Silence of the Race Hustlers

In the wake of two brutal murders committed by blacks against white victims, the race hustlers have suddenly lost their voices, and their condemnation of America as a racist nation rings hollow as their nefarious scheme to defraud society by setting themselves up as the arbiters of all things racist unravels before their eyes. 

The death of a black teenage thug at the hands of a clearly Hispanic man defending his life was shamelessly seized by President Obama as a campaign issue to stir unrest in the black community and prompt increased turnout for his reelection effort. As a result, George Zimmerman underwent an unnecessary trial at great personal expense just so Obama could increase his chances for reelection by stirring up unrest in the black community. Along the way, Trayvon Martin was falsely depicted as a cherubic angel returning from the store with candy and a drink when he was brutally slain by an overzealous neighborhood watchman with visions of grandeur. The spin doctors worked overtime to convince America that George Zimmerman was a “white” Hispanic, a new racial class that more easily fit the black stereotype of America as a nation of racist whites gunning down helpless blacks.

Only, it turned out that Martin was really a thug who aspired to the “gangsta” lifestyle glorified by poor blacks and whose ambition was to smoke dope and burglarize homes to finance this lifestyle of antisocial and criminal behavior. Florida state prosecutor Angela Corey is now in serious trouble for refusing to hand over exculpatory evidence to Zimmerman’s defense team in the form of photos retrieved from Martin’s phone by Ben Kruidbos, an IT worker in her office who later testified to the existence of these photos and Corey’s refusal to turn them over to the defense during discovery. In a fit of spiteful vengeance prompted by her embarrassment, Kruidbos was fired for his testimony by Corey who has been served with a $5 million whistleblower lawsuit by Kruidbos’ attorneys on top of facing criminal charges for malfeasance. These photos showed Martin smoking dope, displaying stolen jewelry, and menacingly holding a gun while text messages also recovered from his phone spoke of his enjoyment at fighting and smoking dope, along with plots to attack a rival and seek revenge for a previous fight they had. No, it turns out that Martin was far from the cherubic angel he was portrayed as by the media complicit in advancing a narrative most favorable to Obama’s reelection effort.

Given the green light to proceed by Obama’s intervention in this case, the racial grievance industry swung into high gear with the usual litany of denouncements and accusations of racial animosity by white America. Jesse Jackson took to the air to defend Martin and declare that America was still as racist as ever, while Al Sharpton led marches to demand justice for poor Trayvon. Even Oprah got involved to denounce Martin’s death at the hands of Zimmerman. The entire circus of racial animosity fueled expectations that Zimmerman would certainly be convicted as the possibility of acquittal was deemed all but impossible. The atmosphere at a fever pitch, the jury of six women did acquit Zimmerman of all charges, yet the expected rioting never materialized on the scale imagined. By then, much of the truth of Martin’s whitewashed past had been revealed by those news sources unaffiliated with the progressive agenda such as Fox News and Internet sources. Martin suddenly became a figure not worth rioting over and the few opportunistic riots that did erupt were quickly subdued.

The grievance industry still promotes the fiction that Martin was murdered, but America has mostly turned its back on a figure they rightly see as a thug who got what was coming to him when he foolishly attacked the wrong man who happened to be armed. Americans saw the value in having a gun handy in Zimmerman’s defense of his life at the hands of a thug who came looking for trouble and got more than he bargained for in return. Gun control efforts pushed in the wake of December’s Sandy Hook elementary school massacre at the hands of mentally deranged Adam Lanza, another case whose facts were spun out of orbit by the progressive media, fizzled out without any chance of succeeding now that a gun had saved Zimmerman’s life.

Just as the Zimmerman case was settling into the realm of rehearsed sound bites whereby the racial grievance industry would continue to promote the fiction of a racist white America by throwing up Martin’s death in all of its progressively redefined glory, along comes the case of three bored black teenagers murdering white Australian college student Chris Lane in Duncan, Oklahoma in cold blood just to see what it felt like to kill someone. The hypocrisy of the race hustlers is on full display as Jackson could only manage to frown upon such troubling behavior, while Sharpton and Oprah remain silent and Obama can’t manage to figure out which murderer would most closely resemble his son if he had one.

Oprah, who made her fortune selling herself as the neighbor next door in whom American women could confide their deepest secrets over coffee, has seen her ratings drop with the launch of her network. No longer occupying her couch, Americans have turned away from her in droves as she has failed to make herself available for their expected coffee klatches. Having suffered the desertion of her audience, Oprah has deserted her neighbor next door image to become more politically active with her support of Obama and his progressive agenda. She has revealed herself to be another successful black who sees America as a land of racist whites stuck in the era of Jim Crow and undeserving of any recognition for the progress made since the Civil Rights era.

On top of the Chris Lane murder last week, we have the savage murder of 88-year-old World War II veteran Delbert Belton who was beaten to death in a parking lot in Spokane, Washington Wednesday night by two black teens for no apparent reason. Again, the race hustlers are left speechless as yet another case of black-on-white crime fails to fit their stereotype of a racist white America targeting blacks for murder. These two cases are not rare events as black-on-white and black-on-black crime represent the vast majority of criminal behavior exhibited on a daily basis in America. The Zimmerman case represented the abnormal case whereby a black dies at the hands of someone from another race, usually in self defense as was the case here.

As media outlets unaffiliated with the progressives break down the media wall of protection surrounding the progressive movement they so favor and report on more of these cases that represent the actual picture of crime in America, perhaps we can finally rid ourselves of the race hustler parasites who have so enriched themselves at the expense of race relations in America. Charlatans such as Jackson, Sharpton, Oprah, and Obama have completely erased the gains in race relations made by Martin Luther King during the Civil Rights era and turned white America from viewing blacks as deserving equals into cynically viewing blacks as the most racist Americans in existence.

Most white Americans decided racism was far more trouble than it was worth years ago, but black Americans have embraced racism with a vengeance and now judge white Americans by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character. Vengeance is a powerful emotion with an almost irresistible lure, and black America has shown itself to be unable to resist its allure in their comical condemnations of white America as it finds racism behind every action. Their overreliance on playing the race card to justify every outrageous black action, excuse every corrupt black politician, or end any argument which they are losing has reduced it to one of comical effect indicating their overwhelming loss of any argument at hand or inability to defend the indefensible actions of blacks in whom they have invested their efforts.

White Americans are just as tired of being judged by the color of their skin as black Americans were back in the day. We’ve come a long way since the days of Jim Crow and black lynchings, but we are forever convicted as racists by blacks no matter how much we do and we’ve tired of making the effort with nothing to show for that effort. Blacks have become that thing against which they fought so hard – racists of the most contemptible kind, those who cloak their racism in the robes of righteousness to justify retribution for past grievances.

The race hustlers have been silenced by the truth as Americans grapple with the brutal and senseless slayings of whites at the hands of vicious black thugs living the secular humanist creed of moral relativism embodied in the idea of doing what makes one feel good taken to its evil extreme. By replacing absolute truth with the fanciful notion of moral relativism, the secular humanists have wrought destruction upon our society and produced a generation with no qualms against committing cold blooded murder whenever the mood strikes them. These murders were racially motivated, but only as a mitigating factor to justify actions to overcome their narcissistic boredom. Still, the race hustlers are silent in the face of the evil which they have unleashed and encouraged to enrich themselves at society’s expense. Black murders of whites don’t fit their stereotype of a racist white America whom they can browbeat into submission ashamed at the indefensible actions of their own. Their narrative is breaking down as their story no longer aligns with reality, and Americans begin to see them for the con artists they’ve always been.

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