Undermining Our Military

By disarming our military, progressives have exposed our military facilities to terrorist attacks which subtly undermine our soldiers’ confidence while forcing acceptance of homosexuals which undermines unit cohesion and the ability to win. 

The massacres at Fort Hood and the Navy Yard have exposed the fact that our military facilities are easy targets for terrorists seeking to inflict damage upon America with maximum propaganda value. It is known without a doubt that Major Nidal Hassan’s bloody attack on Fort Hood was an Islamic terrorist operation as he was heard to have shouted Allah Akbar while firing upon unarmed soldiers on the post and has been conclusively linked to known terrorist imam and confidant Anwar al-Awlaki. The Obama administration has refused to properly label this as a terrorist attack due to their reluctance to label any attack as motivated by Islamic terrorism. In this, Obama continues the theme of his Muslim apology tour by willfully ignoring Islamic terrorism in the hopes that it will all go away so we can gather around the campfire holding hands and singing Kumbaya.

Monday’s brazen attack in Building 197 of the Navy Yard in the heart of Washington, DC was especially noteworthy since DC is notorious for its strict ban on firearms, and the Navy Yard has a strict policy of prohibiting firearms. In this, the Navy Yard acts as a gun-free zone within a gun-free zone, yet Aaron Alexis was able to massacre a dozen people in just a few minutes. Predictably, with Senator Dianne Feinstein leading the charge by reviving her call for gun control, the gun control zealots quickly leaped upon this event as proof that gun control was the answer despite all evidence to the contrary.

The problem encountered by the victims in Building 197 was that they faced a highly motivated, well-armed individual exhibiting reckless disregard for his own safety while randomly shooting at them, and they had no way to counter this threat because they were completely disarmed. Security experts will tell you that there’s very little that can be done to stop a determined individual with reckless disregard for their own life committed to creating homicidal mayhem. That doesn’t mean that steps shouldn’t be taken, but it must be realized that a determined individual will most likely figure out a way. The purpose of security is to close off the obvious vulnerabilities and raise the bar to a successful attack much higher to discourage opportunists. The hard work involved in planning these attacks eventually discourages most of those who ponder one and allow them to cool off while thinking about the details and consequences.

Make no mistake, whether Aaron Alexis was affiliated with Islamic terrorism or not, he was acting as a terrorist in transferring his antagonism onto others through violence! Mass shooters are terrorists by definition regardless of their affiliations with any group. They seek to inflict death because they are disgruntled, not because they wish to steal or advance a political cause. Their political cause is their own disgruntled condition, and they seek to make others suffer for their misfortunes, real or imagined!

The result of these massacres is an undermining of military confidence in their ability to face the threat of asymmetric warfare favored by Islamic terrorists. Soldiers in Afghanistan quickly learned not to trust the Afghani police recruits they were training after the first time a Taliban infiltrator within their ranks opened fire killing American soldiers along with the other legitimate police recruits. Their confidence in the Afghani recruits was severely compromised after that first attack and seriously reinforced after subsequent attacks. Similarly, confidence in the security and safety of American military compounds in Afghanistan was destroyed by infiltration attacks which claimed the lives of American soldiers. By losing confidence in the safety of their compounds, our soldiers were unable to relax in a place of relative safety and had to remain on a higher state of alert, thus contributing to PTSD and a sense that the enemy was ubiquitous and unable to be decisively defeated. This loss of morale contributes greatly to defeat of an enemy force, which is why the Taliban employed it as an effective tactic.

