Systemic Corruption

The revelation this week that Maryland Representative Elijah Cummings colluded with the IRS to target conservative groups while failing to disclose this information to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on which he sits and which has jurisdiction to investigate the improper use of the IRS to target the political enemies of the Obama administration is a monumental indicator of the systemic corruption prevalent within the Democrat Party and the Washington, DC political class itself. 

Americans have followed the saga of former Director of the IRS Exempt Organizations division Lois Lerner since she first revealed the illegal targeting of conservative applicants for tax exempt status back in May, 2013 through a planted question at a meeting of the American Bar Association as instructed by her boss, Acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller. This was done to intentionally mislead Congress in testimony at a scheduled hearing two days earlier in advance of the public release of an audit report by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration confirming the IRS used inappropriate criteria to identify potential political cases. This stunning revelation was followed by more revelations of improper IRS targeting of conservative groups and misleading statements by administration officials designed to obfuscate the truth of the scandal. Ms. Lerner has invoked her Fifth Amendment right to refuse to testify for fear of incriminating herself before Congress, yet she waived this right in her second appearance when she launched into a self-serving denial of the charges against her before invoking her Fifth Amendment rights.

During the course of the investigation, it was revealed that Ms. Lerner also illegally released confidential tax records of conservatives to progressive groups which then used this information to smear their political opponents. Michigan Representative Dave Camp, Chairman of the House Committee on Ways and Means, initiated an investigation into the improper disclosure of confidential IRS records as part of the Committee’s oversight of the IRS resulting in the Committee voting this week to refer a criminal letter to Department of Justice Attorney General Eric Holder regarding actions taken by Ms. Lerner.

This was followed by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voting to hold Ms. Lerner in contempt of Congress for failing to provide information specifically requested by the Committee detailing her actions in using the IRS to target conservative political groups. Committee Chairman Darrell Issa has butted heads with ranking member Elijah Cummings who has done everything in his power to thwart the Committee’s investigation into this scandal including attempts to cover up the affair for the administration and undermine Committee efforts to get to the truth.

Chairman Issa revealed this week emails and other information detailing Cummings’ involvement in initiating IRS investigations of the conservative group True the Vote in collusion with Ms. Lerner’s targeting of conservative groups. These emails clearly demonstrate Cummings’ motive for obstruction of the Committee investigation into the IRS misbehavior. Cummings never disclosed his involvement in the IRS scandal despite the clear conflict of interest posed by his position as the ranking Committee member investigating this misbehavior.

For her part, it was revealed that Lois Lerner sought a job with President Obama’s Organizing for Action political group in a clear violation of the Hatch Act which forbids partisan political activities on the part of federal civil service employees. Lerner’s attempts to obfuscate the targeting of conservative groups by stating that progressive groups were also scrutinized turned out to be patently false as no progressive groups ever received this additional scrutiny reserved only for conservative groups. Lerner’s targeting of these groups was a direct result of the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United which overturned the campaign finance limitations for corporations and opened up a significant source of campaign funding primarily benefiting Republicans, although Democrats also benefited from the ruling.

Since the Citizens United ruling, the Obama administration has gone on the offensive attempting to nullify the ruling through various administration initiatives. After Lerner’s attempt to deflect blame onto a group of low level employees in the Cincinnati field office failed and it became clear Lerner was at the heart of the scandal, the administration distanced itself from the unfolding scandal by casting Lerner as a rogue IRS agent acting entirely on her own despite the revelation of numerous meetings between administration officials, including the president, with Acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller.

It is clear to the majority of Americans that the Obama administration has ignored the Constitution in choosing which laws it intends to obey, and in attempting to bypass Congress to create laws through the issuance of Executive Orders. There is a clear pattern of selective enforcement of the laws by the Obama administration, and a willful disregard of the intentions of the Constitution delineating the checks and balances of the federal government.

