The Immigration Reform Scam

Americans are being scammed by both parties insisting the immigration system is broken so they can greatly increase immigration for their own nefarious ends, but Americans wise to the subterfuge of the progressive elites are pushing back as their arguments are shown to be false canards. 

As children in school, we all learned of the great migration of European immigrants in various waves during the late 1800s and early 1900s. There were the Irish escaping the potato famine, Germans, Italians, Scandinavians, Jews, Poles, and various other groups escaping the poverty and strict class system of Europe to seek a better life in America. These waves of immigration were stopped at the beginning of World War I as America pulled back from the decades of unchecked immigration which had kept wages low in America and thwarted the creation of an American middle class.

After immigration curbs were enacted, manufacturers were forced to scour America for untapped sources of labor to support the war effort, and they focused on former slaves in the South, the one group previously left out and ignored. These manufacturers sent thousands of labor agents into the South to recruit blacks who relocated in droves to Detroit, Chicago, and other northern cities in what has become known as the Great Migration. This Great Migration fundamentally altered the racial makeup of the country and allowed blacks to build a middle class as it opened up good paying jobs to them for the first time.

The Great Migration would never have occurred without the clampdown on immigration that stopped the flow of immigrants to these factories and forced manufacturers to focus on American labor instead of importing cheap foreign labor. Wages rose for Americans as the flood of cheap workers ceased, and the waves of immigrants already here began to assimilate into the culture of America.

We face a similar situation today as manufacturers bemoan the lack of workers as part of the false narrative that the American economy is expanding and they must have immigration reform to keep up with the pace of job creation. Americans are catching on to this false narrative as we see record unemployment, failed businesses, increased government dependence in the form of food stamps and Social Security disability, and millions who have stopped looking for work altogether. Why, we rightly ask, is there a need to import foreign labor when so many Americans are begging for work right now? The reality is that the big business corporatists are seeking to import cheap immigrant labor to keep wage pressure on American workers.

Both political parties are pushing the false need-for-immigration-reform argument for diverse reasons. The progressive Democrats seek to create a permanent Democrat majority by importing millions of new immigrant voters they know will easily be misled into becoming Democrats being that they are unsophisticated enough to fall for the progressive Democrat pleas we Americans have increasingly come to reject through experience. The establishment Republicans are carrying water for their big business donor base who wants cheap labor and its attendant wage pressure to increase their profits on the backs of working Americans. Increased immigration is yet another big government issue on which the interests of the progressive Democrats and establishment Republicans have aligned, although for different underlying reasons. And, their plan to force immigration reform on a hostile American populace was going smoothly until Dave Brat defeated Eric Cantor in the Republican primary in Virginia’s 7th District. Cantor’s defeat sent shock waves through Congress as the immigration issue has suddenly boiled over to the detriment of all those who have been pushing it.

One of the favorite progressive tricks is to wrap several issues together under one less controversial label. They managed to wrap the separate issues of health care delivery and health insurance payment for services together under the healthcare reform label which became known as ObamaCare. The health care delivery problem is a looming shortage of primary care physicians which has been exacerbated with the enactment of ObamaCare as thousands of doctors flee the medical field. This problem was completely ignored as the progressives sought a government takeover of the health insurance market to align with their current government payer efforts of Medicare, Medicaid, and the Veterans Administration hospital systems.

The progressives realized that a takeover of the health insurance market would also get them control of the health delivery market as the government would be left as the sole payer for health care services and thus able to dictate rules to the health care delivery system. Federal money has long been the tool of choice for usurping state power in defiance of the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution. Federal outlays that end up being a minor percentage of state and local budgets come with a vast plethora of federal rules attached which must be obeyed in their entirety for continued receipt of the federal pittance.

So, the progressives created the false impression that the health insurance market in America was broken beyond repair, even though Americans could freely select from a vast array of health insurance plans to meet their specific needs which were available at reasonable prices for anyone who dared to look. They then played up the false narrative that some 39 million Americans were without health insurance, completely ignoring the reasons for this fabricated number such that millions of young Americans refuse to purchase health insurance because they rightly see this as a waste of their limited resources as they struggle to get on their feet in life and see no need to waste money on health insurance as they are in the prime of their health. Studies show that some 90% of a person’s total lifetime health care is consumed in the final three years of their life.

Their final plea was to play upon the greed of those who desire something for nothing by casting health care as an entitlement. Their siren song included the idea that the purchase of health insurance took away from funds that could then be spent on more pleasurable pursuits such as new technology devices or entertainment, to which young people with limited resources were more than willing to succumb. Buying health insurance isn’t fun because you don’t get anything to play with, so let the government buy it for you so you can spend your money on fun stuff! A powerful lure skillfully employed by the entitlement-minded progressives.

Now we have ObamaCare: a poorly thought out idea to enact a government takeover of the health insurance market that fulfilled an old progressive dream of government control which is crumbling before our eyes into an unworkable mess that is destroying our health care delivery system and leaving Americans with less choice, less coverage, and less freedom. The majority of Americans have consistently opposed ObamaCare since its inception, and that majority has continued to grow during its enactment as we see the details hidden from us and experience the mess firsthand.

But I digress in taking this little tour of the ObamaCare failure to demonstrate some of the more obvious progressive tactics employed to convince Americans to support initiatives of the progressive agenda they would never support if presented in a straightforward and honest manner detailing their ramifications and exactly what was at stake. Support of immigration reform is yet another of these dishonest progressive initiatives being sold with false narratives and progressive chicanery.

