Fair Weather Friends

The antithesis of the polished political class, Cliven Bundy’s provincial plainspokenness has elicited a firestorm of media criticism from conservative pundits such as Sean Hannity who were only too happy to have him on their shows to boost their ratings as conservative red meat for his role in highlighting the erosion of property rights by the federal government. 

Cliven Bundy lives in a remote area of Nevada on a ranch far removed from the corridors of sophistication and power found in Washington, DC. Mr. Bundy has a well-developed sense of right and wrong gained from the experience of a life in pursuit of making a living through the hard work of ranching in an unforgiving area and articulates his beliefs in the simple language of one who has spent time reflecting on life alone with his thoughts as he pursued his work. Content to live his life outside the glare of media lights, Mr. Bundy never desired nor expected to become famous and be subjected to the scrutiny of the 24/7 news cycle.

The world is well aware of Mr. Bundy’s standoff with the federal government represented by the Bureau of Land Management in which they attempted to seize his herd of livestock and force the sale of his property so Nevada Senator Harry Reid could strip the water rights for his casino supporters and his son Rory could sell the land to the Chinese solar company for whom he is fronting. The word got out when Neil Kornze, a former top aide to Harry Reid and the newly installed BLM director, attempted to seize Mr. Bundy’s herd of cattle with a substantial force of armed federal agents, and a sizable number of conservatives and militia members rallied to the Bundy ranch in time to back the government down from their incursion on Mr. Bundy’s property rights.

Cliven Bundy suddenly became a conservative hero to millions of Americans sick of watching the Obama administration flout the law and the Constitution to erode the rights of Americans and rule autocratically. A simple rancher from Nevada, supported by liberty loving militia members, managed to stand his ground and back down this federal force intent on taking his property through nefarious maneuvering of the legal system designed by the Founders to protect us Americans from government usurpation in the first place.

Conservative pundits such as Sean Hannity championed Mr. Bundy’s platform booking him on their shows to whip their conservative viewers into a frenzy and boost their ratings. These conservative pundits were all too glad to use Mr. Bundy while he was a hot property rights commodity, but not one of these pundits took the time to pull Mr. Bundy aside and explain to him the tactics of character assassination practiced by the progressive media. Sean Hannity is no media neophyte and certainly cognizant of progressive media tactics used to portray those opposed to the progressive agenda they support as extremists. It would have behooved Mr. Hannity to explain to Mr. Bundy how the progressive media would seek to destroy him with gotcha questions totally unrelated to the property rights issue at hand posed solely for the benefit of portraying him as an extremist to undermine and discredit his property rights stance.

Sean Hannity has now backed away from supporting Mr. Bundy shocked at his comments and echoing the progressive line that they were racist. Either Sean Hannity is an ignorant fool for not anticipating this entirely predictable media ambush, or he was only interested in using Mr. Bundy to boost his ratings as long as his story resonated with Hannity’s conservative audience. It matters not whether there is any truth in Mr. Bundy’s comments, for the reality of our current media environment is that perception trumps reality.

If Sean Hannity was truly interested in promoting conservatism and possessed the intestinal fortitude to tangle with the progressive media firestorm, he could easily have redirected the conversation away from Mr. Bundy’s inarticulate and provincial delivery towards consideration of the substance of his observations. Hannity chose to fold like a cheap lawn chair to protect his ratings instead of devoting time to consider the truth of Mr. Bundy’s comments. It would have cost Hannity nothing to examine the substance of Mr. Bundy’s comments while stating that Bundy used unpolished language to deliver them, but his rush to distance himself from Mr. Bundy over his comments reveals Hannity to be just another self-serving media pundit chasing ratings.

Cliven Bundy was embraced and defended by TEA Party conservatives sick of seeing the Obama administration flout the Constitution to undermine our rights, and cherry picking the laws which suit their advancement of the progressive agenda. The establishment GOP leadership reluctantly climbed aboard only after the heavy lifting had been done by conservative militia members and public opinion had swung clearly behind Mr. Bundy. They sought to appropriate Mr. Bundy’s victory over the BLM as a conservative talking point heading into the elections, and cast Harry Reid as the new enemy of conservatism for his nefarious involvement in the affair and his refusal to back down.

The comments from Mr. Bundy’s progressive media ambush are forcing the establishment GOP leadership and their media pundits to distance themselves from an enticing public event clearly highlighting a conservative principle difficult to articulate. Footage of the VO Ranch standoff between federal agents of the BLM and the Bundy family surrounded by militia members tells the story of eroded property rights far more powerfully than the most articulate politician ever could, but the knee-jerk reaction from the frightened establishment GOP leadership to suddenly throw Mr. Bundy under the bus rather than defending the principles of conservatism which they long ago abandoned and have forgotten mean opening themselves up to charges of hypocrisy on the campaign trail this fall.

Instead of shifting the argument to the substance of Mr. Bundy’s comments like any progressive would do instinctively, the establishment GOP leadership instinctively ran for cover anticipating the media firestorm they have come to expect from such ambush opportunities. The establishment GOP leadership constantly criticizes TEA Party candidates for their lack of seasoning and inability to avoid the traps laid by the progressive opposition, but they themselves are unable to avoid these traps and rush into them lacking the excuse of being political neophytes.