Given this backdrop, it is entirely conceivable that the Obama administration directed Lois Lerner, as the Director of the IRS Tax Exempt Organizations division, to apply additional scrutiny to tax exempt applications made by conservative groups in an effort to slow walk these applications with the effect that they would be withdrawn over the course of time. This would be a clear case of using the unlimited power of the federal government to target the political enemies of the Obama administration, a definitely illegal and unethical malfeasance on the part of the administration. Given Ms. Lerner’s obvious political affiliation to the progressive movement in general and the Obama administration in particular, it is also not inconceivable to conclude that Ms. Lerner willingly jumped at the chance to be of service to the Obama administration of which she was so clearly fond. Also, it follows that Ms. Lerner would have willingly engaged in a cover up to protect the Obama administration when this scandal came to light, especially since she has so far not faced any direct punishment for her actions, even being allowed to retire with full benefits.

With the revelation that ranking Oversight Committee member Elijah Cummings also availed himself of Ms. Lerner’s willingness to abuse IRS protocols in service to her Democrat conspirators, the scandal widens to include indictments of Democrats on a much wider scale working in collusion to abuse the unlimited power of the federal government in targeting their political enemies. Mr. Cummings’ involvement means that members of both the Executive and Legislative Branches of government conspired to abuse their positions to target Americans critical of the administration and its policies.

The Founders designed a limited government with a system of checks and balances intended to prevent a concentration of power into the hands of the few. Realizing that no system was perfect and that men were not angels, they included the Second Amendment to ensure Americans had access to the means of restoring their liberty when the time came that a cabal of the few managed to gain control of the levers of power to restrict the liberty of their fellow citizens. That cabal has worked tirelessly to undermine the Second Amendment protections afforded by the Founders in the sure knowledge of its original intentions, and the Second Amendment remains the only Amendment to the Constitution that the left seeks to restrict while continuing their quest to expand the rest.

The Democrat Party has allowed itself to become the hostage of the hard left progressive movement along with the media ostensibly charged as the Fourth Estate responsible for shining a light upon government to keep it honest as it keeps the citizens informed. Together, they have conspired to thwart the liberty of Americans by infiltrating government at every level and hiding the insidiousness of their infiltration and motives from the American people. They have infiltrated the institutions which underpin our society to destroy these institutions and fray the social fabric of America to a point beyond repair. They abuse the government education monopoly to indoctrinate our children. They perpetuate the evil of secular humanism to undermine our Judeo-Christian ethic and obscure the reality of absolute truth guiding our moral foundation. They malign our military to undermine and destroy its unique culture with the introduction of foreign social constructs. They infiltrate our courts to undermine the rule of law concept by which all Americans see justice as blind and equally applied to all. They use the power of the government to undermine our property rights while debasing the value of our currency through massive printing operations.

Where they can’t get their agenda items accepted by the American people, they have them legislated. Where they can’t get them legislated, they employ the courts to enact them. Where they fail with the courts, they enact them by fiat through federal agency rules and Executive Order. The members of this cabal, spread throughout government, academia, the military, the media, and the courts, all protect and enable each other to continue advancing the progressive agenda of destruction that is weakening America both domestically and abroad. They do this because they hate America and all for which it stands, convinced that America is ineligible to be a force for good around the world and unwilling to admit its legitimacy as a superpower.

They are unwilling to see capitalism as a force for good that alleviates poverty by raising the standard of living and enabling people to provide for their own selves. They prefer to assuage their guilt at having so much by having government step in to run the lives of those they view as incapable of making intelligent decisions in their own best interests. Their equality is an equality based on the lowest common denominator in direct contradiction to the implication of it being based on the highest point. Their equality is predicated upon the slavery of government dependence and the inability to choose for oneself as all liberty is removed in service to the illusion of safety.

The revelations this week stemming from the IRS scandal gives Americans a glimpse into the collusion of the progressives spread throughout the system and their intention to silence their critics by targeting them with the unlimited power of the government. As I predicted previously, the IRS scandal is proving to be the most damaging scandal to erupt concerning the Obama administration and the progressive movement, and threatens to destroy both as it reveals the collusion necessary and possible in its perpetration. Instead of being the work of low level employees in the Cincinnati field office, we now know it to be an extensive cover up involving a high ranking IRS employee sympathetic to the Obama administration and a Democrat congressman, both of whom continue to hide even more damaging revelations of what increasingly appears to be probable Obama administration involvement.

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