Dropping Out

Americans frustrated at being shut out of the political process by tin-eared party leadership, an election process marred by fraud, and a progressive agenda that subverts the Constitution while robbing our liberty and strangling our economy are dropping out of participation in a system in which they are no longer being represented. 

The Founding Fathers intended for Americans to be self-sufficient and independent. They designed the Constitution to create a central government with just enough power to perform its intended functions while minimizing the chance that it would become tyrannical. Realizing that men are not angels and having vivid memories of the struggle to obtain American independence, they included the Second Amendment to insure that this new federal government stayed under control. They fully intended Americans to jealously guard the liberty that had been purchased at so great a cost and bequeathed to successive generations. To this end, they also fully intended Americans to keep a sharp eye on their government to prevent it from growing so large they would have to retake their liberty with the tools guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

Progressives made gains in the early part of the last century by addressing social ills such as sanitation, labor abuses, squalid living conditions, public safety, and poverty. Instead of addressing the problem at hand with a minimum of government intervention and an eye towards transitioning responsibility to the private sector, progressives sought to expand government and increase their power. Initiatives begun with noble intentions quickly transformed into ignoble pursuits of power.

Given enough time, the market will sort out abuses and adjust to an equitable equilibrium. This is cold comfort to anyone suffering under abusive conditions waiting for this market equilibrium to occur. The occasional government stimulus was needed to urge the process along more rapidly to alleviate suffering. No one posits that there were not abuses of labor that required the formation of labor unions to address and their subsequent protection by the government in the early years of the industrial revolution. However, after those abuses had been satisfactorily addressed, those in charge of the unions were reluctant to release their grip on union power and continued agitating for benefits as opposed to the rectification of abuses.

The same is true with other agencies created to address social ills. Having resolved its original mandate to clean up the rivers and improve the quality of air, the Environmental Protection Agency created under President Richard Nixon has morphed into the government enforcement arm of radical environmental groups seeking to eliminate the use of fossil fuels while promoting inconsistent alternative energy sources that are inadequate at providing the stable base load of energy required by our energy infrastructure.

As the progressives infiltrated the institutions that underpin America, they created a network of self-reinforcing groups who defend and protect each other to advance the progressive agenda. They infiltrated education to transition schools from teaching our children to indoctrinating them in the progressive agenda. They infiltrated the justice system as judges to advance those progressive agenda items too egregious for passage by center-right Americans resistant to their radical far-left ideology. They infiltrated the churches to water down religious doctrine in the vain hope of erasing God through secularization. They destroyed marriage by transitioning it from a purely ecclesiastical institution forming the basis of the stable family unit to a purely secular government function that exists merely as a contract filed at the courthouse for the benefit of divorce attorneys and the administration of federal benefits.

Propaganda has always been important in advancing any agenda that would normally be resisted by a populace. America is a center-right nation which has traditionally resisted progressive attempts to create government dependence that infringes upon our independence and self-sufficiency. Progressive infiltration of the news media began in earnest after Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein managed to unravel the Watergate cover-up and bring down the Nixon administration. Progressives winning the war to control the Democrat Party watched as their nemesis Richard Nixon was forced to resign in disgrace and suddenly recognized the power of the media to shape and influence public opinion. Since then, television news has become less informative and more entertaining in a bid to capture market segment and increase advertising revenue.

The movie industry has long relied upon emotion to move audiences and generate ticket sales. Hollywood has mastered the art of provoking intended emotional responses in audiences to the point where it has become formulaic. Progressive infiltrators in the news media borrowed heavily from their fellow travelers in the movie business to transition these emotion provoking techniques to the service of swaying public opinion on the issues of the day. They learned how to change the entire meaning of stories with the proper wording and the application of emphasis at the proper points in their delivery. While factually correct, it quickly reached the point where the information left out of a story became just as important as the information included.

Conservatives recognizing and pointing out this phenomenon were ridiculed as conspiracy theorists unable to defend their Neanderthal points of view. The public begin to catch on as the bias became more frequent and more outrageous until it is widely recognized by a wary public much more sophisticated in the art of media bias. As public awareness of this media bias increased, sales of newspapers tapered off leading to several closures and bankruptcies in the newspaper industry. Progressives prefer to lay the blame on the decline in newspaper readership onto the rise of the Internet where content is more readily accessible. This theory discounts the massive trust the public had in news organizations to deliver accurate news which was sacrificed by their willingness to advance the progressive agenda.

