Generational Deceit

The progressives hijacked the Democrat Party and are abusing its reputation as the party of the little guy to deceive older generations into voting for its radical agenda. 

The current crop of senior citizens came of age during the 1930s and ‘40s under FDR when the Democrat Party was the party of blue collar interests and working people. They were opposed by the wealthier Republican Party composed of the country club set protecting the interests of big business. That was then, and this is now. Today, the Democrat Party is composed of wealthy elitist progressives whose radical agenda calls for Americans to become dependent upon government. These radical progressives have infiltrated the institutions which underpin America to protect each other and further the progressive agenda. Meanwhile, Republicans morphed from the party of corporate interests to advance the causes of small business and individual freedom.

Somewhere along the way, establishment Republicans lost sight of their conservative principles in the cause of building an electoral majority and began to believe the progressive lies that moderation was the key to electoral success. Their demoralized conservative base is slowly awakening to the fact that the TEA Party movement holds more promise in preserving conservative principles, and that the establishment GOP leadership has forsaken conservatism in the interest of merely winning elections, mainly those of their own.

Today’s senior citizens grew up knowing nothing but the narrative of the Democrat Party being the party of the working man. Coupled with the devastation of the Great Depression, this narrative formed a powerful impression on those who lived through this era. Political opinions formed during this time have been powerful enough to hold this generation hostage to the progressives who captured the party after 1972. They have been mostly unable to recognize that the Democrat Party of their youth has been radically transformed into something totally different today with values far from those of the party’s past.

Attempts by conservatives to penetrate this shell of ideology have fallen mostly on deaf ears as seniors refuse to contemplate that the Democrat Party they grew up with has radically transformed into something which would normally offend their sensibilities if they were open to receiving a conservative message. They still think of Republicans as the country club set, and establishment Republicans have pretty much lived up to this stereotype to the dismay of TEA Party conservatives who seek to distinguish themselves from this establishment bloc. Obamacare has done much to expose the lies of the Obama administration and its progressive minions to these older Democrats and has them beginning to question the assumptions they have held so long about a party which deserted them decades ago.

The constant lies told by President Obama is beginning to take its toll on his credibility among these older Democrats who see the endless stream of scandals and the outrageous lies concerning Obamacare as reasons to question their assumptions. While these Democrats may find it difficult to be open-minded when it comes to Republicans, they might be more amenable to a conservative message coming from a different group such as the TEA Party.

The most frustrating aspect of this party loyalty is that it stands in the way of us conservatives reaching our parents with the truth about Obama and his progressive lies. We attempt to convince our parents that the Democrat Party is no longer the party of the working man they once knew, but we are ignored as if we lack some understanding of the past despite the fact that we love our parents and have their best interests at heart. The problem, as we attempt to explain it, is that our parents are living in the past either refusing or unable to see the changes occurring all around them.

We have had to become a much more savvy generation aware of media bias and sophisticated political messaging coupled with outright lies emanating from our leadership. Our parents grew up in an age of trust and are ill-prepared to handle this new scorched earth progressive landscape. The progressives have used their trusting nature against them in lies about keeping their health plan and their doctor to advance the progressive goal of a single-payer health care system modeled after the Canadian system. Our parents believed the lies even as we pointed out the impossibility of the situation as it was explained. It is economically impossible to expand coverage to millions of additional policyholders while simultaneously expanding coverage benefits without also increasing policy costs astronomically. Our parents believed because they wanted to believe the lies instead of believing us.

After all, the Democrats have always been the party of the working man while those country club Republicans have always looked out for the corporate interests. They believed FDR as he told them that the Great Depression was the fault of the wealthy, despite the fact that FDR was wealthy himself and his policies exacerbated the situation. They saw wealthy Republicans immune from the effects of the Great Depression and were easily persuaded that their interests were being shortchanged despite government interference which caused the wealthy to retreat from productivity to protect their wealth.

Having exhausted their ability to remain self-sufficient and finding themselves dependent upon the government for a portion of their retirement, these seniors find it easier to believe in the empty progressives lies than face the unpalatable truth that the world as they know it is about to get much worse than they ever imagined. As our parents, they have always been used to answering our youthful questions without realizing that we have grown up in this new world and are much more adept at recognizing its intricacies than they are.

Those of us whose parents have managed to survive long enough to realize that President Obama and the progressives have been equivocating the entire time are the lucky ones in that we get to realize the satisfaction of having been proved right. However, this realization is tempered by the fact that our parents must begin to suffer the consequences of these progressive lies. Until they do realize they’ve been lied to, we will continue to be frustrated with their obstinacy at supporting their illusion of a Democrat Party which now advances the destructive agenda of progressive policies.

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