EPA Should Ban God

In its zeal to protect the environment and propagate the global climate warming change false narrative, the EPA should propose a rule banning God as being destructive to the environment. 

The EPA was created in 1970 in response to environmental degradation on the Cuyahoga River so destructive that the river actually caught fire in 1969 from the chemical pollution it contained. It set about the much needed task of cleaning up American’s air and water quality as it addressed the more egregious environmental offenses from those entities that dumped their waste either out of ignorance, economic concern, merely because there was no law against it, or some combination of these factors.

Since that time, the EPA has morphed into a federal agency increasingly bent on ignoring the economic costs of their regulations, and increasingly legalistic in their approach to their original mandate of clean air and water. The energy sector is a frequent target of EPA regulations, and is one of the most regulated industrial sectors in America. From energy exploration to refining to power plant operation, every step in the energy process is under the constant scrutiny of EPA bureaucrats whose fealty to rules often outweighs consideration of more common sense approaches that would end up being more effective in preserving air and/or water quality. Companies operating under this regulatory regime prefer to scrupulously follow the rules and pass the increased costs on to consumers rather than incur the wrath of an agency with the ability to extract massive fines for even the most minor infractions.

Environmentalism has become a religion to those who dedicate their lives to the protection of nature or what they suppose is the protection of nature. For these environmentalists, no action is beyond the pale when it comes to protecting the environment, and in true secular humanist form, the ends always justify the means. The EPA and its environmentalist allies are currently waging war against the nebulous concept of carbon pollution disingenuously defined to include any carbon based emission they deem unfit for the planet.

Under the latest EPA rules set to take effect soon, carbon dioxide is classified as a noxious emission despite the fact that we humans and every other animal on the planet exhale carbon dioxide as part of the natural respiratory process. No less than the Supreme Court has ruled that the EPA has the power to regulate CO2, that’s carbon dioxide, as a greenhouse gas under the Clean Air Act’s expansive definition of pollution. President Obama refers to CO2 as a “carbon pollution” when criticizing “polluters” who “emit the dangerous carbon emissions that contaminate the water we drink and pollute the air that we breathe.” The progressives have redefined a safe and non-toxic, inert gas fundamental to the biological process necessary for human life as a dangerous toxic substance that must be regulated in their war on the energy industry.

The entire global warming movement has been shown to be a gigantic hoax perpetrated upon mankind to extract power and money from the populace to further the progressive agenda of greater control of the lives of the populace. When public attitudes begin to shift away from global warming with the release of emails from Phil Jones, Director of the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit, and Michael Mann of Penn State documenting the fraud and their attempts to deny publishing opportunities to those who criticized their work, along with the failure of observed temperatures to rise in correlation to model predictions, the movement suddenly morphed from global warming to climate change throughout the academic world and media reports.

The earth wasn’t warming according to the computer models these frauds insisted were predicting dire consequences for earth and were the basis for why politicians had to act fast to save our doomed planet by passing expensive global warming legislation. The public was catching on to the fraud, so global warming became the more nebulous climate change which neatly encompassed any temperature change or none at all. It was easier to point out that the climate changes. After all, it changes several times a year coinciding with the change of seasons. Changes in the weather are lumped into the concept of climate change to create the misleading impression that climate change is a real thing posing a real danger to mankind when it is nothing more than another slick attempt to apply the fairy tale of Chicken Little to the real world.

The environmentalists will stop at nothing to promote their religion of environmentalism and will use the government in the form of the EPA to attain their goal of forcing the rest of us environmental apostates to worship at their altar. Their movement is full of contradictions, competing visions, and poorly thought out initiatives. One sect promotes wind power and its huge windmills as a necessary part of the solution of replacing fossil fuel as a power source while another sect decries the damage these windmills do to endangered species such as eagles which fly into the blades and get chopped up. Another sect promotes CO2 as a toxic emission that must be banned despite the fact that it is an inert gas exhaled by humans as part of the respiratory process necessary for life.

In the spirit of protecting the environment from those things that harm it in the minds of environmentalists, I suggest they seek to ban God as harmful to the environment. After all, natural disasters are classified as Acts of God, and these natural disasters cause great harm to the environment by creating great destruction to natural habitats and disturbing natural planetary patterns, therefore the EPA should propose a rule banning God and His acts of natural disasters as harmful to the environment. It should be obvious to the EPA and its environmental allies that God can no longer be trusted with His creation since His acts of natural disasters damage the planet and wreak so much destruction. Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, volcanoes, and the like do tremendous damage to the planet and disrupt the natural ecosystem forcing man to spend trillions of dollars in cleanup and repair costs to restore the environment that God’s natural disasters cause.

Ridiculous you say? Having the EPA ban God is no more ridiculous than having it regulate CO2 as a toxic emission dangerous to the planet when it is actually an inert gas necessary to the biological function of life itself. The fact is that the EPA long ago strayed from its original mission of cleaning up the air and water, which has been accomplished, into the territory of self perpetuation by seeking a mission to justify its continued existence. In doing so, it has entered the realm of ridiculousness seeing harm in everything and seeking the power to regulate everything in a pattern of continued expansion that knows no bounds.

It is long past the time for Congress to eliminate the EPA and remove the power of federal agencies to issue rules with the binding effect of laws. These federal agencies are an unconstitutional transfer of power from the Legislative Branch to the Executive Branch which seriously undermines the system of checks and balances established by the Founders in the Constitution to prevent the accumulation of power by a single group able to impose its will on the people. The fact is that Congress has become lazy and unwilling to perform the tasks set forth in the Constitution as its responsibility, and also unable to perform these tasks as part of a federal government grown so large that it has literally become unmanageable by those tasked with its oversight.

Congress created these federal agencies to focus on specific areas and relieve it of the ability to manage these areas. It placed these agencies under the Executive Branch reporting to the president. In the process, Congress ceased being the overseers of these agencies and merely became administrators concerned with financial and budgetary oversight. Congress is now reduced to passing laws that retract the more egregious rules issued by these federal agencies it created and placed under the Executive Branch, which it rarely does preferring instead to issue press releases decrying federal agencies out of control.

It is absolutely essential that these federal agencies having the ability to issue rules with the power of laws be eliminated. Any specific area requiring investigation by specialists should be in the form of a committee created by Congress under its control with the ability to investigate the problem and issue recommendations to Congress who would then act on those recommendations. This committee would be limited in scope and would absolutely not have the power to issue rules. Elimination of these federal agencies is a key point to regaining control of our government, paring it back down to a manageable size, and forcing it to be subservient to We the People instead of us being subservient to it.

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