Progressive Fatigue

I’m finding it hard to write anything this week as I’m rather tired of watching the progressives continue to destroy America with apparently no way of doing anything to slow the destruction. 

President Obama continues to exact his revenge on the world for having grown up poor in Indonesia as an unaccepted outsider glimpsing the wealthy American expats only from the periphery. He lives larger than any other wealthy American entirely on the taxpayer dime in the most ostentatious manner possible as he throws his childhood poverty back in our faces screaming look at me now! The ravings of a lunatic narcissist have struck fear in world leaders who grasp that Obama controls unparalleled military power and directs a worldwide spying operation on political opponents. The only leader apparently unimpressed and unafraid of Obama is Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The media was aghast to discover the DoJ tapping Associated Press telephones to spy on its operations in the hopes of plugging administration leaks, and even more shocked to learn that Fox News journalist James Rosen had been targeted as an unindicted co-conspirator in the leak investigation. This was a violation in the political game in which journalists develop administration sources who leak the sensitive insider information that make up breaking news scoops. In the past, journalist were hauled into court and held in contempt for refusing to name sources while the press rallied around them in a show of First Amendment support, and after a few days in jail, the quest was abandoned as hopeless. The DoJ attempted to circumvent this process by claiming Rosen was an unindicted co-conspirator receiving classified information to justify wiretaps in the hopes of discovering Rosen’s sources surreptitiously.

Despite all of this, the media have continued to protect Team Obama while letting it be known they are quite upset at being spied upon in doing their jobs. Eric Holder’s offer to meet off-the-record was the administration’s attempt to apologize to the media and promise they would never do such a thing again. Team Obama realized they had made a serious mistake alienating the press in the wake of real reporting for about a week after the AP spying was revealed. They realized just how much the press had been shielding their mistakes and secrets from the American public and just how fast these revelations could sink the administration.

In addition to the press spying scandal, numerous other scandals have been revealed in a pattern of shocking abuse of government power directed at silencing political opposition. Lois Lerner blundered foolishly in attempting to get out in front of an Inspector General report revealing that the IRS had targeted conservative opposition groups by holding up their tax exempt status applications. Lerner planted an audience question in a low level Friday speaking event hoping to quietly reveal the problem so it could later be claimed it had been publicly acknowledged. TEA Party conservatives have poured forth since then with descriptions of government harassment and unreasonable demands for intimate information pertinent to their operations.

In the background remains the Benghazi scandal in which Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans died at the hands of terrorists in a targeted operation in response to a covert CIA operation to funnel captured Libyan arms to the Syrian rebels. Team Obama continues to stick by their lies fabricated in the flimsy cover up story while stonewalling congressional efforts to identify who gave specific orders to the military to stand down its rescue operations and who ordered fabrications to the talking points Susan Rice used to lie to the American people. Every administration official associated with the Benghazi scandal has been promoted and retained by Team Obama and not one individual has been held responsible for this shameful episode.

We continue to experience an anemic economy with no hope of recovery under the failed Keynesian policies Team Obama insists on inflicting with rosy platitudes of how great everything is in direct opposition to what we witness daily. Unemployment is again ticking upwards in spite of the massive numbers of those who have exhausted their benefits and fallen off of the official statistics. The EPA continues to wage an effective war on coal fired power plants in an effort to regulate them out of existence while driving up utility costs on already exasperated Americans suffering from the inflationary effects of Bernanke’s easy money policy over at the Federal Reserve in rising food and fuel prices.

America is held in the lowest esteem ever around the world due to President Obama’s failed leading from behind foreign policy which is nothing more than an excuse for laziness and ineptitude that allows options to dwindle while leaving the choice of policy decided by the passage of time. Even the Muslim world hates America more than ever despite Obama’s numerous apology tours and Islamic sympathizing, which is seen as a sign of weakness not to be respected. Obama refuses to acknowledge that we are engaged in a clash of civilizations in which Islam is waging war on Western Civilization. He refuses to confirm numerous attacks on Americans as the work of Islamic terrorists in the astonishing belief that we can’t immediately see them for what they really are.

Despite the horrific attacks of 9/11, President Obama is actually contemplating aiding the Syrian rebels who are allied with al-Qaeda, the perpetrator of the 9/11 attacks. Obama has completely destroyed Mideast stability and peace with his support of the militant Muslim Brotherhood in their ouster of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. This single episode destroyed the only real peace accord in the Mideast between Egypt and Israel, and has destabilized regional politics with uprising across the region that have left militant Islamic regimes in charge of once stable countries. Syria is becoming a proxy war waged between the Sunni and Shiite Islamic factions and threatens to boil over into a regional Islamic holy war. Obama has neither the ability nor the desire to navigate these foreign policy waters in search of a path back to regional stability.

Every action taken by Obama on either the foreign or domestic front can only be understood when one starts with the premise that his goal is the destruction and humiliation of the United States. Only then do his policy decisions begin to make sense! Keynesianism is a proven policy failure with ample evidence arrayed against it, yet Obama insists it holds the cure to our moribund economy. In response, wealth in America has shrugged and is sitting on the sidelines waiting for Obama’s ouster and better times. Meanwhile, in the Mideast only power and strength are respected and America has failed to demonstrate either under Obama’s watch. Obama has abandoned Afghanistan to the Taliban’s fate with Karzai foolishly helping to push us out. Afghanis suspicions of America’s lack of resolve have been proven as they must once again learn to live under Taliban control. The Taliban are even entering negotiations with America by opening a regional office in Qatar complete with their own flag and proclamations of being the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan despite official protests from Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

Given all of this and the continued stonewalling by Team Obama, it is understandable that one would get discouraged and find themselves in need of a relaxing diversion. Occasionally one must step away from the daily grind to find refreshment and rejuvenation for the fight ahead, else one risks falling into the despair that their efforts are all in vain. There is a real possibility that it may be too late to save America and that the progressives have succeeded in their efforts to bring about her destruction for the own gleeful joy. This possibility becomes a probability if we conservatives walk away from the fight in despair. We must endeavor to preserve our spirits and recall that our Founding Fathers defeated the world’s lone superpower against impossible odds to establish this great nation. If they could do that, then surely we can rescue it from a petulant narcissist and his progressive acolytes!

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