2014 Election Outlook

The 2014 election season promises to be very interesting as Democrats flee from the millstone of the Obamacare failure they supported while the establishment GOP leadership wages war on its TEA Party conservative base and a large number of retirements from both parties throws yet another twist into the mix. 

During the first two years of Obama’s presidency, Democrats were riding high controlling both chambers of Congress and the Executive Branch. The temptation to enact the most egregious portions of the progressive agenda was more than they could resist, and the nationalization of the health insurance market was rammed through over the objections of a majority of Americans under the rubric of the Affordable Car Act, better known as Obamacare. Since the contorted passage of its 2000 plus blank pages in the middle of the night, opposition to it has only increased among Americans first fearful of what was to come and now realizing those worst fears as its implementation wreaks havoc on the health insurance market.

President Obama flat out lied to gullible Americans promising that they could keep their existing plans all the while keenly aware that this would never be possible since Obamacare’s success hinged upon forcing Americans into much higher priced plans with unwanted and unnecessary coverage subsidizing free abortion and contraceptive coverage for the progressive voter base. The much ballyhooed October 1 launch of the Obamacare website proved to be a massive public relations nightmare as it failed spectacularly after years of development and millions of dollars paid to a contractor with close ties to Michelle Obama. As the administration scrambled to repair the completely useless website that was supposed to act as the sole gateway to the Obamacare exchanges, additional revelations concerning its horrible construction came trickling out as it was discovered that not only could no one get through the website, but those who did had their personal information stolen by cyber thieves as there was never any security built into the website.

Deadlines were pushed back as the Obama administration concentrated their efforts to repair the damage done by their reliance on a crony capitalist company with a history of failure on government contracts. Not surprisingly, the administration refused to disclose the embarrassingly low enrollment numbers resulting from their failed website since augmented by phone enrollment that directed callers to state exchanges until they could gather enough enrollees to attempt a positive spin on the disastrous website launch. The result of this unmitigated disaster was that government continued looking incompetent, Obama lied to Americans, Obamacare was as bad or worse than Americans feared, crony capitalism proved to be harmful as CGI couldn’t get a website working where private companies build successful website every day with the proper security and pricing up front. The most scandalous Obamacare details were hidden from Americans and outright lied about as this monstrously horrible nationalization of the private health insurance market took effect.

Now Democrats face voters mad as hell at being lied to over legislation they alone forced upon us and shut down the government over back in October as worried conservatives attempted one last stand against this disaster. Democrats own Obamacare lock, stock, and both smoking barrels and no amount of distancing from Obama will undo that fact. They are permanently attached to the failure of Obama’s signature legislation, and the damage only grows as the pushed back deadlines begin to pass and millions more Americans suffer the loss of health insurance and the uncertainty of facing catastrophic diseases forced to interrupt their current coverage for unfamiliar coverage and uncertain if they even have coverage.

Try telling a cancer patient their current coverage is cancelled by Obamacare as they face expensive chemotherapy or radiation treatments. The coverage with which they were satisfied is now cancelled and replaced with a policy they are told is better because it provides coverage for a host of things they never wanted in the first place. That is the prospect faced by Democrats running for reelection this year, and Republicans would be wise to take a page from Democrats by trotting out the most sympathetic cases of patients losing their health insurance in the middle of expensive life saving treatments highlighting the fear and uncertainty they face fighting for their very lives as they lose their insurance coverage, pinning the blame squarely on the Democrat in each race.

Democrats can take no solace in foreign affairs where Obama’s clueless meddling has damaged American influence as once solid relationships are frayed and trust is lost among allies across the globe. The Mideast has become unstable due to Obama’s incompetence, undoing decades of hard won trust and stability, while China positions itself as a the dominant regional power in Asian affairs at the expense of American diplomatic efforts to contain their regional ambitions. Thanks to Obama’s ineptness, America is now held in the least regard around the world than ever, her staunchest allies even turning away from her.

It would appear that Republicans are poised to make substantial gains this year, but the establishment wing of the party has decided it can no longer stand being dragged back to the right from its cozy relationship with the progressive Democrats and is launching an all out war on its conservative TEA Party base for ultimate control of the GOP. We TEA Party conservatives did yeoman’s work in the 2010 election cycle resulting in the GOP taking back control of the House. For our efforts, we were told by the establishment GOP leadership to shut up and let them do the governing as any hopes we would have a voice quickly evaporated.

