Bread and Circuses

As America settles in for Super Bowl Sunday, it is becoming apparent that huge sporting events are losing their ability to distract Americans from the pressing economic problems they face stemming from President Obama’s destructive progressive agenda. 

The Romans perfected the policy of providing great sporting spectacles to distract their citizens from the problems of the day. Massive sums were spent on great amphitheaters such as the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus to entertain Roman citizens as a distraction from their troubles. The Romans were great admirers of the Greeks and shared their love of sports, even modeling their arenas after the Stadium at Olympia, but on a much grander scale.

Americans have no lack of sports to provide distraction. We enjoy football, baseball, hockey, motor sports, and even soccer imported from Europe. Each of these sports has multiple specialized arenas in which they are played and enjoyed by fans. Many of these arenas are intricate domed spectacles housing teams and fans in comfort away from the elements to provide a unique sporting experience. A great number of football and baseball arenas are taxpayer-financed incentives insuring the loyalty of teams to a particular city and fan base. City leaders are all too willing to burden their citizens with these stadium expenses as having a major sports team is seen to be the badge of honor making a city as part of the elite tier of metropolises in America.

One major city bucking this trend is Los Angeles which has refused to saddle their citizens with the debt of building a new football stadium. The number two sports market in America has no NFL football team and appears not to let this fact bother its self-esteem as a major American city. Los Angeles citizens are burdened by a high cost of living that has turned many of them off to new debt obligations that end up benefiting the wealthy owners of NFL teams.

Ticket prices to professional sporting events have grown exorbitant in recent years and left the average fan unable to afford the experience of seeing their favorite team in person. Those tickets which hover near the affordability zone are for seats so distant from the action as to leave a fan with the barest of experiences that hardly justifies the expense. Tickets to the Super Bowl this weekend are running anywhere from $1500 to $2000 and up for a seat in the freezing cold just to give fans the bragging rights of being able to say they were there. The NFL decided to go old school this year and host their biggest game in one of the few remaining outdoor stadiums. Instead of selecting an outdoor venue located in a balmy climate such as Florida or California, they opted for the Meadowlands in New Jersey for the big game in the wintry cold of February.

Discerning consumers are rightly weighing their options with many concluding that $2000 spent on a big screen television set is a much shrewder investment than a seat in the freezing cold for one evening. These consumers can watch the game in the comfort of their homes and enjoy their purchase for every other sporting event they care to watch for years. High ticket and vending prices coupled with the inconveniences of traffic and parking are conspiring with the corporate nature of sports which tends to distract greatly from the pure athletic grace and passion that excites fans to cause a general decline in attendance at sporting events.

Super Bowl Sunday couldn’t come at a better time for President Obama this year. Universally panned for his lackluster State of the Union speech on Tuesday, President Obama needs the distraction of the Super Bowl to get the focus of Americans shifted away from his dismal performance onto something else entirely. This focus shift will allow his media propagandists to bury his poor SOTU performance by having him reemerge after the Super Bowl focused on some other issue more beneficial to his carefully fabricated image.

The problem for President Obama is that he has used this media propaganda trick way too many times, and Americans have slowly formed a negative opinion of his overall job performance which has hardened as the economic picture has grown worse under his tenure. Americans long ago tired of Obama blaming his predecessor for his every failure and his tendency to shift blame to anyone or anything other than himself and his failed policies. Obama is like the kid who never does his homework and always has an excuse, perpetually evading responsibility at our expense.

The financial crisis of 2008 is in the distant past, and President Obama is on his second term in office with his economic policies in place for the last five years. The continued economic collapse with its high unemployment and lackluster business climate hasn’t been George Bush’s fault for a long time. President Obama owns this economy, and it is his policies which are making it worse! It is President Obama who is refusing to admit his progressive economic policies are a complete failure, and his narcissistic attitude which keeps him from adopting conservative economic policies which have been historically proven to work.

Bread in the form of unemployment checks and circuses in the form of overpriced sporting events are failing to distract Americans from the grim reality of their economic condition. We no longer believe the lies that the economy is getting better and the fudged unemployment figures used to bolster this cheesy cheerleading. President Obama flat out lied to us about his signature ObamaCare legislation allowing us to keep our health insurance plans as he has lied to us on every other important issue to advance his agenda. Americans have completely lost faith in his ability to govern, and he has been relegated to lame duck status faster than any other second term president.

We watch as America’s standing in the world continues to sink. Our allies no longer trust us, and we have no influence in regional affairs to press for positive change. We well know this is the work of President Obama and not some past leader or bumbling underling who can be thrown under the bus. It is President Obama who has allowed Iran to acquire nuclear weapons while insisting otherwise as part of his Kabuki Theater of foreign policy which ignores reality and pretends the bad guys are just misunderstood. It is President Obama who has thrown our Sunni allies under the bus and pivoted American foreign policy to favor the regional hegemony of the Shiites. It is President Obama who slashes our defense budget to leave us unprepared militarily and our soldiers underpaid.

President Obama’s polished Teleprompter oratory falls on deaf ears as we’ve heard it all before and realize that things are only getting worse. Americans have stopped believing their lying president and started believing their lying eyes! They see a reality so depressing that no mere sporting event is going to distract them long from this grim picture. The media propaganda machine’s cheesy insistence that all is well has become a sickening reminder of the lies emanating from President Obama and his administration that insults our intelligence and leaves us bitter and cynical.

We are stuck with three more years of President Obama and his narcissistic insistence that he is right and we are wrong as America continues her slide into historical obscurity buffeted by the damage done to her both at home and abroad by destructive progressive policies. It is doubtful that America can survive another three years of President Obama, even if control of Congress reverts to the GOP which is filled with establishment fellow travelers tacitly supporting the progressive agenda to please their big business donors. These establishment Republicans are content to fight over the scraps from the progressive table while ignoring Americans who are crying out for them to be the effective opposition they elected.

The Founders could never have imagined the speed of today’s world filled with instant communications and jet travel. They were used to a world where several days ride on horseback existed between cities. They designed a political process where those elected were given time to work effectively, but not so much time as to lead America into too much trouble. They spread power between the three branches to prevent any one individual or group the ability to gain control of the government and as a check on the president’s ability to stumble too badly. They could not imagine a group of Americans coming to power that possess a hatred of this country and a desire to see America dragged down to a level below other countries, or the speed with which this group could enact such a traitorous and insidious plan. They did remember their ordeal in winning American independence from Britain in the Revolutionary War by including the Second Amendment to insure that Americans would have access to arms like they had should the need ever arise that we would have to reclaim our liberty from the government the Founders were creating.

It is incumbent upon us liberty loving American patriots to begin the process of rescuing our country from the clutches of those in power who seek her destruction. The Founders have provided us with the tools we require and the inspiration in their example, but it is up to us to find the will to reclaim our freedom.

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