Protesting Totalitarianism

The left is fond of pushing the false narrative that some peoples in the world prefer authoritarian government over freedom and democracy, yet anytime and anywhere people living under totalitarian rule get the chance to throw off these oppressive systems, they seize the opportunity enthusiastically. 

Vladimir Putin has been slowly working toward his goal of returning Russia to world superpower status and rebuilding the former Soviet Warsaw Pact collection of satellite countries to recapture past glories. Putin has consolidated power in Russia switching easily between the posts of president and the prime minister to observe the constitutional formalities while retaining ultimate power regardless of title. He also constantly meddles in the governmental affairs of surrounding countries often treating them with contempt similar to that of the old Soviet leaders as if this were still the Cold War days.

Putin managed to install Victor Yanukovych as president of the Ukraine in his effort to control the destiny of that country and its people. Life under the old Soviet system was one of mind numbing tediousness where the only rule was to satisfy the arbitrary whims of those in power. The people of those countries formerly under the thumb of the old Soviet Union trapped in this tedious existence have no desire to return to this hopeless state having tasted freedom and found it to be so much more refreshing. Much of these populations were born in freedom since the collapse of the Soviet Union and have never experienced life under a totalitarian regime, while the older generations are still around to describe daily life as it was back then to them.

Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych was an obvious Putin puppet seeking to move the Ukraine back under Putin’s control. The Ukrainian people rose up in protest fearful of the consequences of returning to Russian control and demanding Yanukovych’s ouster along with a return to the 2004 constitution Yanukovych overturned to consolidate power.

With the Ukrainian capital of Kiev in flames and clogged with protesters, European Union negotiators managed to drag a nervous Yanukovych to the table and hammer out a deal to call early elections in December that protest leaders accepted to the dismay of protesters in street demanding Yanukovych’s immediate ouster. These protest leaders attempted to settle for less as the protesters wisely refused understanding all too well that they only had one shot to accomplish their demands for freedom and realizing the difficulty in calling back protesters once Yanukovych reneged on the deal as he consolidated power up to elections so far into the future. Yanukovych has fled Kiev to hole up in eastern Ukraine where the people are more sympathetic to closer ties with Russia as the protesters claim full control of Kiev.

The protests in the Ukraine prove once again to the dismay of lefties that people, given the chance, consistently reject communist totalitarian government in favor of democracy and its attendant themes of freedom and self-determination. This axiom is especially true in former communist countries where the stark differences between the old communist system of tediousness accompanied by constant shortages and goods of inferior quality, and the refreshing air of freedom with abundance flowing from the capitalist profit motive have both been experienced by the people.

The ouster of Putin’s man Yanukovych in the Ukraine is a setback to his plans of recapturing the glory of the former Soviet Union and it will be interesting to see how Putin reacts. With the collapse of American relevancy due to the Obama administration’s inept foreign policy, Putin has one huge worry removed from his plate allowing him to operate internally without American interference. Once again, Obama’s desire to reduce American influence in the world puts a people in real danger.

One of the worst things about the inanities uttered by the progressive Democrats is their resemblance to the mind numbing tediousness of the old Soviet Union. Facts and logic inconveniently disprove their assertions over a wide range of issues, yet they continue to promote their false narratives and insist that all who disagree are the stupid ones in their quest to fool enough of the gullible to seize power. Make no mistake that the progressive Democrats are anything other than communists at heart promoting a hard left agenda abhorrent to center-right America. They seek to reduce American influence in the world because they loathe the fact that American freedom and democracy make her morally superior to their preferred totalitarian communist systems. They will never bring themselves to admit the truth that capitalism is the superior form of economic organization despite all the evidence because for them, communism is their religion and they will zealously defend it as their savior.

Given the lack and poor quality of official opposition President Obama has encountered from his efforts to act unilaterally in direct violation of the Constitution, he has finally mustered up enough courage to declare his intention to legislate through Executive Order much like an emperor ruling by decree. In this he is reminiscent of his communist heroes who led the old Soviet Union, and the American people are rightly indignant that he could so easily ignore the Constitution with such impunity. We face a Constitutional crisis just like the Ukrainian people and must decide like them how much we are willing to tolerate before taking action.

President Obama is no stranger to political overreach with his abysmal ObamaCare imploding despite administration efforts to prop it up and voters itching for the chance to exact retribution for this failure. It is possible that his imperial decrees will be the cause of a massive American protest on the Mall which draws crowds far larger than expected. A nervous and edgy DC police force could overreact to some minor incident and employ unnecessary overwhelming force that results in the deaths of several protesters. The crowd could then turn violent and battle police in the streets of our capital while shocked Americans suddenly realize that our government has turned against us. More Americans might rush to DC to lend protesters a hand as fighting spreads outside the capital, and before long, we Americans could find ourselves in exactly the same predicament as the Ukrainian people – fighting to overthrow an oppressive government!

Or, conservatives could rally this November to oust a significant portion of the progressive Democrats and their establishment GOP acolytes, replacing them with conservatives not afraid to fight for a return to the Constitution and genuinely oppose President Obama’s unconstitutional overreach. Unless this November’s elections significantly alter our present political landscape, the former scenario is a very real possibility. Americans who have known only freedom are not about to quietly succumb to totalitarianism or a president ruling by imperial decree, and the Second Amendment guarantees that we don’t have to do so!

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