firebrand conservative Sarah Palin has contemplated leaving the GOP despite the constant character assassination campaign directed at her by the establishment leadership.

Mike Huckabee is realizing what many of us TEA Party conservatives have known for a long time. The Republican Party is run by establishment moderates who loathe conservatism and work against conservatives at every opportunity despite their fawning praise designed to lull us into doing the thankless campaign work necessary to win elections. Oh, they like our grassroots network and our volunteer campaign labor, but they are quick to condescendingly tell us to sit down and shut up after the election and let the adults get to work when it comes time to govern. We’re tired of being used and ignored by a leadership that loathes our conservatism while using us to get elected. Mike Huckabee is apparently tired of it also and is looking to make some major changes to correct the current imbalance. We TEA Party conservatives would gladly welcome Huckabee’s help in forming the TEA Party.

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