We went into the 2012 elections hating the destructive progressive agenda of the Democrats worse than being treated shabbily by our own party, but many conservatives still stayed home instead of supporting another liberal northeastern governor selected by the establishment through rigged primaries in the form of Mitt Romney. The establishment GOP leadership promptly blamed their failure to retake the Senate squarely on the TEA Party despite the fact that they refused to support TEA Party candidates who beat their handpicked establishment candidates in the primaries. Voters sent a clear message to the GOP that they were tired of establishment candidates who tacitly support the progressive Democrats because it’s good for business as our country sinks under the weight of crippling debt and our economy continues to stall under crushing government regulations.

The establishment has responded to this repudiation by declaring war on the TEA Party and casting us as hard edged and unelectable despite high profile wins by Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in the Senate. They have enlisted Karl Rove to raise funds through his American Crossroads Super PAC to fight off conservative TEA Party primary challengers to their handpicked establishment candidates. As the voice of big business, the Chamber of Commerce has declared its support for the establishment by accusing conservatives of rocking the boat and threatening their ability to profit from the current economic stagnation in America. Big business has found a way to profit under Obama’s crony capitalist setup, and they don’t like their cozy arrangement threatened by conservatives seeking to protect the interests of small business competitors along with individual liberty.

TEA Party conservatives are leaving the GOP in droves turned off by the thankless treatment received from an establishment leadership ungrateful for the hard work done on behalf of the party and the abandonment of the conservative principles in which we still believe. The number of Americans identifying as independent is rapidly increasing with the increase coming mainly from the Republican Party. It would bode well for the obstinate establishment leadership to recognize this trend and recall the history behind the formation of the Republican Party in 1856, but they are incapable of severing their ties to the progressive agenda which keeps them in power as useful idiots in service to their agenda.

An unusually large number of congressmen from both parties are retiring this year either due to illness or the ability to see the writing on the wall and unwilling to face an uphill reelection that would only serve to drain campaign funds they could take with them into retirement. Retiring Democrats open up an opportunity for a conservative to possibly pick up a seat without having to run against an incumbent. Voters might be more willing to consider conservative positions against the backdrop of the Obamacare failure interfering with their lives as they are forced to decide between two new candidates for an open seat. A conservative running on a solid conservative platform and who ignores the establishment GOP leadership and speaks to his constituents instead of down to them can do well this year.

Retiring Republicans present conservatives with an opportunity to run a solid conservative race against the handpicked establishment candidate without the baggage of highlighting the record of an entrenched incumbent and running against his machine. Incumbents enjoy significant name recognition and numerous connections with the business communities of their districts along with a sizable donor base. TEA Party conservatives facing entrenched establishment incumbents face an uphill climb, but can still pull off an upset highlighting the incumbent’s record of tacit support for the progressive agenda. Voters are in an anti-incumbent mood this year and are tired of suffering the economic stagnation of the last several years, and the prospect of running for an open Republican seat makes a conservative run that much easier to pull off.

Establishment Republican incumbents present conservatives with an opportunity to advance solid conservative platforms secure in the knowledge that voters are upset with incumbents. The establishment GOP leadership will be forced to spend more funds defending open Republican seats and contesting open Democrat seats brought on by the wave of retirements, thus leaving fewer funds to protect incumbent establishment Republicans from serious TEA Party conservative challenges. With limited funds, there is only so much money to go around, and either the establishment GOP leadership spends to defend open seats from TEA Party challengers, or spends to protect establishment incumbents from TEA Party challengers. Either way, there is significant opportunity for TEA Party conservatives to increase their number in the next Congress.

We hear that every election is the most important election in a generation and cynically tune out this clarion call to action as the attempt to rouse the faithful that it is. The progressive agenda so destructive to America is slowly becoming entrenched and irreversible under Obama’s protective watch. We are seeing the very real decline of America both at home and abroad, and we are acutely aware of the despair slowly engulfing Americans helpless to change this course. We conservatives now face the Republican Party as a very real obstacle to our desire to restore America to greatness, and more insidious than the easily identifiable progressive Democrats. We must vanquish the establishment GOP leadership who sows confusion among conservatives by appealing to their desire to defeat the progressive Democrats while conflicted with their knowledge of establishment Republican politicians tacitly approving of the progressive agenda they so despise. The 2014 election cycle promises to be a watershed election on several levels and provide much fodder for future historical researchers attempting to understand the events of this era.

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