Capitalism Gives Hope

Capitalism is despised by the progressives precisely because it allows people to be self-sufficient and independent without having to rely on the government as progressives so desire to fulfill their goal of remaking America into a socialist country modeled after European countries. 

The progressives have not tried to conceal their ambitions to enlarge government and create a dependent middle class beholden to a tyrannical government along with their desire to control that government. LBJ’s Great Society created an underclass of Americans dependent upon the government, but this was not enough as those from the lower rungs of society tend to not be active participants in the voting process. To gain real electoral power in America, it was always the case that the politically active middle class would need to become dependent upon government through various subsidies. This has been accomplished through subsidized housing, subsidized higher education, and subsidized taxes, and is being extended to subsidized health care insurance with the massive Obamacare overreach.

As Americans, we are all classical liberals in the sense that we adhere to the principles of Western Civilization which dictates that men should abide by the rules imposed by a government of their representatives. The liberals of the last century generally supported America while insisting upon the construction of a social safety net to protect those who fell through the cracks of society. Conservatives argued for fidelity to the Constitution and the principles upon which our Founding Fathers established this nation such as a smaller government limited to those functions expressly dictated in the Constitution. The liberals of the last century have given way to a radicalized hard-core group of leftists adopting the misleading name of progressives. These progressives are committed ideologues willing to burn America to the ground to get their way. The only defense against these radicals is to oppose them more vigorously than they are willing to fight, and this opposition is manifesting itself in the TEA Party conservative movement.

Capitalism is the economic engine which has taken America from colonization in 1620 by the Pilgrims to the world’s lone superpower in less than 400 years. Along the way, it has provided the resources to raise America’s standard of living to the highest point in human history along with those trading partners willing to emulate the basic tenets of successful economies such as rule of law, property rights, and sound currency. Those countries which have shunned capitalism have suffered economically and been left behind in the race to raise living standards. They provide a stark example of the difference between following the successful tenets of capitalism and insisting upon adoption of failed economic systems such as communism and its cousin socialism. Despite the reams of evidence available to highlight this contrast, capitalism is still opposed by those who seek to control their populations instead of allowing them to flourish.

Recently, pampered and spoiled millionaire comedian Russell Brand advocated the abolition of capitalism by calling for massive taxation of corporations and redistribution of wealth while describing profit as a “filthy word.” Liberal entertainers rushed to support Brand’s ignorance of economics with their own equally ignorant comments. These entertainers fail to realize just how important capitalism is to their success by raising living standards high enough so that people can now afford to pay extravagant sums to be entertained by this group of the economically ignorant.

By raising living standards, capitalism allows people to enjoy leisure time in which to pursue higher callings in life such as research that solves human problems, diversity of labor which employs more people and allows for deeper understanding of narrower subjects, and economic diversity which moves us away from dependence upon the basic necessities of life toward more fulfilling pursuits. Capitalism allows us to move from toiling by hand in the fields for our daily bread to employing machinery that increases production and feeds millions around the globe. It allows research into diseases so that medicines can cure millions and eradicate deadly epidemics. It even allows workers to specialize in the production of luxury goods for consumption by these wealthy entertainers who so disdain the capitalist system.

By far, the most important effect of capitalism is that it allows people to escape oppression by those who would hold them hostage to their control because of economic deprivation. A people able to support themselves through the improved living standards brought about by capitalism are not dependent upon others for their sustenance and are able to live as free and independent people as opposed to living as slaves dependent upon others for their livelihood. Capitalism allows people to be independent from tyrants who would abuse them because they can. The progressives abhor capitalism precisely because it allows men to live as independent and self-sufficient beings free of the government dependence these progressives desire for us in their quest to control our lives.

The progressive elite are imbued with the false idea that their wealth and privilege are naturally brought about by their superior intellect and acumen, and that they have a responsibility to look out for those of us less fortunately blessed than them as it is their burden in life to care for us wretched beings. They have determined that the easiest way to go about their self-imposed responsibility to care for us is to establish control over us through the government and compel us to do those things which they have determined are for our own good regardless of our desires. If only we could be compelled to do as they say, then their responsibility for us would be so much easier to accomplish, and they could get back to living the lives of leisure they believe is intended for them. These arrogant elites view our desire to control our own lives and destinies as extra work for them which they would rather not perform and which they consider beneath them as not worthy of their precious time and effort.

Capitalism gives people the ability to resist the progressive elite and their schemes to institute forced control over us. Those who are self-sufficient have no need of government dependence and hence, no need of elitist intervention in their lives. This is why progressives are always calling for the government to impose control and force us into compliance with their schemes. The progressives are already calling for doctors to be forced to accept Obamacare patients as doctors are bailing out of the system in droves refusing to accept Obamacare patients due to the underpayment of services engineered into the scheme. Obamacare was forced upon Americans who have no choice to opt out of a system they very much do not want, and doctors are soon to be forced to accept patients covered by Obamacare against their wishes.

This is diametrically opposed to the vision of liberty our Founders had in mind when they enshrined the formation of our government in the Constitution. They very much intended Americans to be independent and self-sufficient so that no group or individual could gain control over our lives. This vision is threatened by the growing underclass of takers created by the progressives to demand government largesse at the expense of us producers. The wealthy have disengaged from the creation of additional wealth to such time as President Obama is out of office and the progressives have been subdued by a chastened American populace. Their ability to create wealth has been substantially reduced through additional government regulations and taxes which unnecessarily divert wealth away from productive uses to feed the growing federal government behemoth.

The government produces no wealth whatsoever despite the lies promulgated by the biased media, and its revenues are skimmed from the wealth generated by the productive class. The government seizes a portion of our paychecks and a portion of corporate profits to sustain its operations. We who work and the companies for which we work are the productive class. We produce the goods and services desired by consumers while the government diverts a portion of our produce to fund all manner of services which are either unnecessary or produced more efficiently by the private sector. The progressives have greatly expanded the federal government beyond the three functions to which it is well suited of resolving disputes between the states, negotiating foreign treaties, and defending from foreign invasion. They have also created the illusion that this enlarged federal government is absolutely necessary and its growth is inevitable.

The progressives will continue to rail against capitalism and seek to tarnish its status as the most viable economic system ever devised by man precisely because capitalism allows the self-sufficiency so necessary for free men to oppose government dependence. They will continue seeking to turn public opinion against this enabler of freedom as just one more front in their quest to gain control over us and ease their imagined responsibility of caring for us. We must continue to resist this nonsense and point it out at every opportunity with a vigorous defense of capitalism and examples of its power to enable freedom from oppressive tyrants.

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