Being Black Is No Excuse

President Barack Obama’s election has ushered in an age of unprecedented entitlement mentality in the black community which is especially prevalent among black politicians who took his election as a cue that the laws no longer applied to them all in stark contrast to the anticipated post racial healing white Americans were expecting as race relations are now more strained than ever. 

President Obama, alongside senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, announced his administration’s latest progressive initiative in the sexist and racist “My Brother’s Keeper” to ostensibly help black men and minorities obtain jobs. Funded by a $200 million commitment from nine foundations, the president will create a new inter-agency “My Brother’s Keeper Task Force” headed by Obama For America senior advisor Broderick Johnson.

Conveniently ignored in the announcement was President Obama’s failure to stem the tide of black unemployment, low graduation rates, and urban crime. In fact, his policies have actually exacerbated these problems as he and his fellow race baiters like Eric Holder have fueled black-on-white hatred and ignored the black-on-black crime epidemic. Black thugs killed by whites in self-defense are elevated to martyr status while knockout assaults and cold-blooded murders of whites are routinely ignored despite their overwhelming prevalence. Then there are the outright lies such as the one about the struggle of young minority men always being a central part of Obama’s life’s work. Barack Obama’s activist community organizer past included very little in the way of helping Chicago youth as his primary goal has always been about helping Barack Obama.

This initiative is the latest government initiative designed to distract from the fact that all of the previous government initiatives aimed at the black community have failed miserably. LBJ’s Great Society initiative mired the once hardworking and family oriented black community in government dependence destroying both their work ethic and family structure and enslaving them in generational poverty. President Obama’s thoroughly debunked Keynesian economic policies have been especially hard on the black community driving black unemployment to unprecedented levels and destroying hope for a better future. The “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative continues the progressive pattern of creating a new government program aimed at solving problems created by previous government programs while distracting from the failure of those programs and the Democrats responsible for their creation.

The black community has been severely weakened through the abandonment of the black family unit as the bedrock of social and economic success. Government has replaced black fathers as the family breadwinner leaving them to revel in their inner irresponsibility as they go about siring children with nary a thought of the consequences and unaware of their fealty to the secular humanism of the progressive movement. Meanwhile, these abandoned children are raised without a father figure to warn them of the dangers of drugs and crime and teach them to be responsible adults through their example.

President Obama exacerbates the decline of the black family unit with support of gay marriage and marijuana legalization, and he sends the not so subtle message that it is open season on whites as he and his race baiting administration inflame black-on-white racial animosity. As Attorney General, Holder gives a pass to egregious black actions such as the armed Black Panthers menacing polling stations and harassing whites back in 2008, while his illegal Fast & Furious gunrunning operation armed Mexican drug cartels smuggling the drugs into America that wreak havoc and destruction in the black community. Refusal of the Attorney General, America’s top law enforcement figure, to prosecute overt criminal behavior sends the message that crime is now acceptable and the black criminal class got the message from our black Attorney General.

Black politicians have gone on a criminal spree since President Obama’s election in the mistaken belief that the rules no longer applied to them since one of their own was now president. Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. recently pleaded guilty to one count of wire and mail fraud in connection with his misuse of $750,000 in campaign funds. Ironically, Jackson won the seat of Congressman Mel Reynolds convicted on 12 counts of sexual assault, obstruction of justice, and child pornography and later convicted on 12 counts bank fraud.

Crooked politicians rising to national prominence often acquire the ability to apply enough discretion to their misdeeds to evade detection for years before they are caught, and malfeasance is not limited to minority politicians. Nor is malfeasance limited to the upper levels of government. A plethora of local black officials has been caught abusing the public trust lately, and their egregiousness appears to stem from the fact that they also believed things were different with Obama’s election and that they were now free to make up for alleged past abuses by whites.

In Louisiana, several black mayors have been convicted and/or removed from office for engaging in blatant criminal malfeasance that often went on for years as frustrated citizens were unable to comprehend how these black mayors were able to get away with their actions for so long. Jonesboro mayor Leslie Thompson was convicted on three counts of malfeasance in office and sentenced to 11 years with 5 suspended, ordered to repay $51,000 in restitution, and fined $3,000 plus court costs with Judge Jimmy Teat noting that Thompson denied culpability for his crimes and showed no remorse. Thompson continued to interfere with city government while out on bail awaiting sentencing by attempting to install his wife Yoshi as mayor resulting in immediate forfeiture of his bail and return to jail. Thompson was abetted in his attempted hijacking of the Jonesboro mayoral office by Monroe City Court judge Tammy Lee who administered the oath of office to Yoshi Thompson. Lee, who is also black, has been investigated herself for unauthorized use of a court credit card, unauthorized use of rental cars for travel, and unauthorized filing of expense reports, much of which Lee admitted to investigators.

As brazen as Thompson’s actions were, they pale in comparison to recently convicted former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin’s bold abuses of office. Nagin was convicted on twenty of twenty-one federal corruption counts and faces up to 20 years for shaking down city contractors and demanding that Home Depot commit to purchasing granite products from his family-owned business in exchange for permits to build store locations in New Orleans.

