Politics Exposed to ObamaCare

ObamaCare has exposed American politics to the failure of the progressive agenda with progressive Democrats and their establishment Republican enablers both running for cover from TEA Party conservatives who increasingly appear to be the only group consistently against this disastrous legislation. 

President Obama has repeatedly lied to Americans by claiming that we could keep our health insurance and our doctors during the past five years since Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid rammed ObamaCare through Congress without one single Republican vote. Everyone in the Obama administration knew that these were lies, including President Obama himself, but he continued to spread them even as we conservatives frantically pointed these statements out as lies! The biased media ridiculed us conservatives and slandered us mercilessly as they echoed the administration line that ObamaCare was great and wonderful.

We were told that prices would fall for health insurance even as we conservatives warned that this was not possible in our capitalist system. Our warnings fell on deaf ears as many Americans no longer understand capitalism or the free market other than to believe the progressive lies that they are somehow bad. A fundamental understanding of free markets and economics would naturally lead one to conclude that a private insurance company cannot be forced to provide policies with additional coverage while being forced to cover those with preexisting conditions and the sick and elderly for the same price as their current policies. Forcing additional costs onto the private insurance companies was always going to lead to higher policy prices as private companies passed these costs along to their policyholders.

Any time a company’s costs increase for whatever reason, either the company has to absorb these additional costs in extremely competitive markets, or they are passed along to consumers in the form of higher prices. When the costs of raw materials increase, these costs are passed along to the consumer. When government regulations drive up a company’s costs, these costs are passed along to the consumer. By requiring private insurance companies to provide policies that cover every imaginable condition, prevent them from excluding preexisting conditions, and include the elderly and infirm in their risk pools, the government has driven up the costs of these private insurance companies which are passing them along to consumers just as we conservatives warned.

ObamaCare prevents private insurance companies from offering policies which exclude coverage for a range of conditions not applicable to the majority of consumers resulting in the cancellation of millions of these “inferior” policies. Progressives scrambling for an explanation for the ObamaCare sticker shock currently being experienced by millions of Americans are gravitating towards the lie that these policies were inferior in the first place and that the private insurance companies are only dropping them because they knew all along of their inferiority. The presumption is that Americans willingly bought an inferior product despite the fact that they opted for exactly the coverage they desired. A secondary presumption with this line of attack is that Americans are too stupid to have properly selected health insurance plans that met their needs. This is the arrogant elitist attitude coming out in the progressive lies that only they know how to run our lives!

The ObamaCare website is plagued with technical problems any private company anticipates upon launch of a retail Internet website. It has been shown that the ObamaCare website lacked the proper Internet security features to protect sensitive personal information that could be used by identity thieves to compromise individuals signing up, and which any private company assumes as a priority for their retail websites. The ObamaCare website is plagued with technical glitches that proper testing would have wrung out of the system had it been thoroughly vetted by a proper testing regimen. The entire ObamaCare website debacle smacks of amateurs attempting to produce something they lacked the knowledge to even understand. On top of all of this, it has been revealed that the company responsible for writing the code behind the ObamaCare website, CGI, has a checkered past on government contracts and includes as one of its vice presidents an old college friend of Michelle Obama from her days at Princeton. CGI received a no-bid contract to produce the ObamaCare website despite its reputation as a dysfunctional company.

Even worse than the failed launch of the ObamaCare website, is the discovery by those Americans actually getting through that they must provide all of their personal information before the website provides policy choices, and that they must make a selection before any pricing information is provided. Americans are discovering huge deductibles on the order of $15,000, and policy premiums double and triple what they already pay for better coverage with much lower deductibles. Upon discovering these policy offerings to be too expensive and deciding to opt out, they are then discovering the website has conveniently calculated the amount of their fine for not participating in the generational theft of ObamaCare, often to the tune of several thousand dollars.

