The Smoking Gun

The release of an email by the White House in which former advisor Ben Rhodes explicitly told Susan Rice to push the fabricated talking point that an obscure YouTube video critical of Islam was responsible for an attack on the Benghazi mission that resulted in the deaths of four Americans in direct conflict with the broader policy failure of the Obama administration of having al-Qaeda terrorists at the point of defeat is the smoking gun that reveals the entire administration cover up to protect President Obama’s reelection effort. 

Congressional attempts to investigate the Benghazi affair have been stymied by the Obama administration’s efforts to stonewall the investigators by refusing to release pertinent documents including emails subpoenaed by Congress. Democrats in both chambers have taken to the airwaves to denounce Republicans in the House as being on a witch hunt and a fishing expedition for their efforts to get to the truth. Insistence that the Benghazi attack was nothing more than a tragic circumstance of reaching out to a dangerous part of the world has now been shown to be a lie with the revelation of this email. Democrats are facing election in the climate of Americans realizing that they’ve been lied to repeatedly by the Obama administration, and their reelection efforts are hurt even more by their continued support for an administration shown to have lied so egregiously for the mere prospect of winning an election despite the deaths of four Americans.

This stonewalling effort has been assisted by those progressives in the media who are sympathetic to protecting the Obama administration by refusing to air stories critical of their policies. Former White House Deputy Strategic Communications Advisor Ben Rhodes is the brother of CBS News president David Rhodes, and CBS has refused to air any stories on the breaking news of the Benghazi smoking gun email since the story broke. The refusal of CBS News to cover this story further exposes the bias of that network predicated upon the nepotism between it and the Obama administration. It also exposes for the world to see the charges by conservatives that the press has been protecting the Obama administration all along while refusing to inform the American people of information they needed to form an accurate judgment of the Obama administration and its policies.

At the time Susan Rice appeared on five Sunday morning talk shows to push the now thoroughly discredited talking point that the Benghazi attack resulted from the publication of an obscure YouTube video denouncing Islam, there were many who thought the story was too incredible and just did not line up with the reality of the situation. Congressional investigations were launched by several committees which subpoenaed documents from the White House. Withheld from those document requests in violation of the subpoenas was a batch of emails which were only recently released after the conservative group Judicial Watch sued to have its FOIA request which it filed back in December 2013 honored and won its case in federal court.

The White House was forced to turn this batch of information over to Judicial Watch last month to satisfy an FOIA request filed back in 2013. Among the documents turned over was the email from Ben Rhodes telling Rice to blame the attack on the obscure Muslim video and not to reveal this was a broader policy failure of the administration in dealing with Islamic terrorism. The Benghazi attack occurred only two months before the 2012 elections, and it was imperative that President Obama was not embarrassed by another Islamic terrorist attack so close to the elections.

Congress has been busy investigating myriad Obama administration scandals since Republicans regained the majority in the House back in 2010. The White House has erected a massive stonewalling campaign to frustrate these investigations by refusing to comply with Congressional subpoenas for information and by having their members be intentionally vague and not forthcoming in their testimony before these committees. They have employed Democrats in both chambers to further frustrate these investigations by working against committee efforts through the release of sensitive information they then denounce as meaningless, and through their constant talking points to the press in which they claim there is no evidence or that new information is nothing more than old news and that Republicans are racist and looking to embarrass the Obama administration.

The inability of Congressional investigators to pry information out of the administration despite subpoenas and court orders has left the impression that Democrats were correct in portraying their efforts as partisan driven. However, the mounting evidence has been slowly causing Americans to think there is more to these investigations than partisan politics, and the release of this email is a major crack in the administration’s stonewalling effort. Another major crack is about to occur in the form of IRS targeting scandal figure Lois Lerner being held in contempt of Congress and her subsequent jailing. Her testimony would reveal close coordination between her and the White House in using the IRS to target conservative groups to stymie their free speech and the release of confidential IRS information on conservative individuals to progressive groups in violation of the law.

The Obama administration is floundering in its response to the outrage stemming from the release of this email. Claims that this email was not about the Benghazi attack, but really about something else are laughable in their ineptness. White House spokesman Jay Carney has been shown to be complicit in the cover up and outright lying to the press corps as his name was on the email string as one of the recipients. The entire Obama administration is up to its eyeballs in this cover up of the Benghazi talking points lies, and it will be shown that they are also fully complicit in the IRS targeting scandal when Lerner is finally compelled to testify truthfully. In addition, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will also suffer as she prepares to run for president in 2016, and her infamous statement to congressional investigators “At this point, what difference does it make?” will continue to haunt her political aspirations.

Conservatives have been frustrated to no end by the lies emanating from the Obama administration. There are the lies on the improvement of the economy in which the administration attempts to convince Americans that the economy is expanding, unemployment is falling, business confidence is improving, and the housing market is rebounding despite all the evidence to the contrary. Unemployment is falling because benefits are being exhausted and the unemployed are falling off the rolls, which means they are no longer being counted as unemployed. The only businesses profiting under the Obama administration are his favored big business cronies who have figured out how to make money under the regulatory nightmare that is hampering their smaller competitors. Housing continues to lag despite administration cheerleading and cherry picked statistics. We see the lack of jobs as businesses aren’t hiring, and our cynicism increases as these very same businesses support the amnesty that would legalize millions of workers whose presence would continue to depress wages while Americans continue to face unemployment.

We see the lies on foreign policy as America continues to grow weaker in the world at the expense of those who will take advantage of President Obama’s refusal to lead. We see the dithering that an inept president undertakes to allow his options to dwindle until he is left with only one choice which he then claims was the only choice available all along. We see the tacit support of Shiite Islam and their terrorist fronts as the administration constantly tells us how Islam is a religion of peace despite their consistent involvement in terrorism. We see the red lines being drawn, redrawn, and finally withdrawn as President Obama refuses to act.

And now we see the administration lies revealed in the scandals plaguing it as they begin to slowly unravel despite their attempts to stonewall investigators. Senate Democrats are seeing the administration throwing them under the bus as their reelection efforts face increasingly stiff headwinds. The Obama administration and the progressive movement are being shown to be failures whose policies never work and whose only hope lies in deception and deceit.

Administration acolytes in Congress and the press are already attempting to spin this email as old news that reveals nothing new as part of their effort to undermine its importance to protect both the Obama administration and the broader progressive movement. Congress and the American people are rightly outraged at the revelation of this email, and outraged by the fact that it was withheld for so long. Its withholding indicates the importance the administration placed on its revelation and the fear they had of it surfacing was the fact that it clearly outlined the cover up they had denied all along. There are a great many administration acolytes with egg on their face having been shown to be useful dupes in defending an administration so clearly guilty of lying to the American people.

House Speaker John Boehner is creating a special select committee to investigate the Benghazi attack and subsequent Obama administration cover up with feisty South Carolina Republican Trey Gowdy as its chair. The Obama administration has clearly been withholding information crucial to understanding the myriad scandals in which it is involved, and it is about time that Congress stepped up to perform its constitutional oversight responsibility as regards the Executive Branch. With the revelation of this smoking gun email, one can only wonder what other damaging documents await discovery from a duplicitous administration dedicated to stonewalling attempts to get to the truth.

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