2014 Midterm Strategy

TEA Party conservatives are fighting a two-front war with the main front against the progressive Democrats whose agenda is destroying America, and a rear-guard action against establishment Republicans enabling the progressive agenda.

America is being ground into the dust as the progressives slowly erase morality from our culture and our laws. They promote the nebulous concepts of social justice and situational ethics to undermine fundamental truth and cast aspersions upon our innate truth confirmed by the Bible from God. Our country no longer has the luxury of slowly turning away from the destruction of the progressive agenda over several election cycles. The wanton sense of entitlement is rapidly taking hold as Americans succumb to the allure of secular humanism and edge closer to the precipice of being unable to turn back.

Our economy is in a shambles with our manufacturing jobs exported to other countries and our borders thrown open to illegal immigrants imported to perform our service jobs. The dollar has been manipulated through Federal Reserve stimulus programs that have erased the majority of its value in a cruel tax on Americans. The crony big business corporatists have aligned with big government to promulgate burdensome regulations and high taxes which prevent the creation of small businesses and their competitive spirit.

Our influence in the world to protect American interests has been squandered to the point that other countries openly laugh at our president and completely ignore us as they go about their business. Where once we wielded American military strength in service to American diplomacy that protected American interests, we are now seen as a mercenary option for whichever group can appear the most sympathetic in its entreaties for American intervention.

We have suffered six years of Barack Obama’s failed presidency. Things have steadily worsened over this period on all fronts. Our economy continues its steady decline. We are increasingly isolated and ignored internationally. Racial tensions are at an all-time high. Myriad scandals plague the Obama administration while its members continue to stonewall investigations of criminal behavior. American morale is low and continues to plunge. America cannot continue much longer on this path and remain a viable first world country.

Americans are poised to go to the polls this November and send a message to the progressive Democrats that their failed agenda is no longer tolerable and is being rejected. However, Americans also have the problem that the Republican Party has not stepped up into its traditional role of providing a credible opposition to the destructive agenda of the progressive Democrats. We want to reject the progressive agenda, but Republicans are offering voters no credible alternative.

The establishment GOP leadership declared war on its conservative base after its failure to secure Senate control in the 2012 elections. They pronounced us TEA Party conservatives as “unelectable extremists” and vowed to defeat our candidates in the primaries. Never mind that the 2012 failures of Todd Akin to defeat Claire McCaskill in Missouri and Richard Mourdock to defeat Joe Donnelly in Indiana were establishment GOP failures that they simply blamed on the TEA Party in a bow to the outright lying that has served the progressive Democrats so well. Perched on the brink of yet another golden opportunity to capitalize upon voter disgust with the failed progressive agenda, establishment Republicans are scrambling to harangue us TEA Party conservatives into supporting their reelection efforts by pointedly reminding us that it will be our fault if their election strategy fails. They offer no bold ideas or principled opposition, with only the tired old “we’re not them” strategy that leaves voters questioning why they should even bother showing up at the polls.

As a TEA Party conservative, it burns me up to no end to hear establishment operatives like Karl Rove tell us it will be our fault if his losing electoral strategy doesn’t work. In no way do I wish to cast a vote for another of these sellout establishment Republicans with their arrogant attitude of thinking that we conservatives have no alternative but to vote for them. They warred on our candidates in the primaries and defeated them with their huge donor base and party resources. Now we TEA Party conservatives are left with either holding our noses to vote for these condescending establishment incumbents or enduring another two years of Harry Reid shutting down the Senate as the Obama administration continues to cement progressive control through federal agencies and judiciary appointments.

Abused conservatives continue laboring under the notion they can retake the Republican Party from the establishment wing and refuse to consider leaving to form the TEA Party as the conservative alternative to the alignment of the progressive Democrats and establishment Republicans in support of big government. Their refusal has been rewarded with the Faustian bargain of either supporting establishment Republicans they were unable to defeat in the primaries, or cast the protest vote of staying home only to watch the even more despised progressive Democrats retain their destructive control.

We TEA Party conservatives are fighting a two-front war. The main front is being waged against the progressive Democrats and their agenda of destruction that is suffocating America and risking its ability to remain a first world nation. Additionally, we are fighting a rear guard action against the establishment Republicans who have forsaken the natural conservatism of the party base to align themselves with the progressive Democrats in perpetuating the big government that they have engineered to serve themselves so well. Both parties fear the TEA Party and mercilessly attack it as extremist because it is a threat to their shared alliance.

America does not have the luxury of being able to wait for this fight to play out over the several election cycles necessary to incrementally affect change. The TEA Party also risks implosion in a long drawn out electoral war in an effort to regain control of the GOP which it cannot hope to accomplish given the fact that the establishment leadership controls the party machinery, donor lists, and financial resources. The TEA Party can’t win a two-front war against such well organized and amply resourced opponents. We must choose to concentrate our resources against first the one opponent, then the other if we are to have any chance of success.

Being that the progressive Democrats are the far more destructive of the two, it is my belief that we should work to defeat as many Democrats as possible in this election cycle while reminding the establishment Republicans at every opportunity that we are voting against their progressive Democrat opponent and not for them and they damn well better remember it! Americans need to send a loud and clear message to Democrats that their embrace of the destructive progressive agenda is a losing proposition to the point where it threatens their viability as a national party, and they reject the progressive agenda as political poison in the competitive arena of political ideas.

Going forward, we TEA Party conservatives should continue consolidating our gains at the local level and building a solid conservative foundation to affect national elections. We should work to elect conservative TEA Party candidates while retiring establishment Republicans whose loyalties to conservatism are divided in their sympathy to Democrats. My personal opinion is that we will be much more effective as a separate party able to define a clear conservative brand that does not leave voters confused such as they are by the muddled Republican messaging.

For the midterm elections of 2014, we TEA party conservatives must send the clear message of rejection to Democrats while preparing to purge more establishment Republicans in 2016.

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