The progressives have managed to confuse three separate issues under the rubric of immigration reform. First, there is the amnesty of illegal aliens already in this country which they seek to enact, thus instantly legalizing millions of what they euphemistically refer to as “undocumented workers” because it sounds so much less threatening and politically charged than the proper terminology of illegal aliens. We are told this amnesty would boost the American economy, but how this is so is conveniently ignored since these illegal aliens are already in the country working and spending money, so where is the benefit to legalizing them? How is changing their legal status going to boost our economy when they are already here? It’s not! The only economy that will get boosted is that of the big business Chamber of Commerce whose members can then legally hire these workers without fear of prosecution and with the full knowledge that they are willing to work for much less than American workers, thus improving the bottom lines and profits of these corporations.

As a corollary to the amnesty issue, we are told that these millions of illegal aliens do jobs Americans won’t take and that it is impossible to round them all up and deport them anyway, so we might as well face reality and legalize them. This straw man argument sounds familiar because it is the exact same argument employed by those seeking the legalization of marijuana. First, Americans won’t take these jobs because they don’t pay enough, and this is complicated by the fact that the progressives have engineered a government dependency system which pays Americans more to not work than to seek out these minimum wage jobs. No, the answer is not to increase the minimum wage as the progressives insist, but to reduce the government dependency by removing these incentives not to work. Second, states like Oklahoma have demonstrated that illegal aliens will leave on their own accord when the laws are tightened and their incentives to stay are vastly reduced. Denial of government services and the enforcement of rules preventing the hiring of illegal aliens, to the benefit of American workers, leave these illegal aliens seeking more friendly working climates.

The second issue is that of border security, and it is the issue most ignored just like that of too few primary doctors under ObamaCare. Americans have been screaming for the government to secure the border as millions of illegal aliens walk right across it carrying drugs, disease, and terrorist elements with them. The federal government has not only ignored these cries, but actually mocked them with inanities such as questioning the efficacy of building a border fence in the first place. As one wag correctly pointed out, if fences are so useless, then why do they have one around the White House? This also ignores the availability of technology such as drones which could easily be utilized to patrol vast stretches of the border fence and infrared sensors which would detect incursions at night. In the wake of 9/11, Americans were awakened to the vulnerability of our country to terrorist elements and the need for increased border security to keep these terrorist threats out. Securing the border is not in the interest of progressive Democrats seeking to create an immigration crisis that they hope will force passage of their amnesty legislation and create their permanent Democrat majority.

The third issue is that of immigration reform, and it is presented in a most misleading fashion by the progressives using their tactic of defining an issue so as to make it appear there is only one solution. In this case, we are told that the immigration system is broken, and the progressives point to all the problems as evidence to substantiate their claims. What they conveniently leave out is the fact that they have engineered the crisis in the first place so as to make it appear that the system is broken and in need of reform, which they will then use to greatly expand immigration. The fact is that our current immigrations laws are being ignored to facilitate the creation of the immigration crisis which is being used as evidence that the system is broken. Any system not being properly managed is classified as being broken, not from some inherent flaw in the system, but from mismanagement of the system as it was designed. If you get poor results from not using a tool properly, then it is not a flaw of the tool, but a flaw in its application.

The Obama administration has created the illusion that immigrant children who manage to cross our border illegally will be granted asylum and can remain. They have done this through statements President Obama has made publicly about a law originally intended to protect children from being repatriated to situations of abuse and exploitation. Central American newspapers are advertising the lie that children making their way into America illegally will be allowed to stay, and the Obama administration is doing nothing to counter these inaccuracies. Furthermore, the Obama administration is warehousing these illegal immigrant children around the country instead of immediately repatriating them, thus giving hope to those who continue to pour over our borders in record numbers. In other words, the Obama administration is doing everything in its power to substantiate the illusion that these illegal immigrant children will be allowed to stay to encourage their continued migration in the classic Cloward-Piven strategy of overwhelming the system to break it. This tactic is all too familiar to any community organizer like the one currently occupying the White House, and has been used to great effect in the past to enact social disruption and force adoption of progressive initiatives.

Americans have realized the duplicity of the Obama administration on immigration, government overreach, and the loss of liberty and are pushing back in a major way. Protesters are blocking immigration centers to prevent the dumping of diseased children in their neighborhoods, and patriot militia groups are gathering to provide the border security the Obama administration refuses to enforce. American patriot groups gathered in Nevada at the ranch of Cliven Bundy to protest Harry Reid’s attempted takeover of Bundy’s property armed to the teeth and ready for war. The BLM paramilitary force under the direction of Reid’s former chief of staff installed as head of the BLM some two weeks prior wisely backed off caught unawares by armed protesters willing to defend a fellow American from government overreach. These same Americans are now confronting government overreach at the border in the form of an administration unwilling to uphold the laws to defend our borders and keep this wave of unchecked immigrants from entering America illegally with their diseases, contraband, terrorist ties, and violent gang affiliations.

Americans are being forced to perform the jobs that our government is no longer willing to perform, and we are all rightly asking why we tolerate a government that will not enforce the laws, will not protect Americans, and works against us at every opportunity to further their own elitist interests at our expense. Why indeed? It is way past the time for us to take back our country while there is still a chance of saving it, but we no longer have the luxury of the time it will take to accomplish this through the normal political process with its rigged elections benefitting the progressive Democrats and their establishment Republican allies. It’s time to get it on!

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One Response to The Immigration Reform Scam

  1. NeverTrustGovernment says:

    Don’t forget a big motivator of the Republican establishment: their fear of being called racist and their false “need” to attract the so-called hispanic vote to remain viable as a party. The Republican base is often said to be in favor of immigration reform based on polling data, when in fact these polls are picking up conservative disgust with the Reoublican establishment for not opposing the virtual open boarder and resulting mass influx of illegals promoted by liberals and democrats.

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