Much has been written on the subject of homosexuals serving in the military. Soldiers in battle don’t fight for love of country, patriotism, and apple pie. They fight because they want to save the lives of their buddies, and they don’t want their buddies to see them as cowardly. This is called unit cohesion and it is only possible when a group of soldiers trains together developing a healthy respect for the abilities of everyone in their unit and deep friendships that come with the sharing of combat experience where you come to realize you can count on each other. Homosexuals naturally make young men still developing confidence in their sexuality uncomfortable and exacerbate tensions which destroy the ability to develop unit cohesion. Young men who are reluctant to be around a homosexual are going to be reluctant to depend upon someone with whom they are uncomfortable and reluctant to protect someone in battle they can’t count on. The homosexual often ends up ostracized within the unit contributing to unnecessary tension which hampers the development of unit cohesion.

By undermining our military, the progressives seek to destroy yet another institution which underpins America. The military is a naturally conservative institution promoting honor, duty, and patriotism as virtuous ideas and training soldiers to be independent and self-sufficient. These soldiers rejoin the civilian population as conservative voices unsusceptible to the siren song of progressive government dependence. By promoting hedonism within the ranks and not holding soldiers to the highest expectations, they begin to grow cynical and uncaring. Coupled with their disarming and vulnerability to terrorist attacks on base, an effective strategy for eroding military confidence and values is put into place resulting in the military becoming just another job in America rather than a place to instill pride and conservatism.

Progressives despise American exceptionalism and the military. They feel that America is no better than any other nation and should exist on the same plane as every other country regardless of whether it is ruled by despots and refuses to behave according to the rules of civilized nations. In their minds, America possesses no moral authority and has no right to use its military power to either protect its interests around the world or advance the causes of liberty and democracy which provide a stabilizing effect on international relations.

America’s military power has positioned it as the world’s lone superpower and de facto police force. Our victory over the evil empire of the Soviet Union during the Cold War is being dissipated by President Obama’s adherence to the progressive agenda. Obama expressed his worldview in Strasbourg, France in April 2009 when he responded to an inquiry concerning America’s role in the world by stating “I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.” Another way of saying he does not believe in American exceptionalism at all.

I well remember the despondence felt throughout America during the late 1970s under President Jimmy Carter. We had lost our confidence and were resigned to the fact that Stagflation, high interest rates, poor economic growth, and oil shocks were our lot in life from now on. The attempted rescue of the Iranian hostages further contributed to our demoralized sense of despondency as nothing seemed to go our way. It was as if we were snake bit with bad luck and flailing about helplessly.

Then along came a sunny optimist named Ronald Reagan who told us that America’s best days weren’t behind us, but still lay in front of us. He cheerfully skewered Carter’s despondency and malaise while reminding us of all we had to be thankful. He explained how we could cast off the demons of despair by enacting common sense policies which had proven effective in the past. We watched a ragtag hockey team without a prayer defeat the mighty Soviet Union and cried as we realized this sunny optimist was right and America wasn’t defeated. The miracle on ice showed us that we had to believe in ourselves and get to work. Reagan then went on to unleash the longest economic recovery in American history as Americans on every level prospered, and the once mighty Soviet Union was shown to be an empty threat of evil intentions which finally imploded unable to keep pace with a reawakened and rejuvenated America.

Somehow we have forgotten the lessons of that time and allowed another dismal progressive to undermine our self-confidence. Like the pied piper, Obama has lulled us into despondency with his progressive siren song of government dependency. We were lucky to have a Ronald Reagan on hand to revive us as a nation back then, but we are not so fortunate today, as no sunny optimist waits in the wings to burst onstage and save the day. This time, it is up to us to resist the evils of the progressive agenda and save our country from the ruination which is slowly engulfing America.

We have lost the institution of marriage and its stabilizing effect as the cornerstone of the family unit so important for raising children into self-sufficient and independent adults. We are losing the military faster than is thought as political correctness runs rampant throughout the officer corps. Progressives have infiltrated education to indoctrinate future generations in their ideology, and the church to water down doctrine in an attempt to diminish God as if that were even possible. Bearing in mind that God is in ultimate control, and it’s always darkest before the dawn, we must rejoin the battle with renewed vigor and tenacity to defeat the evil of progressive ideology destroying America.

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