The Presumption of Innocence

The Obama administration insists on hiding behind the presumption of innocence when it comes to the myriad scandals in which it has become engulfed, but the increasingly militarized law enforcement community continues the bizarre public theater of perp walks and prosecutorial leaks in its efforts to cast aspersions of guilt on ordinary Americans.

Our Founding Fathers enshrined the presumption of innocence in the Constitution in their efforts to create an adversarial system of justice modeled on that of English common law without its more egregious components such as bills of attainder and general search warrants. Americans know well the concept that suspects are innocent until proven guilty and are entitled to a fair trial before a jury of their peers. Each side gathers evidence to present before the court while rigorously cross examining the evidence of their opponent. Before this can happen though, evidence must be gathered.

In the vast majority of cases, law enforcement gathers evidence to identify a suspect for arrest while prosecutors and defense attorneys gather additional evidence to prove their respective cases in court. However, when it comes to potential crimes arising from a presidential administration, the gathering of evidence is made exponentially more difficult due to the fact that the president can shield evidence behind claims of administrative privilege and classification in the interests of national security. The system of checks and balances in the Constitution allows Congress to subpoena evidence from the Executive Branch to properly conduct oversight investigations. If the Executive Branch refuses to produce evidence under subpoena from the Legislative Branch, Congress can sue the president up to the Supreme Court and have the Judicial Branch compel the production of subpoenaed evidence.

Our system of constitutional checks and balances only works when our leaders are committed to placing the rule of law above their own interests, but the progressives have repeatedly demonstrated their willingness to undermine the rule of law in pursuit of political power. The Obama administration wraps itself in the mantle of innocence while claiming a lack of evidence it controls as it stonewalls Congress in the various scandals in which it is embroiled. Congress has sued the Obama administration, and the courts have ruled that the Obama administration must produce the evidence under congressional subpoena, yet they continue refusing to comply. Their actions undermine the rule of law in the eyes of ordinary Americans who rightly see their president arrogantly thumbing his nose at the law as if he is exempt from the laws under which we must live.

It’s not only that we ordinary Americans must live under laws the powerful elitist class feel do not apply to them, but these very same elites use the legalism of the laws against us to enrich themselves and entrench their power at our expense. Big business corporatists align themselves with politicians seeking power in a symbiotic relationship where the corporatists fund the political campaigns of their candidates who then manipulate laws and regulations to stymie competition for the corporatists, leaving us consumers and workers as the losers.

The recent push to provide amnesty for illegal immigrants under the guise of immigration reform is a case in point. Progressive Democrats favor open borders to import immigrant voters in their quest to retain electoral power, while establishment Republicans favor the same immigration reform to reward their corporate donors in their quest to increase wage pressure on American workers already suffering from massive unemployment. Additional immigrant workers willing to work for less while millions of Americans remain unemployed is a recipe for massive wage deflation that benefits big business crony corporatists with increasing profits at the expense of us American workers.

On the one hand, we Americans are subjected to perp walks and prosecutorial leaks designed to inflame public passions of presumed guilt as our judicial system is reduced to media show trials akin to television talent shows where Americans vote for their favorite entertainer. Our 24/7 news cycle latches onto obscure cases to fill air time as dimwit newscasters struggle to ferret out every shred of evidence for broadcast to an enraptured audience forever tainted as potential jurors. Justice is reduced to the level of a game show while American cynicism increases.

On the other hand, the rich and powerful float in a plane above the law employing it as a tool to oppress the rest of us and insulate themselves from us. They legalistically admonish us to obey the law as they pointedly ignore it at their will when it inconveniences them. It is no wonder that Americans are becoming more cynical as the elitist progressives undermine the rule of law.

President Obama assures Americans that “there is not a smidgen of evidence” in the IRS scandal as we read of lost emails, the destruction of Lois Lerner’s computer hard drive, and now the destruction of her phone two months after the investigation began. We know this to be a lie as the Obama administration works feverishly to erase evidence they claim doesn’t exist in the first place. It is convenient having the ability to control evidence while denying it exists, and essential in perpetrating an inconvenient cover up of crimes you had hoped would never come to light.

George Zimmerman had his life ruined for being a neighborhood watchman who happened to stumble upon a thug intent on doing him harm and forcing him to defend his life. His case was tried in an unsympathetic media interested only in ratings and filling air time. Prosecutors interested in furthering their careers at Mr. Zimmerman’s expense forced an unnecessary trial that left him bankrupted and divorced as a jury finally rendered a verdict in line with the evidence of self defense clear from the beginning of this legal fiasco. Politicians interested in inciting their low information voter base fanned the flames of racial animosity labeling Mr. Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic” in an effort to shoehorn his situation into their convenient narrative.

Now Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, MO faces the progressive media onslaught in its relentless effort to shift attention away from President Obama’s failure in office and the failure of the progressive agenda prior to the midterm elections where Democrats rightly fear the wrath of voters who have caught on to their lies. The usual black grievance suspects descend on Ferguson to insinuate themselves into the fray while opportunistic thugs arrive to take advantage of the inevitable unrest that has erupted to suit the purposes of the left.

The Obama administration uses the unrest in Ferguson, MO to deflect attention away from his failed foreign policy where leaders have taken to ignoring America in the knowledge that President Obama is all talk and no action. The progressive media fills airtime in a pathetic attempt to remain relevant as CNN announces layoffs and MSNBC continues bleeding viewers with their progressive drivel. Congressional Democrats facing the wrath of voters hope the unrest provokes the Democrat base to turn out for the midterm election as it is their only chance to retain control of the Senate.

Faith in the rule of law cannot continue in the face of administration criminal activity, elitist manipulation of the law to stymie competition, and the legalistic application of the law to the rest of us Americans. Militarization of the police rightly frightens Americans given this progressive undermining of the law. Progressives have set a dangerous precedent in their quest to retain power using any means necessary. They are burning down America to achieve their goal of enacting the destructive progressive agenda without realizing they will have nothing left to rule over once America lies in smoldering ruins.

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One Response to The Presumption of Innocence

  1. DetroitCity says:

    Another example of Tom Wolfe’s “Bonfire of the Vanities” played out in real life.

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