Celebrating Memorial Day

As we celebrate this Memorial Day, let us take the time to offer a prayer of thanks to God for the sacrifices of our military in preserving our freedom, and let us resolve to be ever vigilant in jealously guarding the liberty they have given up so much to purchase and retain for us. 

America was conceived as a nation of liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal and deserving of certain inalienable rights such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our forefathers waged an impossible war against hopeless odds to wrest our liberty from the most powerful nation in the world. The liberty we enjoy belongs to them and is merely handed down to each successive generation with the ominous warning that it is easily lost and must be vigilantly guarded. And, each generation has had to make the ultimate sacrifice to guard this liberty, adding their names to the ownership of this liberty they have preserved and passed along.

As we go about our Memorial Day celebrating with our friends and families, let us at some point somberly remember their sacrifices amid the parades and cookouts, the hot dogs and ice cream, and the laughter and merriment of celebrating a day off in spring. And, let us resolve to be worthy of their sacrifice by being ever vigilant ourselves in cherishing and protecting the liberty which they have so preciously handed us to safeguard with their blood.

For you see, our enemies are not exclusively foreign, but exist also among us in the form of those who would misuse good intentions to consolidate their power over us and take away our liberty through the very government our forefathers established to keep us free. The hearts of men are dark, including the hearts of many of our fellow countrymen. Our forefathers understood this as many of their neighbors remained loyal to Britain and refused to join the cause of freedom. They remembered these things when drafting the Constitution to provide the framework of our government, and they included provisions making the levers of power especially difficult to obtain and consolidate into the hands of a few. They realized that even this was not enough and included fall back provisions relegating much power to the individual states, and guaranteeing Americans the right to keep and bear arms for the day when we must wrest our liberty not from a foreign power, but from an enemy within.

America is an extremely resilient nation who has seen much in her young life and quickly rose to prominence in the world to take her place as a leader among nations. She serves as a beacon of liberty and commerce for the oppressed of the world, and she fights for their liberation so that other peoples may enjoy the liberty we take for granted until it is threatened. She has suffered terrible wars in the preservation of liberty and sacrificed much blood and treasure so that we may sleep soundly in the bosom of freedom.

It is far easier to recognize the threat from without than it is to recognize the threat from within. The foreign enemy sends envoys while he gathers his forces and brings war to us, but the domestic enemy appears as our friend with good intentions. He slowly drains our liberty from us in a series of reasonable steps to ensure our safety. He erodes our individualism and self reliance as he insidiously makes us dependent upon the very government created to protect our liberty. He is one of our countrymen, and it is difficult for us to imagine that one of our own could intend us so much harm. By the time we realize the truth he has consolidated his power and exercised his audacious plans to rule over us as subjects. The small gaffes we laughed off as embarrassing mistakes we suddenly realize were not gaffes at all, but intentional references to ideology strategically placed to amuse his inner circle as inside quips.

As we celebrate this Memorial Day remembering the sacrifices of our military and thanking God for their service in keeping us free from foreign enemies, let us remember also our responsibility in preserving our freedom by remaining ever vigilant for domestic enemies and resolving to fight just as hard against them. Let us resolve to dedicate a portion of our time to vigilance over our government and resist the temptation to focus exclusively on work and family while leaving the administration of government to those we do not watch. Rare indeed is the man who can be so trusted with our liberty that he does not require our vigilant attention and should be considered so scarce as to not exist at all. For that man will welcome our attention and all other men will be tempered by our attention. God bless America, and God bless our military.

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