Desperate Times

The particularly egregious incivility on display this past weekend in the fabricated marketing frenzy kicking off the Christmas shopping season known as Black Friday is less an indication of a general breakdown in civility than it is an indication of the desperation felt by Americans after five years of President Obama’s destructive economic policies from the progressive playbook. 

The American economy is in dire straits after five years of Keynesian economic policies that have repeatedly been shown to be utterly useless at best and completely destructive at worst. Some 95 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed, and the frightening prospect of ObamaCare looms over us forcing employers to limit the workweek to 29 hours or face the prospect of bankruptcy. Congressional overreaction to financial scandals has resulted in egregious legislation with Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank creating unnecessary expense for business while doing nothing to eliminate the already illegal fraud that perpetrated the scandals in the first place.

Democrats seeking to bolster their political reputations forced banks to create mortgages for borrowers they knew would never be able to repay, then they bought these worthless mortgages, bundled them together, and resold them to the public knowing they were worthless. When this shaky house of cards finally collapsed in 2008 threatening the entire world economy, these pontificating politicians immediately threw the bankers under the bus pinning the blame for the entire financial mess on them while carefully avoiding any blame themselves aided in this endeavor by their complicit propagandists in the media. They were careful to bail out their friends and ensure that their cushy Wall Street landing spots were well protected from any fallout so they would have somewhere to retire.

Meanwhile, President Obama and his progressive administration have spent money like a drunken sailor on shore leave and further enslaved America by doubling her public debt with absolutely nothing to show for the effort. The Federal Reserve under Ben Bernanke has compliantly debased the dollar by printing money to aid Obama’s spending spree risking massive inflation on a scale rivaling the worst banana republics. The only thing keeping inflation in check is the vast unemployed population of America unable to purchase more than the basic necessities while the rich continue to thrive under Obama’s progressive crony capitalist system rewarding those within his sphere.

Americans are sick of being unemployed while facing the prospect of endless economic ruin sown by Obama’s destructive policies. They have suffered needlessly from progressive interference in the markets that has distorted the economic landscape creating speculative bubbles that have enriched those who are connected while impoverishing the rest. When economic calamity did strike, the first thoughts of these politicians were on protecting themselves while their second thought was on protecting their friends. Never were their thoughts on protecting those of us unable to weather the storms of economic calamity they had wrought with their needless interference.

Facing another Christmas season with the American Dream increasingly looking like a fading memory from the past, Americans are demonstrating their desperation for better times through the fraying of our societal fabric. This is what the apocalypse looks like – people fighting over material things that are bound to fade and rot while ignoring the infinitely more important aspect of personal relationships. Americans are desperate to recover some aspect of better times, and they are willing to endanger the societal fabric to revel in the glory of the past. Americans are a proud people and fondly remember better times. They can little understand the reasons for America’s demise, and cannot contemplate that their leaders are actively working towards her destruction.

This is the greatest damage that Obama and the progressives have done to America. They have caused Americans to lose hope. Americans had lost hope back in the late ‘70s under the Carter administration, but wisely chose to follow a different path when the opportunity presented itself. We were fortunate to have an optimist such as Ronald Reagan waiting in the wings who knew exactly what needed to be done to restore American greatness. It appears we will not enjoy such good fortune a second time.

Make no mistake! Obama and the progressives are purposely destroying America right before our very eyes slowly but surely! He appears incompetent on one hand while claiming to be possessed of great intellect and insight. He weaves inside references throughout his speeches to amuse his inner circle with his cleverness. He makes sweeping promises without the slightest intention of ever fulfilling them. However, the scandals are beginning to pile up to the point where even his media propagandists can no longer hide them or spin them away. ObamaCare has become the massive failure conservatives predicted it would be, and progressive Democrats who so arrogantly passed it in the middle of the night against the protests of Americans, now attempt to throw off this albatross as their election prospects diminish.

There are those who are slowly awakening to the fact that Obama is a fabrication with little substance that has woven a web of lies and enchanted them into unwavering support. Some will never allow themselves to reach this conclusion because recognition of Obama as a charlatan is too painful an admission to make as it demonstrates their complete gullibility at having believed so hard with so little scrutiny. The well-meaning Americans who gave Obama a chance are recoiling in horror at the destruction he has wrought and the political ineptitude he has demonstrated. Our economy is wrecked and our foreign policy is a shambles, yet Obama continues to live large pretending that nothing is amiss and the plethora of scandals engulfing his administration are mere figments of the opposition’s imagination.

Faced with congressional opposition stemming from a revolt within his own party by Democrats heading to an electoral slaughter next year for backing his ineptitude, and for which he is unprepared and unaccustomed, Obama petulantly threatens to bypass Congress to narcissistically rule by decree as if he were some Roman emperor able to ignore the Constitution and do as he pleases. It is incumbent upon Congress to reassert itself as a coequal branch of government to prevent this Constitutional crisis into which Obama seeks to plunge the country. Americans have lost a great deal of respect for the rule of law and the legitimacy of the federal government watching the Obama administration stonewall congressional investigations that serve as part of the checks and balances system our Founders enshrined in the Constitution. The multiple scandals engulfing the executive branch are the legitimate oversight of Congress and refusal of the Obama administration to cooperate into these congressional investigations reveals a stunning contempt of the law and the Constitution upon which our government is founded.

The progressives have made no secret of the fact that they ultimately seek the destruction of America and the institutions which underpin American society as part of their distorted belief that America is illegitimate and has no business promoting its values around the world. They see America as a well armed and well funded bully pushing its values onto the rest of the world against its will. They prefer despots and totalitarian leaders who abuse their peoples in the mistaken belief that their peoples prefer these depots to freedom and improved standards of living. Everywhere the shackles of totalitarianism have been thrown off and cast aside people have rejoiced at their newfound liberty and restored rights at the consternation of these progressives who see American hegemony behind these liberations. So, the progressives have decided that America must be destroyed so as not to influence the rest of the world. They espouse slogans like self determination and power to the people as code for totalitarian legitimacy.

It is time for Americans to stand up to the hollow creation of Obama and deflate his perceived authority once and for all. We must demand our congressional leaders reclaim their mantle of oversight to restore the system of checks and balances necessary for our government to properly function without the ability of despots to thwart the will of the American people. It is increasingly apparent that these demands for congressional reassertion must be accompanied by a cleansing of the opposition party of establishment Republicans who have long ago decided that their best interests lay in accommodation of the progressive agenda. The establishment GOP is preparing to fight tenaciously to hold onto their power and privilege, and TEA Party conservatives must be prepared to fight even harder and more tenaciously if we hope to prevail in this struggle. We are not just fighting to reclaim our party, but to reclaim our country from the progressive agenda of destruction which has been unleashed upon it by the Democrats.

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