Turning Our Backs on the Government

As it becomes increasingly apparent that our government has abandoned the rule of law, debased our currency, and destroyed our property rights in the progressive shift to expanded government that holds totalitarianism as its logical conclusion, how many of us Americans have turned our backs on the government and written it off as a lost cause? 

In The Road to Serfdom, F. A. Hayek explained that fascism and communism were both totalitarian forms of government competing for the same minds and that the progressive movement was built upon both in its quest for government expansion leading to inevitable totalitarianism. He explained the allure of central planning to those seeking to direct society into systems of efficiency constructed around their visions of Utopia, and their promise of freeing society from uncertainty to lure citizens into exchanging their liberty for totalitarian security.

We have watched as the progressives have marched through the last century attacking our institutions and insinuating themselves in positions of relevance to advance their destructive agenda. We’ve heard the pleas that their incremental advances were merely reasonable responses to issues of importance as they steadily extended their reach deeper into our society. At first we laughed at their apparent silliness then we merely rolled our eyes. Finally realizing their power, we began to resist, and now we find ourselves defending what we once took for granted.

Always the progressives endured the ridicule to continue advancing with a careful agenda. With an eye on the future, they slowly took over our schools to indoctrinate the minds of our children as they are the most impressionable and we were willing to readily turn them over thinking they were being educated when they were really being reeducated. They infiltrated our justice system realizing that progressive efforts frustrated through political means could nevertheless be enacted through the law. Through the courts they succeeded in forcing a host of progressive policies on America to which her citizens were adamantly opposed such as abortion, criminal rights, forced busing to desegregate schools, erosion of property rights through expansion of eminent domain, and gay marriage which has been defeated by voters every time it has been put to the vote.

The pinnacle of progressive power was reached in the first two years of the Obama Administration with Democrat majorities in both the House and Senate. President Obama wasted no time focusing on the adoption of progressive shibboleths like universal healthcare, which was always designed to expand federal control of an important market segment, at the cost of ignoring the crumbling economy and increasing unemployment. Obama pushed through a massive stimulus package that did nothing but waste money America didn’t have, and established this increased spending as the new federal baseline resulting in a doubling of the national debt to some $17 trillion. He preferred excoriating the Republican opposition instead of working with them, and poisoned any chance of future cooperation.

We see the institutional checks and balances designed to protect us from abuses of political power fall by the wayside as the media embraced Obama and protected him through the sin of journalistic omission. The media completely abdicated its Fourth Estate role as investigator of the powerful and protector of the populace from political abuse. They were complicit in the fabrication of Obama’s fictional past including photos and supporting documents created to give him the past he never had to cover up the true past of his America could never accept. Liberal sympathies merely suspected in the press were finally admitted and reveled in by those who saw themselves as part of Obama’s progressive triumph.

Despite being warned by the conservative element of their party, Republicans continued to hew to the establishment mentality that the path to victory lie through moderation and the abandonment of the conservatism which was the basis of their brand and most distinguished them from the progressive opposition in the minds of voters. Their hubris led to the nomination of yet another moderate who could not win against a man presiding over the worst economy since the Great Depression.

Given the sorry state of our nation and her tattered reputation around the world, is it any wonder that Americans have begun to turn their backs on a government corrupted by progressive failure? Attacks by Islamic terrorists are met with condescending calls from our government to be tolerant to these “peaceful Muslims” and resist retaliatory attacks despite the lack of any evidence to the contrary. Their refusal to identify the enemy clearly at war with us and taking every opportunity to confirm such has turned our anger into cynicism as we watch the government dismantle the measures enacted after 9/11 to prevent future terrorist attacks that now occur all too frequently.

The government takes our property at its whim either directly or through denial of use. The Obama Administration flouts the law by stonewalling efforts to investigate its many scandals and abuses of power. Those in government who abuse their power and commit crimes on behalf of the administration are rewarded with promotions while the administration offers lame excuses and outright lies to explain their actions.

In their quest to obtain and wield power, progressives were willing to be ruthless to the point of destroying the country and forever poisoning the political atmosphere. We no longer feel that a new administration would make a difference as we realize that a fundamental shunning of this political ruthlessness by all Americans is required to reestablish any hope of trust and ability to compromise between the parties.

Our government has grown too large to manage properly and spread itself too thin to be of any practical use to us in time of need. Its size makes it a threat to our liberty as it consumes ever greater portions of our wealth to exist and satisfy its natural tendency to expand. It has become a collective bureaucracy who employees benefit in its expansion at our expense. Those who produce are vilified and shaken down to fund those who are satisfied with the meager lot of serving as its parasites. We no longer have faith that the government can be reduced back to a manageable size that meets the needs of its citizens effectively. For many of us, the situation appears hopeless and we have hunkered down for the inevitable collapse in the hopes of surviving the coming apocalypse.

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