The Evil Empire Strikes Back

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sowed discord in the Ukraine destabilizing the political situation with his hand-picked acolyte Viktor Yanukovych installed as president, and has seized the opportunity to invade the Crimean Peninsula with designs to reabsorb it into the Russian state all while taking advantage of the weakness to which President Obama has reduced American resolve in foreign policy. 

Viktor Yanukovych has a checkered past in Ukraine politics having engaged in massive electoral fraud to win the 2004 Ukrainian presidency over Viktor Yushchenko which was overturned by the Ukraine Supreme Court and led to Yushchenko’s eventual win. After some image rehabilitation by American political consultants, Yanukovych was able to win the Ukraine presidency in 2010 over Yushchenko while once again engaging in widespread fraud. He then went on to loot Ukraine to the tune of some $12 billion while working to undermine Ukrainian independence.

Yanukovych began aggressively aligning Ukraine with Putin’s Russia beginning in November 2013 precipitating a political crisis verging on civil war as Ukrainians in the western provinces violently protested against these closer ties with Russia, long an oppressor of the region. Yanukovych was forced to flee to the pro-Russian Crimean region of the country as protesters occupied Kiev demanding his ouster. Upon his ouster, protesters discovered lavish personal mansions owed by Yanukovych obtained by his plundering of the Ukraine treasury.

Vladimir Putin seized upon these protests as the flimsy excuse to launch an invasion into the Crimea under the well-worn excuse of protecting Russian citizens. Recall that Adolph Hitler used this very same excuse to justify his invasion of the Sudetenland, consisting of the German-speaking regions of Czechoslovakia, which led to the outbreak of World War II. Defying repeated warnings from President Obama and other western leaders, Putin obtained permission from his rubber-stamp parliament which voted unanimously to authorize Russian military intervention in Ukraine.

President Obama issued an unbelievably weak statement in response to Putin’s defiant invasion of Ukraine which basically amounted to sending the message that America will not do anything to resist Putin’s regional aggression other than symbolic gestures. American refusal to act will translate into European Union inaction allowing Putin to thumb his nose at the West in his drive to return Russia to its former glory as a world superpower.

Repeated warnings from American conservatives that President Obama was weakening American resolve overseas to the point of being irrelevant in world affairs that were not only unheeded, but ridiculed by the progressive media propagandists are now coming to painful fruition as Americans look upon Obama’s inaction with shock and dismay. History clearly demonstrates that weakness invites aggression, and American history is littered with administrations decimating American military power in the naïve belief that technology will suffice for the military strength necessary to prevent hostile adversaries from attempting to challenge American interests. Upon being shocked back into reality, these administrations are forced to act in an overwhelming manner to reestablish American resolve which more often than not leads to war with those who have lost respect due to this displayed weakness.

Vladimir Putin is just the latest aggressor taking advantage of displayed American weakness despite his reassurances of seeking peace while working behind the scenes at the cross purpose of rebuilding Russia into a world power. Attempts by conservatives to warn of Putin’s aggression were met with the same media ridicule as their warnings against weakening American resolve in the naïve progressive belief that America’s enemies would come to love her if only she were less fervent in the pursuit of her interests abroad and displaying a much lower military profile.

The 3 AM phone call has come in from the Ukraine and President Obama is both unable to answer it due to a weakened American military and his ineptness in foreign policy due to his intentional weakening of both the American military and American resolve in foreign policy. There is a real danger of the Ukraine sinking into civil war as the pro-Russian Crimean Peninsula is opposed by the anti-Russian Ukrainian western provinces.

The world was plunged into two world wars in the last century stemming from just such regional civil wars over implacable alliances. Either Vladimir Putin receives a free hand to expand the Russian empire in whichever direction he chooses for as far as he chooses, or America is forced to engage in a dramatic gesture to reassert its authority in world affairs which a newly energized Putin will surely resist to the real possibility of war.

Vladimir Putin has never held any peaceful interest towards the West with his only ambition the rebuilding of Russian hegemony in world affairs. He has repeatedly hoodwinked the naïve Obama administration which has demonstrated an overt willingness to be lulled into complacency in its efforts to direct attention to domestic affairs for the purpose of extending government dependence into the middle class for electoral gain. The Obama administration is littered with many holding various assorted animosities against America which they view as the source of their hatred and against which they have worked to undermine. America is poised on the brink of destruction both at home and abroad due to their intentional actions and will not long survive more of their machinations.

Americans should be extremely wary of the events unfolding in the Ukraine as they hold the potential to plunge the world into chaos and underscore the weakening of American resolve in foreign affairs tempting our adversaries to step up their challenge of America as the world’s lone superpower. President Obama has succeeded in his drive to reduce America’s profile on the world stage, but his promises of a dangerous world embracing a weakened America are revealed to be just as empty a set of lies as his many domestic lies on health insurance and the myriad scandals engulfing his failed presidency.

Unlike past weak American presidents whose naïve actions resulted in temporary harm to the country which successive presidents were able to remedy with sound policies, President Obama set out to destroy America with deliberate intention, and the infiltration of his progressive acolytes throughout the government bureaucracy means his destructive intentions will continue to plague America for years to come. It is probable that the damage Obama has done to America is beyond the ability of capable successors to rectify even with speedy application of the soundest policies.

President Ronald Reagan boldly declared the Soviet Union to be the “Evil Empire” for its totalitarian stance in stark contrast to the freedom of democracy in the closing days of the Cold War. President Reagan, along with British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II, stood against the Evil Empire of the Soviet Union leading to its eventual destruction as its lies could no longer be supported. Russian President Vladimir Putin, a product of the old Soviet Union’s KGB spy agency, dreams of rebuilding this Evil Empire in his quest to recapture the glories of the Soviet Union when it threatened the world as a totalitarian superpower opposed and eventually defeated by the freedom emanating from American democracy. President Obama has provided Putin with an opportunity to realize this dream through his weakening of American resolve on the world stage.

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