Stacked Deck

The progressive Democrats have stitched together a coalition of disparate voting blocs coalesced around the common theme of victimhood with a card for each to be played either to excuse their outrageous behavior, or to silence critics of their outrageous claims to victimhood. 

The progressive view of America is one of group identity where the population is broken down into various groups and assigned an identity that espouses victimhood at the hands of white men of European ancestry. They know no bounds when it comes to making outrageous claims for these various victim groups, and their antics merely serve to fan the flames of animosity for their own electoral benefit.

It is appealing to view the world in simple terms of those who have and those who have not without considering the more complex reasons why. This requires critical thinking that most prefer to avoid in the zeal to excuse their conditions as the fault of some nebulous group believed to control the destiny of the world. The progressives take advantage of this intellectual laziness to perpetuate their grip on power while propagating the very conditions they rail against to their base. They imply that it can’t be their fault because they are the ones pointing out the situation when it very much is their fault for obscuring the political picture and preventing real examination and discussion of the situation.

For the sake of simplicity, the progressives have created a stacked deck of cards which they employ in lieu of long-winded explanations concerning the status of victimhood applicable to each group of its base. Conservatives for far too long avoided deconstructing these various cards and explaining their inaccuracies, and have only recently begun to touch upon those cards progressives have overused to the point of buffoonery. Make no mistake as these cards contain powerful stigmas capable of rendering critics speechless when skillfully employed at opportune moments during a debate. They are designed to catch unprepared opponents off guard and render their criticisms moot. Many a conservative has stood transfixed like a deer in the headlights at their employ during a debate unprepared and unable to provide an answer while his debate momentum evaporates before a critical audience.

The various cards being employed by the progressive Democrats bring a whole new level of meaning to the phrase “card carrying communist.” We have the infamous race card designed to stymie conservative criticism of failed progressive policies which has now been overused to the point of ridicule. There is the hero card designed to protect first responder unions from criticism over their pay and benefit packages which are contributing to the bankruptcies of cities around the country. There is the kids card used to justify the raising of property taxes to fund the liberal nonsense contributing to the decline of education in America with the sickeningly smarmy phrase “it’s for the kids!” There is the feminist card used to justify widespread abortion infanticide and the preying on of vulnerable women by the greedy abortion industry while promoting the fiction of a conservative “war on women. There is the gay card to promote the destruction of the family unit as the cornerstone of a well-adjusted society through the undermining of marriage which has become nothing more than a contract filed at the courthouse for the administration of federal benefits. And there is also the green card used to justify the waste of trillions of dollars in a massive hoax whose goal is the transfer of wealth from productive countries to third world dictatorships.

Each of these cards has a number of variations designed to fit a given situation, and they are occasionally employed in pairs such as when the green card of global warming is paired with the race card in support of transferring the wealth of first-world countries to third-world dictatorships. We’re told that the industry of first-world countries causes global warming which will more severely impact third-world countries and that refusal to help these third-world countries is racism on our part.

One of the cornerstones of the Democrat Party base is the black voting bloc which serves as the pattern of every other Democrat voting bloc. Democrats have so thoroughly brainwashed blacks with their victimhood narrative that they refuse to even consider the reality that surrounds them in the form of historical precedent and current disregard by the Democrat Party. They continue to wallow in the government dependence created for them by Democrats totally oblivious to the fact that Democrats are completely responsible for their condition in their blind obedience to the Democrat ticket. Democrats have convinced blacks that they are victims, that conservatives hate them and work to keep them down, and that only Democrats are looking out for them with government checks to ease the burden placed upon them by conservatives. The truth is that a Republican president liberated blacks from slavery, Democrats created the Jim Crow laws and the plantation store system which kept blacks virtual slaves well into the Twentieth Century, Republican congressmen passed civil rights and voting rights legislation in the face of near unanimous Democrat opposition, and it was Democrats which created the government dependence in which so many blacks now find themselves mired unable to break free and realize their true potential.