Cliven Bundy committed the cardinal sin in politics of telling the truth and destroying the illusion of blacks self-identifying as successful while allowing the progressive Democrats to identify them as victims for political expediency. This truth is so powerful that not even Sean Hannity will touch it!

Mr. Bundy is an old rancher in rural Nevada as far removed from a polished professional political speaker as one can get in America. His beliefs are not well articulated, and our hypersensitive culture will not take the time to understand what he is saying. Perception is everything in our culture and the pundits allow perception to drive the conversation instead of seriously considering what Bundy is saying and allowing for his inability to articulate it in a sensitive manner.

His provincial manner is rough around the edges, but the truth of his remarks is still there and still being ignored by progressive charlatans promoting identity politics and cowardly conservative pundits fearful of addressing the substance of his remarks because they long ago succumbed to the progressive redefinition that pervades our culture and places perception over reality! The left rushed in to quickly label Mr. Bundy a racist, and Sean Hannity ran for the hills fearful of upsetting a viewer! What a gutless wonder! Nary was there an attempt by Hannity to ask “Despite the crude language, does Bundy have a point?”

Stereotyping has always existed and will always continue to exist, and no law, political correctness movement, or progressive attempt to shame it out of existence will ever be successful! Progressives don’t like stereotyping because it correctly identifies the destruction they have wrought in their aggrieved political identity groups. Instead of addressing the problems for which they are responsible, they attack the instinctive practice of stereotyping. Instead of working hard to overcome the stereotype and stand apart from it, identity group members also attack the instinctive practice of stereotyping.

There’s a great deal of truth in Mr. Bundy’s remarks, and both sides are running desperately from it because hiding the truth benefits the progressives while the establishment GOP leadership is morally bankrupt and refusing to fight for the truth! John 8:32 says, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Until the coalition of progressive aggrieved political identity groups addresses the truth of their situation and the destruction wrought upon them by the progressives abetted in their endeavor by the establishment GOP leadership who also lust after power, they will never be free of the Democrat plantation! To paraphrase Col. Nathan R. Jessup, “You progressives can’t handle the truth!”

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5 Responses to Fair Weather Friends

  1. skeen66 says:

    Mr. Roberson: Go here for three essays on Cliven Bundy:
    or here: http://capitalismmagazine.com/
    Edward Cline

  2. Tom Roberson says:

    Apparently, I’m not the only one who feels conservative pundits like Sean Hannity used Mr. Bundy and threw him under the bus when his opinions became inconvenient. I looked past Mr. Bundy’s provincial language at the essence of his beliefs, and I happen to agree with much of what he was saying. In this I’m not alone as some prominent blacks are coming out in agreement also.

  3. skeen66 says:

    Thank you for the link. I didn’t focus on Hannity as much as you did. There were so many other rabbits to fire BB-shot at. I wonder of Hannity and Company are having second thoughts about buggering out. I doubt it, but it would be nice to think they regret waving the French flag of victory. .

  4. Tom Roberson says:

    Hannity sets himself up as a big conservative pundit always spoiling for a fight with Obama and the progressives. Well, he got his opportunity and turned tail to run like he’d just pissed off the school bully and feared getting his butt whipped. The best way to beat a bully is to kick him in the cajones and start wailing away on him! O’Reilly is a closet Democrat with all his talk of helping the little guy, but he plays to conservatives by being coy about his political affiliation which isn’t all that well hidden. Hannity comes on strong as a conservative right out of the gate and makes no bones about it. Pundits like Hannity and Glenn Beck talk the talk, but they don’t walk the walk. Bundy was the real deal and these conservative pundits threw him under the bus afraid of offending their audience.

    At no time did the thought cross Hannity’s mind that he should turn the conversation around and either consider the essence of Bundy’s remarks or point out the media lynching Bundy was undergoing at the hands of the progressives! Hannity is a gutless establishment pundit in the company of Peggy “Obama Swooning” Noonan and Ann “Chris Christie is My Man” Coulter! It’s all about the ratings with these pundits and fear of offending a viewer. Well, guess what? We viewers are offended by their cowardly caving to the progressive forces they claim to be fighting on our behalf! If they were truly interested in battling these progressive charlatans instead of getting rich from their faux posturing, then pundits like Hannity would welcome the fight this opportunity has provided them. But no, Hannity runs at the first sign of trouble!

  5. skeen66 says:

    Mr. Roberson: I couldn’t agree with you more in your overall assessment of Hannity. I’m less familiar with Noonan (I don’t watch much TV or TV news), or read so many newspaper columnists. Coulter I’ve always referred to as “Ann of the Short Skirts,” whom I don’t mind watching, but I think she’s a shallow poseur and I don’t take her seriously. Glenn Beck? I think he’s gone off the rails. Limbaugh? I don’t listen to much radio, either, unless someone sends me a link to one of his spiels. I don’t know if he had anything to say about Bundy. And, I was amused by some blot sites claiming that the GOP instantly abandoned Bundy over his “racist” remarks. I’d like to know when they were ever on his side.

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