Understandably upset over the inability to sign up for insurance due to the failed website and facing penalties for not having coverage, along with the sticker shock at the policies on tap despite promises of lower health insurance policies, and realizing that they have been lied to at being able to keep their existing policies and doctors, Americans are letting their elected representatives know exactly how they feel in loud and certain terms. Facing the prospect of an angry electorate in next year’s elections, progressive Democrats are scrambling to backpedal away from ObamaCare by sponsoring bills designed to eliminate the ObamaCare requirements that force the cancellation of existing policies in an attempt to placate a portion of this anger by distancing themselves from Obama and his progressive albatross.

Gone are the incessant cries of these Democrats that conservatives warning of the ObamaCare train wreck were loony wackos who hated Americans and were only protecting the greedy insurance companies. There are a few of the more hard core progressive Democrats who will continue to echo the Obama administration lies that insurance companies are only cancelling policies they knew were inferior all along, but their number will shrink as more Americans awaken to the fact that they have been massively lied to by a president promoting the destructive progressive agenda and knowing full well that he was doing so.

It is a wrenching experience to realize that everything you have believed in has been revealed as a lie. The low information voters who stupidly believed they were getting something for nothing, and the hard core radical progressive liberals who truly bought into the lies that health insurance prices would fall while breaking every law of economics are beginning to realize our charlatan of a president has massively lied to them at their, and our, expense. We TEA Party conservatives sounding the warnings all along are suddenly looking much more astute, although they have not reached the phase where they are willing to admit we were right in our predictions of disaster. They must first become comfortable with the fact that they have been lied to, and then begin to come to terms with other lies from the progressives.

Some will move from being fanatical progressive believers into die hard conservatives aghast that they were fooled into believing such fantastic lies from the progressives. Some will leave the progressives and wander in the political wilderness unable to trust any group again after having been so deceived. Some will remain die hard progressives unable to face the truth of admitting they were lied to, and unable to reconcile their hatred of conservatives having invested so much of themselves in our opposition. Regardless, ObamaCare is the key legislative achievement which has transformed the political landscape in ways unimaginable before its launch.

Those establishment Republicans complicit in its funding because they believed the lies of its inevitability will also fade from the political scene replaced by more fervent TEA Party conservatives as voters realize that the abomination of ObamaCare must be completely destroyed before it succeeds in destroying our health care system. True, no Republicans were dumb enough to cross the aisle and vote for this legislative monstrosity shoved down the throats of Americans with legislative legerdemain by an arrogant overreaching progressive Democrat majority, but they did lose the fervor that brought them into the majority in the House and came to believe that ObamaCare was unstoppable. They sought accommodation with their progressive counterparts in an effort to be less offensive to voters who demanded the dismantling of ObamaCare. They lost the belief that ObamaCare could be stopped, and refused to support those TEA Party conservatives willing to stand in opposition when the progressive media made it seem like Americans didn’t support the government shutdown.

Americans are getting a good dose of ObamaCare, and they do not like what they are seeing. It is a foul and wretched mess sold to us by charlatans lying through their teeth the entire time. It is a mistake to sit back and do nothing, believing that ObamaCare will implode all on its own. The progressives are skilled liars aided by powerful media accomplices, and they will spin the ObamaCare debacle to be the fault of Republicans preventing them from enacting the single-payer Canadian system they have favored all along. This conveniently ignores the fact that progressive Democrats held majorities in both the House and Senate, and Republicans would have been just as unable to prevent them from enacting a single-payer system as they were in preventing the enactment of ObamaCare! No, ObamaCare must be fought against tooth and nail with conservatives constantly reminding voters just what the progressives have perpetrated upon them despite their short attention spans.

Establishment calls to allow ObamaCare to implode ignore the ability of progressives to skillfully spin this to their advantage and ignore the short attention spans of voters. The establishment GOP leadership has missed several opportunities to make the case for conservative policies while pointing out the flaws in the destructive progressive agenda. American voters, unaccustomed to delving into the details of complex public policy, have little to rebut the smug arguments of their progressive acquaintances. ObamaCare is providing a rare teachable moment in American politics that conservatives must seize upon to make the case for conservatism without waiting for the establishment GOP which has proven so unreliably conservative during Obama’s tenure in office.

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