Property RIghts & the Rule of Law

Federal government attempts to seize the VO Ranch from Cliven Bundy clearly demonstrate the erosion of property rights and the rule of law in America since their establishment in the Constitution by the Founders. 

To be economically viable and successful, a country needs three things: property rights, the rule of law, and sound currency. Citizens have to believe their property claims are valid and entitle them to exclusive ownership before they will invest in property improvements such as constructing houses or businesses. Citizens must understand that everyone stands equally before the law without favor due to social standing or financial resources before they will invest their confidence in the system and seek to uphold the laws of that system. And finally, citizens must know that their currency is sound with a stable value that gives them the confidence to save and invest else they will be given to spending and instant gratification instead of holding onto increasingly worthless currency.

Americans have seen a constant assault on these three pillars of economic success by progressives bent on gaining power and control over their fellow citizens at the expense of liberty and prosperity. The Federal Reserve pumps increasingly worthless currency and liquidity into the American economy in the misguided notion that easy money is the solution to an economy overtaxed, overregulated, and overextended by the federal government. Americans are well aware of high profile legal cases involving both wealthy people avoiding punishment and poor people unfairly prosecuted that serve to increase cynicism towards our legal system and undermine fidelity to the law. We have also watched federal agencies increasingly abuse their power to undermine our property rights and drive citizens from the land they’ve inhabited for generations to suit their purposes.

In the case of Cliven Bundy and his VO Ranch, the Bureau of Land Management is attempting to drive him and his family from the land his ancestors have ranched for 150 years under the guise of protecting the endangered desert tortoise despite the fact that this same agency is euthanizing these animals due to their overpopulation of the area. This specious claim for abusing Mr. Bundy’s property rights is further undermined by the revelation that Nevada Senator Harry Reid has been engaged in a pattern of using the BLM to drive other ranchers in the area from their land to buy up their property and strip the water rights for the benefit of Las Vegas casino owners. Harry Reid’s former chief of staff was confirmed as the head of the BLM some two weeks ago before the initial assault on Mr. Bundy’s property, and Reid’s son Rory is fronting for a Chinese solar company building a plant next to Mr. Bundy’s ranch. The BLM apparently has no concern that a solar panel plant will harm the desert tortoise.

Mr. Bundy’s ancestors claimed their land under the Homestead Act passed in 1862 and signed by Abraham Lincoln which granted settlers the right to homestead land in the west and acquire title from the government. Their claims to this land preceded creation of the BLM in 1946 and statutes such as the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934 which established the U.S. Grazing Service to manage public rangelands. Mr. Bundy’s preemptive rights granted under the Homestead Act of 1862 supersede those of the federal government created by later administrations, and it is these preemptive rights under which Mr. Bundy and his ancestors invested in property improvements. Now that conditions have changed dramatically from the late 1800s when the federal government sought to entice western expansion and settlement, the government wishes to renege on its earlier promises and reclaim this land to suit a new set of circumstances.

When the Bundy family first settled this land, there was no glittering Las Vegas oasis or Hoover Dam holding back the Lake Mead reservoir. They carved out an existence entirely on their own overcoming hardship and deprivation to build value into their land. Now that the area has prospered and the hardships have been overcome, Harry Reid and his son wish to reclaim the Bundy land for their own gain using the auspices of the federal government to accomplish their nefarious purposes. Their attempt to engineer the removal of the Bundy family was thwarted by the sudden rise of armed Americans riding to the rescue of one of their neighbors under assault by hostile forces.

The existence of absolute truth is confirmed by that feeling we each have deep within that alerts us when something is not right. We recognize when something is wrong even before we are able to identify specifically what the problem is or articulate why it is wrong. Regardless of man’s laws, our conscience appeals to the higher laws of God and His absolute truth. Those who would use man’s laws to engineer their own benefit at the expense of their fellow citizens can’t violate absolute truth to hide their misdeeds. Americans know when their laws are being used against them, and those Americans who showed up to defend the Bundy family from Harry Reid’s attempted land grab did so precisely because they recognized the illegitimacy of federal laws being used to undermine the property rights of Cliven Bundy. Man’s laws do not supersede those of God, and no court on earth is more legitimate than the judgment of God.

Evil lacks authority which good has in the form of Jesus Christ. It was Christ’s authority which drove out the demons, and it is Christ’s authority which allows good to triumph over evil. This is why the left continually seeks moral authority in its fight against conservatives. Harry and Rory Reid are attempting to gain moral authority by holding up fidelity to the law. Like the Pharisees, their argument is undercut by the fact that the Obama administration has continually undercut the law in pursuit of its progressive agenda. The Pharisees couldn’t keep the law, and neither can the Obama administration which Reid sucks up to and enables.

The militia members protecting the Bundy family possessed moral authority which is why they were able to take the cattle away from the BLM who were powerless to stop them despite having more firepower. We TEA Party conservatives possess the authority granted to us by the Founders through the Constitution which Obama ignores. Obama and the progressives are more powerful because they control the government, the institutions, and the military, but they lack the authority of the Constitution which is their Achilles Heel. Will the military actually go to war with Americans dedicated to restoring government fidelity to the Constitution? The hope is that the majority will recognize the moral and constitutional authority of the conservative cause and refuse to support the progressive destruction of America. This is why Obama is replacing military leaders dedicated to him, but he can’t replace the entire military and generals are useless without troops.

Americans are tired of watching their property rights being watered down by the wealthy and powerful who abuse the rule of law to take that which they do not own. The Obama administration is dangerously close to the precipice of civil war as demonstrated by the thousands of armed Americans who showed up to defend the Bundy family from a federal government many Americans feel has grown too powerful and too abusive. These Americans were fully prepared to engage in armed conflict with federal agents to reclaim their rights as granted by the Founders under the Constitution. That is a powerful omen which the Obama administration ignores at its own peril.

The Obama administration has consistently undermined the rule of law by continually ignoring the constitutional limits of Executive Branch power. They ignore laws unfavorable to enactment of their progressive agenda while simultaneously claiming legitimacy under the law and using the law to silence their political opponents. They stonewall attempts by Congress to investigate the myriad scandals in which they are embroiled. They direct federal agencies under Executive Branch control to issue rules undermining property rights while directing their environmental acolytes to use the law to gain control over vast swaths of public lands and public life.

Americans have chafed under this onerous administration for far too long and are at the point of resistance to further encroachments upon their rights. We have been alerted by our conscience that something is wrong, and we are responding to the higher power of absolute truth to reclaim our inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as granted by our Creator and enshrined in the Constitution by our Founders. We no longer ask that the government respect us as citizens who are the rightful masters of a government which exists to serve us, but demand that arrogant bureaucrats recognize us as free Americans and cease treating us as if we exist to serve the government. This is our country, and the federal government works for us, and it’s damned time it was reminded of these facts!

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