Americans are dropping out of a society which increasingly takes us for granted. The wealthy elites who graduate from Ivy-League schools with a sense of entitlement feel we exist to serve them in a postmodern form of slavery promulgated upon their bigotry toward us. They really do feel they are so much more superior to us, and that we are merely burdens for which they must use their superiority to protect and care. No longer able to trust in the veracity of the news, Americans tuned out the media whose bias has become so apparent that it merely serves to insult our intelligence. Their overwhelming desire to promote the progressive ideology has cost them the public trust critical to their business model as Americans have just dropped out.

We see our election system rife with fraud and abuse as egregious examples abound. Massive fraudulent voter registration operations were discovered at organizations such as Acorn ostensibly created to help the poor but in reality serving as a progressive front operation. In the last election, President Obama was credited as receiving 100% of the vote in some Philadelphia precincts which later were found to have more votes cast than registered voters.

In the 2007 Minnesota Senate race, Incumbent Republican Norm Coleman won a slim majority of votes on election night against Democrat candidate Al Franken of Saturday Night Live fame. A mandated recount found enough votes to put Franken over the top and his declaration as the winner was upheld by the Minnesota Supreme Court despite Coleman presenting evidence of numerous absentee ballots wrongly rejected. Perhaps the most famous case of election ambiguity was the Florida recount of the 2000 presidential election in which George W. Bush beat Al Gore by winning the contested Florida vote famous for hanging chads and numerous recounts spanning some four weeks until the Supreme Court intervened to declare Bush the winner.

The realization that our electoral process is abused to steal elections for those with powerful political connections demoralizes Americans into cynically questioning the legitimacy of the government itself. Elections are now often decided with less than a 30% turnout, and this rate continues to decrease as Americans drop out of participation in an electoral process marred by fraud and abuse.

Americans are dropping out in other ways. There exists a vibrant subculture of Americans who horde firearms and ammunition in preparation for the collapse of civilization. These Americans often segregate themselves in remote locations easily defended, with some even going so far as to remove their houses entirely from the electrical and communications grids. They seek to minimize their profile in an attempt to fly below the radar avoiding unwanted attention from those who may become future threats.

The inability to have any say in the issues which directly affect them tends to discourage Americas and contribute to their sense of cynicism. This cynicism often manifests itself in the tendency to shun the activity provoking the frustration contributing to this cynicism. Americans tired of being lied to by a biased media are tuning it out to the detriment of their business models and profitability. Americans frustrated by fraudulent elections are dropping out of the electoral process by not bothering to vote. And, Americans who fear a collapse of society from unsupportable government spending leading to massive inflation and the implosion of our fragile economy are dropping out of society altogether to ensure their survival.

These Americans are dropping out because there is no political group speaking to their frustrations and offering them a choice different from the almost identical choices which are being offered by the two parties, and which do not sufficiently address their concerns. Their pent up demand is being expressed as a willingness to drop out of the system rather than continuing to experience their frustration.

The TEA Party has resonated with voters seeking an alternative that addresses the problem of government expansion which threatens our liberty. TEA Party supported candidates have enjoyed widespread appeal and even managed to win some high profile elections. However, the TEA Party exists as a conservative subset of the GOP which, failing to co-opt its massage and its conservative members in subservience to its establishment agenda, now displays open hostility to its members and threatens to fight against them in future elections. Unless and until conservatives abandon the Republican Party and formally create the TEA Party, this pent up demand by voters will continue to be expressed as Americans dropping out of the system instead of being marshaled into sweeping electoral victories like those of the Republican Party upon its formation from the remnants of the Whig Party in 1856.

Americans are increasingly dropping out of civic life as their concerns are ignored by the elitist political class leaving them without a voice while the biased media insults their intelligence with obvious lies and the entertainment industry uses its platform to promote filth and belittle traditional center-right conservative American values.

Americans have been pushed far beyond their comfort zone and a massive reckoning is coming in American politics. There is a slim chance this reckoning can be accomplished through the electoral process, but it will require a drastic change in the present status quo. The only other alternative is another civil war whereby Americans revolt to take back their liberty from a tyrannical government. The frustration is there for such an undertaking, and the time is growing ripe for a spark to set it off. Americans have grown weary of the war of political attrition being waged by two parties one is hard pressed to tell the difference between. They seek a solution that restores stability in American life and maximizes personal liberty. If one is not offered soon, Americans will rise up themselves and create one!

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