Nagin and Thompson are joined on the list of crooked black mayors in Louisiana by Gibsland’s Odell Key who just pleaded guilty to one count of malfeasance in office after witnessing both Nagin and Thompson lose badly after taking their chances in front of a jury. Bienville Parish Sheriff John Balance is continuing the investigation of Key unsatisfied that charges of misappropriation of funds weren’t addressed and seeking to recover Gibsland town funds missing under Key’s tenure.

Less than six months into her term, former Port Allen Mayor Demetric “Deedy” Slaughter was recalled by voters for her egregious attempts to misappropriate public funds for personal use and other arrogant actions. Her administration dogged by controversy from the start, Slaughter was criticized for charging taxpayers the $2,500 cost of a trip to Washington, D.C. to attend President Obama’s inauguration. Residents overwhelmingly voted to recall Slaughter by a 57 to 43 per cent margin.

In a process familiar to residents of North Louisiana, a judge appointed a fiscal administrator to oversee the finances of the predominately black town of Richwood. Previous fiscal administrator appointments in the towns of Jonesboro and Gibsland have resulted in the conviction of former mayor Leslie Thompson in Jonesboro and a guilty plea from former Gibsland mayor Odell Key for malfeasance in office. Richwood Mayor Alvin Jackson has been cooperating with court-appointed fiscal administrator Jonald Walker, but changes in the fiscal administrator law prompted by former Jonesboro mayor Leslie Thompson’s uncooperative stance towards the court-appointed fiscal administrator leave him little choice.

Homer Mayor Alicia Smith faces serious legal exposure based on an audit of town finances. The audit revealed duplicative and improper travel expenses Smith had incurred including duplicate meal charges, charges for travel not associated with town business, and per diem payments not in accordance with town policy. The audit also revealed Smith received monthly vehicle allowance payments during the same period she submitted and received mileage reimbursements. Further audit findings revealed ethics violations as the town issued payments to a company owed by Smith’s husband and payments to a company owned by a department head who reports to Smith as mayor. It appears Smith will be joining these other black mayors in jail in the near future.

This culture of corruption is not limited to the black community, but the racial animosity promulgated by President Obama and his race baiting administration has certainly emboldened black public officials to view this era as their chance to loot public funds as the black mentality of victimhood insists that whites have been doing this all along. Instead of recognizing their culpability for crimes they have committed, they seem to be incensed that they are being singled out for prosecution while they feel whites have once again beaten the system. They play the race card shamelessly to stave off investigation of their crimes and stymie public criticism of their malfeasance.

President Obama promised to change the culture of Washington, D.C. and he has succeeded in that promise, but not in the way Americans expected. Instead of racial harmonization, Obama has inflamed racial hatred and unleashed the black militant class on America daring whites to protest lest they be branded racists. White people have had enough of this duplicity and are starting to push back by ridiculing the race card, publicizing the widespread black-on-white violence ignored by the progressive media propagandists, and arming themselves to the teeth for their protection and survival.

Being black is no excuse for wallowing in poverty, avoiding responsibility, engaging in crime, and abusing drugs despite President Obama’s agenda indicating otherwise. In announcing his “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative, President Obama pointed out that other minorities have succeeded in America with just as much if not more resistance facing them. The president stated that “Chinese-Americans make more money, on the average, than white Americans, the ‘income gap’ between Jews and Gentiles is wider than that between whites and blacks, and I believe Iranian-Americans have recently surpassed Jews as the highest income group of all. The issue here is not being a ‘minority.’ On the contrary, if one sincerely wanted to help young African-Americans, an obvious starting point would be to ask why other Americans ‘of color’ have done so much better.” By pointing this out during his comments, President Obama reveals that racism is inherent in his initiative along with the fact that blacks really have no one to blame for their condition but themselves.

It is obvious that black men are disproportionately imprisoned because they commit an extraordinary number of crimes; they are disproportionally raised in poverty because their parents usually don’t marry; and they disproportionally abuse drugs. But Obama’s theology is just as flawed as his policy analysis because he has personally done very little to address these problems, preferring to advance himself instead of black causes, unless it suited his purpose of advancing himself.

This initiative serves as nothing more than a distraction from Obama’s failed presidency coming amid more vocal opposition from the black community as black leaders are awakening to the fact that Obama’s tenure has been especially hard on blacks and are speaking out publicly to the chagrin of the Obama administration. Obama has to be portrayed as a shining example of black leadership to promote the fiction of him as a racial healer. Cracks in the black community indicate otherwise and start blacks down the path to independent thinking that has them eventually questioning their unwavering allegiance to the Democrat Party which is precarious to the wobbly Democrat electoral fabric stitched together from so many disaffected minority blocs. It will be interesting to watch this carefully woven fabric unravel as Obama’s presidency continues to flame out.

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