Big Brother

As new revelations pour forth on the NSA spying scandal and it is discovered that information provided by Obamacare enrollees will be forwarded to the IRS and law enforcement agencies and can be used against them, it is becoming frighteningly apparent that the progressive Obama administration is attempting to use George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four as the blueprint for their totalitarian vision of American government. A reading of the novel’s compendium reveals multiple parallels with current trends. The novel is set in the future where three intercontinental super-states are engaged in perpetual war. This could easily be construed as the United States, the European Union, and an Asian bloc controlled China with a trade war being substituted for the actual hot war of the novel. Oceana’s Inner Party, Outer Party, and Proles resemble America’s wealthy elites, token opposition claiming to represent the common man, and the rest of us without access to power or a voice. The use of Newspeak to remove meaning from language is familiar to us in the form of political correctness, while our current media acts suspiciously like the novel’s Ministry of Truth hewing closely to the progressive party line in its bias. Like the Ministry of Peace, our Defense Department manages war, and our university professors engage in historical revisionism like the Ministry of Truth.

Perhaps the most sinister aspect of the novel to be translated in actual practice is the public spying operation administered by the NSA ostensibly for the detection of terrorist plots, a definition which is nebulous enough to include any form of protest against the progressives. The engineering of this massive spying operation easily parallels the apparatus administered by the Ministry of Love to detect dissidents and enforce mind control. The Obama administration has been especially circumspect in releasing details of the scope of this NSA spying operation which would give a clear picture as to the extent of their actions.

First we were told that is was merely the collection of cell phone metadata processed automatically by computer, which morphed to collection of actual phone conversations processed by computer, to analysis of phone conversations by human analysts, to monitoring and tracking of specific individuals, to targeting of specific individuals by agency personnel spying on their friends and love interests, to breaking the phone encryption to download call data and phone contact lists of specifically targeted individuals. In this trickle of revelations, we have yet to uncover the full scope of these operations and have no idea whether there are more revelations to come.

Our Founding Fathers never intended for the federal government to grow so powerful as to become a tyrannical threat to the American people it was designed to serve. They intended Americans to remain a self-sufficient and independent people relying on the government to perform the limited functions specifically detailed in the Constitution. Those of us old enough to remember the Cold War and our nemesis the Warsaw Pact led by the evil empire of the Soviet Union, well remember the revulsion we experienced hearing details of state-sanctioned spying on citizens by the Soviet KGB and the East German Stasi. These massive spying operations prided themselves on knowing everything their citizens where up to at any moment. They also claimed to exist for the protection of their people, but actually benefitted the totalitarian Soviet Politburo by crushing any dissent that threatened its iron grip on power.

TEA Party conservatives have dared challenge Big Brother in the form of President Obama on the issue of continued government expansion and the imposition of the draconian health care government takeover known as Obamacare. The Outer Party is rising up against the Inner Party and Big Brother has the Ministry of Truth spinning the situation with Newspeak while directing his Ministry of Peace to launch a distraction in Syria in the hopes of fooling us Proles into ignoring this challenge until the Ministry of Love can reeducate these wayward miscreants with an extended visit to Room 101. Meanwhile, the Inner Party is attempting to get Winston Smith in the form of Senator Ted Cruz to betray his lover the TEA Party with threats issued by various members of the Inner Party such as Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

President Obama has morphed his Organizing for America into Organizing for Action as a progressive replacement for the Democrat Party and a much closer parallel to the Inner Party model. Organizing for Action is siphoning donations away from the Democrat Party leaving it financially unprepared for the upcoming election cycle. We can expect Organizing for Action to go global in preparation for Obama’s expected run for Secretary General of the UN after finishing his term as president. Progressives have made no secret of the fact that they view the United Nations as the first step towards a world government, and Obama, being the progressive narcissist he is, naturally covets such an exalted position as president of the world. I suppose the next logical step would be to follow the Roman and Egyptian precedents of declaring oneself a god. Not a farfetched prospect for a narcissist.

With the assistance of his Hollywood friends, Obama could easily compile a library of video clips which would allow him to rule forever making generic video pronouncements on the issues of the day. Then, Obama would truly become the Big Brother he so longs to be, ruling the world from now on with his self-imagined genius available to all future generations.

It has been suggested that our Constitution lacks the teeth to deal with a phenomenon such as the progressive movement embodied by Obama’s disregard for our laws. That is a preposterous statement, as the Founding Fathers well imagined just such an outcome by including the Second Amendment to give Americans the ability to resist a tyrannical government, the ability to amend the Constitution to deal with egregious political behavior, and reservation of all powers not specifically granted to the federal government to the states. The Constitution has plenty of teeth for the three branches of the federal government to act as checks and balances on each other, but America lacks men of courage and patriotic spirit who will stand up to this progressive usurpation and put America before their own parochial interests!

We have laws, precedents, penal facilities, jurisprudence, law enforcement agencies, and courts, but we lack a political class with the will to resist the progressive infiltration of the institutions which underpin America and their onslaught on the American traditions of liberty and self-reliance. Our opposition prefers to be corrupted by the progressives while awaiting some nebulous tactical advantage that will ever appear due to the demoralization of its base. Meanwhile, the progressive agenda is advanced and America continues to morph into Oceana as Big Brother infiltrates his progressives throughout government and insinuates his way deeper into our lives.

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