Bureaucratic Tyranny

As more and more of America’s cities fall into decay and bankruptcy from progressive mismanagement and malfeasance, their corrupt elected officials are being replaced by unelected and unaccountable fiscal administrators to the relief of citizens who’ve watched the progressive destruction, but are we setting ourselves up to be ruled by these unaccountable bureaucrats whose temporary respite from the mismanagement of corrupt elected officials may perhaps be leading towards an even worse future of rule by these unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats controlled by the elites who see this as being for our own good? 

America was designed by the Founding Fathers as a republic in that her affairs of state are conducted publicly by elected officials accountable to the American people as a representational democracy for the conduct of government affairs instead of being the province of a private aristocracy. Enshrined in the Constitution, this representational democracy form of government allowed Americans to have a direct voice in the decisions of government without being overly complicated by the participation of large numbers of individuals, thus streamlining the conduct of government business.

Despite the Civil War and its conduct to settle the unresolved issue of states’ rights stemming from an unholy compromise to ensure the unanimous ratification of the Constitution, American political differences have been by and large resolved peacefully with the succession of power conducted without bloodshed and strife. We Americans elect at the local, state, and federal levels officials who best represent our views on various issues, and we expect these officials to conduct our business in accordance to the promises they have made and the desires we have expressed in their selection, else we vote in new representatives during the next election cycle.

This carefully orchestrated ballet of government so delicately designed by the Founders in the Constitution has been upset with the rise of the progressives who have gradually insinuated themselves into the institutions which underpin America and worked from these various vantage points to both protect each other and advance the progressive agenda. America is and has always been a center-right country, and the far left platform of the progressives continues to be resisted by Americans when put forth as a campaign issue.

Progressives have been able to enact the more egregious items of their agenda through the courts which they have infiltrated over the decades. The evils of abortion and euthanasia have been foisted upon a resistant American populace through the courts, along with the abomination of homosexual marriage as the progressives have constructed an unassailable mechanism for court enactment of their agenda through the administration of federal benefits in a fair and equitable manner. In this, they have used the system against itself to destroy the system just as their mentor Saul Alinsky taught so well in his Rules for Radicals treatise on community organization.

As the progressives have grown the size of the government at all levels in the vain pursuits of social justice and the undertaking of every seemingly worthwhile cause as functions only the government could properly address, a corresponding growth in the unelected bureaucracy required to administer the affairs of government has also occurred. We experience numerous occurrences whereby government bureaucrats design systems of rules and regulations that affect our daily lives in some form or fashion instead of our elected officials and often without them even being aware of these often egregious regulations that were once their exclusive province to design and enact. Our unelected and unaccountable bureaucratic class holds far more power over our lives than our elected officials who are often unaware of their efforts and powerless to stop them despite ostensibly holding the levers of government power. Progressive infiltration of the bureaucracy advances their agenda in powerful and unaccountable ways through these rules and regulations while progressive infiltration of the courts protects these bureaucrats and reinforces their power to issue regulations.

Progressive politicians entrenched themselves at the local level most effectively in urban centers left decaying by the white flight to the suburbs during the middle of the last century. An embittered minority class unable to flee the urban decay created by the shift in manufacturing away from union dominated urban areas to other more business friendly areas of the country became enamored with liberal promises and ceded control of these decaying cities to progressives who proceeded to loot and pillage them for their own benefit. As these once proud titans of American industrial might lie smoldering in the ruins of financial destruction from years of progressive abuse, their infrastructure crumbling through neglect and malfeasance, state governments have been forced to appoint fiscal administrators to attempt their rescue and rehabilitation. Detroit is a smoldering wasteland slowly reverting back to nature while Chicago is roamed by narcissistic gangs of criminals terrorizing and murdering citizens with reckless disregard for the law.

These bureaucratic fiscal administrators arrive to the relief of residents infuriated at their frustration in being unable to oust the crooked progressive politicians who have ruined their cities and forced these citizens to helplessly endure their malfeasance as these crooks have lorded their power and position over those who so staunchly opposed them. The progressives will soon discover that the power wielded by their opposition to displace them from their elected vantage points is even more useful to them as it is completely unaccountable to voters and can be wielded whenever desired. Progressives who merely operated on the local level at city hall will now cast their gaze upon the state level realizing they can appoint their bureaucratic minions to do the work they once had to beg the voters for the power to accomplish.

The new progressive pattern will be to loot and pillage urban areas into financial oblivion, then appoint a bureaucratic fiscal administrator who will then cause these urban areas to fall under the direct control of state officials who then administer them while their residents have even less say to these unaccountable bureaucrats residing at the state level. This mechanism of appointing fiscal administrators to rescue failed local governments destroyed by progressive politicians, while providing short term relief from intractable progressive destruction, will end up providing long term usurpation of voters to control their affairs through our representational democracy form of government.

Imagine how America will look in the future if progressives are able to appoint bureaucratic minions over vast swaths of the country and consolidate their power at a top level with even less accountability to us voters. Progressives will then have the power to enact their nefarious agenda with little or no opposition from the people and the elites will finally realize their dream of controlling the American people without having to bother with the messy business of elections. Europe is already ahead of us on this path with the creation of the European Union as a federal government usurping the sovereignty of European countries in fealty to progressive notions of world government. Creation of higher forms of regional government such as the European Union, along with the concentration of political power higher up the government chain through the mechanism of bureaucratic administrators, all lead to the inevitable creation of a world government and concentration of political power in that body.

Those glad for the temporary respite of a fiscal administrator in alleviating their political situations should shudder in fear of the potential bureaucratic tyranny being unleashed in direct opposition to the intentions of our Founding Fathers and the principles of representational democracy they enshrined in the Constitution to ensure our liberty. The fact that we have reached the point whereby the appointment of fiscal administrators are necessary is a testament to just how far we have fallen away from these Constitutional principles and just how much we have endangered the liberty bequeathed to us by the patriots who wrested it from Britain and passed it along with the admonition that we guard it vigilantly and water it regularly with the blood of subsequent patriot generations.

We are surrendering our liberty to the tyranny of government for temporary respite from conditions we are reluctant to face. We need to tap into our inner patriot and resolve to undertake the grim business of reclaiming our liberty from a tyrannical government of our own making. We need to face the shame for surrendering the liberty bequeathed to us by the patriots by allowing the rise of the progressives who seek to destroy America for the bizarre reasons of some patronizing personal guilt. We are guilty of not speaking up to forcefully defend our liberty for fear of shame at being labeled an extremist. Progressives are good at labeling others, ridiculing their opposition, shaming us with inaccurate narratives, and generally twisting the truth to suit their purposes. Our reluctance to endure a little undeserved ridicule and shame has led to the potential need for us to endure the brutality of revolution if we are unable to wrest America away from the progressives whose siren song has entrapped so many already.

Appointment of fiscal administrators is a desperate tactic employed to do the hard work we were unwilling or unable to perform at the polls as our Founders intended. They intended Americans to be independent and self-sufficient with the government only strong enough to perform those functions they specifically enumerated in the Constitution. They never intended the government to be all things to Americans, and they never intended for Americans to squander their liberty for the illusion of safety. They did foresee the possibility that nefarious forces might come to control the government and employ its unlimited power to terrorize the populace, which is why they included the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights with the full realization that America would never have gained its independence from Britain had it not been armed and able to fight.

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