A Last Desperate Act

Facing a demoralized electorate, President Obama has resorted to the last act of a desperate Democrat Party to energize his moribund base by falsely claiming that Republicans seek his impeachment while angling to bestow upon himself the status of ultimate victimhood.

The progressive agenda has been revealed to the American people in all of its destructive glory to the point that even the corrupt media sycophants of the Democrat Party can no longer hide its failings. Americans have awakened to the fact that President Obama is nothing more than the empty suit with a thin resume we conservatives warned back in 2008 while pointing to his background as a community organizer poised to wreak havoc upon the country. Our economy is gasping for breath, our foreign policy is in shambles, and we are declining on every positive front as the rent seeking crony corporatists aligned with the Obama administration continue to enrich themselves at our expense. President Obama has already disengaged from the office while looking forward to a life of leisure in comfortable retirement all at taxpayer expense as America continues in the downward spiral of his creation.

Back in 2008, the misguided bought into the hype surrounding Barack Obama as an agent of change, and, along with almost the entire black and minority voting blocs, ushered the first black into the White House as if their vote magically erased past transgressions against blacks. Facing a well prepared candidate in 2012 and running on his poor record of continued economic malaise and foreign policy gaffes, President Obama rallied the Democrat base to eke out a second term as the really bad effects of his destructive agenda hadn’t fully been realized prior to the election. Fear was liberally applied to the message that conservatives sought to roll back the gains President Obama had secured in his first term and shut off the entitlement gravy train so important to his base. Comfortably ensconced in his second term, President Obama began to throw caution to the wind to secure the progressive agenda, and throw his fellow Democrats under the bus as they face the difficulty of explaining their support of the destructive progressive agenda to voters in the 2014 midterms.

World leaders who once wouldn’t consider making a move before consulting with past presidents now routinely ignore President Obama and his inept Secretary of State, John Kerry. They appear to delight in humiliating Kerry while pointedly defying President Obama’s petulant demands. Russian President Vladimir Putin takes special delight in tweaking Obama while gobbling up Ukraine in piecemeal fashion. Even the downing of a commercial airliner by a Russian-made missile in the hands of Ukrainian separatists overtly supported by Putin elicits only a shrug from the Russian leader where a similar action by a past Soviet leader once teetered the world on the brink of nuclear Armageddon. President Obama’s response to world crises has been to retreat to the basketball court and the golf course with claims of how difficult his job has become as his sycophants laughingly claim that Obama’s intellect is of such superiority as to render the mere job of president an unchallenging bore to the man.

Meanwhile back in the real world, President Obama’s fellow Democrats face an angry electorate fed up with his arrogance and tyrannical abuse of power. His supporters continue to fall away as the elusive economic recovery fails to materialize six years into his presidency and they come to realize he is all talk and no action on anything. President Obama’s signature legislation, pushed through a Democrat Congress using trickery and chicanery, continues its slow implosion through its unworkable complication and unlawful implementation. Every promise made in its promotion has been demonstrated as patently false. Premiums promised to decline have risen as predicted by conservatives, and more Americans are facing the prospect of unaffordable health insurance than was in fact the case prior to the implementation of ObamaCare. The highly misleading 39 million uninsured Americans figure never accounted for the substantial number of young people who refused to buy health insurance because they were healthy and viewed it as an unnecessary expense. Congressional Democrats are facing reelection as animosity towards ObamaCare continues to rise among Americans.

President Obama has no chance of passing more progressive legislation through Congress as the House is firmly entrenched in Republican hands. His only prospect is to engineer situations where incremental progressive gains are made on the back of legislation addressing this crisis or that. Loss of the Senate to Republicans would guarantee a miserable last two years to a man already sick of the job and looking forward to retirement. Given the circumstances and the fact that midterms in general favor the party out of power, President Obama was forced to reach for a desperate maneuver in an attempt to rally his base for this election cycle. Hence his fabrication of the story that Republicans are preparing to impeach him, thus conferring upon himself the mantle of victimhood by which the Democrat Party operates.

Other than a couple of outliers, Republicans have resisted the lure of impeachment knowing full well that a Senate controlled by hyper partisan Democrats under the leadership of Harry Reid would never vote to convict the man they’ve consistently been willing to follow over the political cliff. Notwithstanding, Obama has picked up the banner of impeachment and ran with it. As the election grows closer, we can expect President Obama to act even more egregiously in his attempts to force the Republican House to impeach him as his dares go unanswered and prospects for Democrats grow dimmer. In reality, he has nothing to lose since he knows conviction is not possible in the present Senate and conviction in the next Senate would merely relieve him of two arduous years with no impact to his taxpayer funded retirement. Besides, if he hasn’t been impeached by then, he knows he probably won’t be as House Republicans have demonstrated little appetite under Speaker Boehner to seriously challenge him.

The only significance to President Obama’s employment of the false narrative of impeachment is to highlight the implosion of the progressive agenda and its rejection by the American people. For six years, the progressives have had free rein and all they managed to do is run America into the ground as its more productive citizens have watched in horror. Even the entitlement class has been disappointed in not receiving all the free goodies they were promised and fully expected. Senate Democrats running for reelection in conservative states and watching as their prospects dim pointedly refuse White House offers to have Obama campaign with them. They are busy desperately trying to distance themselves from the Obama albatross hanging around their necks like a millstone sinking their candidacies. They who were so arrogant only a few short years ago proudly boasting of the invincibility of their progressive cause are now falling as only the proud can in such spectacular fashion.

Red State Democrats now boast of their ability to stand up to President Obama amid wild claims of stopping his progressive agenda, but it’s too little too late. Note that they now refer to it as his progressive agenda as if they had no part in its adoption and never supported it in any way. A few may manage to hang onto their seats, but the vast majority will be turned out as Americans desperately seek a change from the empty and destructive promises of Hope and Change. For there to be any possibility of rescuing America from the progressive brink of destruction, Americans must send the clear message this election cycle and the next several that Democrats and their establishment GOP acolytes supporting the progressive agenda are not electable until politicians fully repudiate the progressive movement and its unconstitutional totalitarianism. President Obama’s last desperate act must be seen by historians as a desperate act that failed with the American people.

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