Burning Down the House

The American political climate has become a lot less civil due to the fact that progressives are willing to literally burn down the house to get their way in the belief that enacting their agenda is more important than the survival of America itself. 

Progressives and their media acolytes have confused terminology so much with redefinitions that cast their agenda in the warm glow of reasonableness while demonizing conservative ambitions that Americans have lost sight of the original meanings of the debate terms and fight needlessly over concepts redefined by the left and devoid of their original meaning. Liberals have redefined themselves into progressives, adopting a term which casts them as forward thinking and modern. Conservatives are hence reviled as backward and stuck in the past refusing to get with the times.

As adherents to the ideas of western civilization, Americans are classical liberals in that we believe in the democratization of information spread to the populace to make individual informed decisions. This is in opposition to the idea of information control as practiced by the Catholic Church in the Dark Ages when few could read and relied upon the local priest for advice as he tended to be the only educated man around. Some Catholic monasteries transcribed books by hand, and only the privileged few were able to afford the luxury of education.

The development of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in 1439 led to the democratization of information and the Renaissance, Reformation, the Age of Enlightenment, and the Scientific Revolution and laid the basis for the modern knowledge-based economy and the spread of learning to the masses. The ideas of western civilization were spread throughout Europe and adopted by the masses as they became educated and aware of these noble ideas.

Liberals in the middle of the last century were those who believed in the exceptionalism of America and had fought for her in World War II, but championed the idea of social safety nets for the poor and believed that government should play a larger role in protecting Americans from the ravages of the business cycle that were magnified in the Great Depression. Conservatives also cared for the poor and did not wish to see suffering, but believed that the government expansion advocated by the liberals would lead to problems with sustainability down the road. Both groups loved America and generally set aside differences for the good of the country while disagreeing on the proper course to accomplish their goals. Compromise was achieved to move the country forward in a civil environment that placed the needs of the country above individual partisan politics.

The Great Depression produced a strain of hard core liberals who came from the socialist and communist movements seen at the time as necessary for the protection of Americans devastated by the economic ravages of the business downturn. This group misunderstood the fact that the economic policies of Herbert Hoover and FDR actually made a bad economic situation worse, and turned to communist ideology as an alternative to what they perceived to be the failure of capitalism, but which was actually capitalism constrained by unwise government intervention. These hardcore liberals adopted the ideas of Saul Alinsky in the 1950s to disrupt the systems governments had developed as a social safety net. Their plan was to overwhelm the system and break it in a bid to take power from the establishment in righting social wrongs, but they eventually lost sight of righting social wrongs and became enamored of the idea of taking power for their own nefarious ends.

The Democrat Party was overtaken by this hardcore liberal wing during the 1968 convention in Chicago as the conservative and liberal wings of the party warred for control. The liberal takeover was completed in 1972 with the nomination of Senator George McGovern and his antiwar platform favored by the young hardcore liberals. Throughout the 1970s, the liberals gradually pushed out the more conservative members with the process accelerating in the 1980s until a small bloc of Southern Democrats remained as the conservative wing of the party. These members gradually retired or switched allegiance to the more conservative Republican Party leaving the hardcore liberals in charge of the Democrat Party.

These radical progressive liberals are supported by liberal acolytes in the media who no longer attempt to hide their bias and even revel in it today. Their goal has morphed from one of helping the underclass to one of seizing power to enact a radical leftist agenda that Americans have repeatedly rejected. Where they lack the votes to enact this agenda, they employ the courts packed with half a century of progressive appointees who share their ambition. The progressives employ groups they have organized such as the black community traditionally on the outskirts of mainstream political power and the labor unions used to organizing to seize power from the establishment. These coalitions of disenfranchised voting blocs have been stitched together to form the basis of hardcore progressive political power, but the movement’s corruption is exposing fractures in this coalition as these groups are starting to realize they’ve traded one political master for another.

Progressives seeking political power to enact their agenda are no longer interested in compromise with their opponents, nor are they interested in policies that ultimately benefit a country they see as merely oppressive to its own people. They care nothing for American exceptionalism, believing it is merely the arrogance of the powerful to believe in its own manifest destiny. These progressives, steeped in community organizing of the disenfranchised, see only through the lens of disenfranchisement unable and unwilling to see the good embodied in the Constitution and its lofty notions of liberty or American efforts to spread democracy around the world as a force for peace and stability. They care only for the accumulation of power to enact their agenda and will gladly burn the entire American house to the ground to get their way.

Progressives demonize conservatives because they stand as an obstacle to the enactment of their agenda. Progressives seek to tear down and destroy the institutions which undergird our society while conservatives wish to uphold and strengthen these institutions as necessary for the stability of society. Progressives see these institutions as preventing them from doing as they please and have decided that they must be dismantled as obstacles to their pursuit of the secular humanist doctrine of doing what feels good.

We see the lack of civility as the progressives are turning the government against Americans who refuse to support their agenda. We see the demonization of conservatives who refuse to engage in the duplicity of bipartisanship to enact the progressive agenda. Conservatives are berated for their opposition as if bipartisanship were a goal in itself, and as if they aren’t supposed to engage in opposition or partisanship in deference to their agenda. The debate as framed by progressive and their media acolytes is one of conservative obstruction to the progressive agenda which is portrayed as the only reasonable agenda to move the country forward.

America is in serious trouble as its cities enter bankruptcy from years of progressive policies which have destroyed their sustainability. American interests are threatened around the world as we have become weak and ridiculed. The community organizers adept at agitating for change by destroying the system have become the progressives in control of the system but who continue to seek its destruction as they know only how to destroy, having never learned how to govern.

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