Blacks abandoned the Republican Party when Herbert Hoover abandoned his promise to blacks pressed into work gangs during the Great Flood of 1927. Hoover, as Commerce Secretary, directed flood reliefs efforts and promised blacks that he would make up for their being pressed into work gangs if they would see the crisis through. After becoming president, Hoover reneged on his promise and blacks swore they would never vote Republican again, a promise which they have honored to their detriment. This is why blacks voted Democrat in 1932 and one of the many reasons Hoover lost reelection. Republicans didn’t abandon blacks; it was Hoover who reneged on his promise to blacks. Blacks today are ignorant of this history and continue to be disregarded by the Democrat Party which can afford to treat them with contempt since the benefits they extend to blacks are not being repatriated in the form of votes due to black reluctance to participate.

This model has been applied to Hispanics, feminists, gays, environmentalists, and the middle class with varying degrees of success, but nowhere has it been applied as successfully as to blacks. In fact, since LBJ created the Great Society to extend government dependence into the black community back in 1965, blacks have become so dependent upon government that they no longer even bother to vote in numbers as great as in the past when they first won the right to vote under the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Registering to vote subjects one to the possibility of jury duty and those dependent on government do not care to participate as their sense of responsibility decreased as their government dependence increased.

The America of 1965 was a much different place than the America of today where there still existed a strong work ethic and a sense of pride in working and supporting oneself. That work ethic and pride of supporting oneself gradually ceased to exist as government benefits became more attractive and eventually led to the government dependence we see today.

It is obvious to everyone that government intervention in the black community has been a devastating failure that can no longer be covered up. President Obama’s “Brother’s Keeper” initiative is nothing more than another government intervention responding to the previous failed government interventions designed to shift blame away from the failure of government intervention in the first place. The argument is always that government intervention failed because of drugs, broken homes, and crime while ignoring the inconvenient root causes of these problems – government intervention which has destroyed the black family unit by subsidizing profligacy through government dependence!

Black mothers rely on the government as the family breadwinner instead of black males who have moved past being undependable and unfaithful to become misogynist in their treatment of women as sexual objects. Black women resistant to government dependence are now seeking out white men to marry having completely given up on black men as worthless. Those black women who give in to government dependence raise children by multiple fathers whose sole lesson on responsibility is the fact that they aren’t around which sends the message that they won’t be held accountable either, so why try! Again, it’s government intervention leading to government dependence which is responsible for sending this clear message!

Drug abuse is the ultimate form of self-centered secular humanism viewing everything as being for the benefit and pleasure of the adherent. Drug abuse leads to drug dependence which leads to being unemployable which leads to crime to finance this profligate lifestyle. Secular humanists would have us believe that this is a lifestyle choice, which it is, but conveniently ignore the enslaving component of this “choice” or the disparate impact this “choice” has on society through increased crime and public assistance requirements.

The government absolutely is NOT our brother’s keeper as the Bible points out so eloquently in God’s warning to the Israelites not to insist on having a king in pointing out the danger of depending on a worldly government instead of on Him. Jesus reminds us that each of us individually is our brother’s keeper and Paul amplifies this in 1 Corinthians when he urges abstention from eating meat offered to idols not because there is any significance, but because it might confuse a fellow Christian.

Government intervention from past progressive administrations has once again failed miserably to the point of obvious public awareness, so the present administration seeks to shift the blame from the government while offering yet another government intervention as the cure to the previous failed government interventions. This is the same old progressive government song and dance, and we can expect the same old failed results – millions of ruined lives so the progressives can feel good about themselves for “doing something.”

One thing of which we can be certain is that there will never by a white card favored by the progressives as their entire ideology rests on the presumption that all of the world’s ills are the fault of old white men! The progressives have succeeded in creating a stacked deck of victim cards that mesmerizes their base voting blocs and renders opposition critics speechless. In their laziness, progressives have become over reliant on these cards employing them in ridiculous ways that have the public realizing the fallacies inherent in their use.

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