A Bright Shining Lie

The brutal murder of 25-year old British soldier Lee Rigby, who was hacked to death in broad daylight on a city street in full view of witnesses by two fanatical Muslims boasting of their crime and their intention to continue murdering in the name of Allah with Rigby’s blood still dripping from their hands, exposes the awful truth behind the bright shining lie of Muslim tolerance and peaceful Muslims being forced upon us by governments in the Western Hemisphere who continue to willfully ignore the reality that has become all too apparent to the rest of us. 

Islam is less a religion and more of a doctrine of conquest promulgated by the leader Mohammed to justify his desire to dominate neighboring provinces. Islam views everyone outside the faith as infidels and offers only three ways for a Muslim to deal with these infidels. They can either be converted to Islam by force, they can be forced to pay a tax known as the jizya, or they must be killed, which is preferable to the jizya. There are no other alternatives and Islam is rigid on this point.

Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks awakened America and the west to the reality of fanatical Islamic terrorism, there has been no shortage of Islamic websites, videos, and interviews with al-Qaeda leadership figures in which these terrorists have repeatedly warned that they are intent on the destruction of the United States as the Great Satan and her ally Israel. Islamic Imams preach hatred towards the west in their mosques while counseling recruits in the glory and righteousness of their desire to become martyrs for the cause of Islam.

Our leaders have gone to great lengths to lecture us that most Muslims are peaceful and only a small radical subset of Muslims is responsible for creating this terrorist mayhem. This despite the evidence that continues to pour forth in the form of radical Islamic teachings, the examination of Islamic doctrine, and the lack of protests from these so called “peaceful” Muslims against the radicals we’re told have hijacked their religion. Our leaders react to terrorist acts like we are the ones who somehow caused the attacks and are itching to retaliate despite the fact that no retaliations have ever occurred.

President Obama, in one of his first acts as president, toured the Middle East and apologized for American actions in the region in an effort to present America as a kinder, gentler nation in the hopes that Muslims would react more positively towards our humbled stance. Muslims, having been raised in the doctrine of conquest, naturally saw this as a sign of weakness and determined to step up their efforts to attack America and drive her from the region. Warring cultures view the world through the lens of war, and apologies are seen as weakness and an indication that their enemies have lost the will to fight.

The Obama Administration campaigned on the theme that George Bush and his war on terrorism had alienated America in the Middle East with his heavy hand of conquest in Afghanistan and Iraq in pursuit of those responsible for 9/11. Obama promised to adopt a more humble approach and that this policy shift would win us Arab friends in the area, thus reducing us as a target for their animosity. This policy has failed miserably with Islamic attacks on America under Obama where there were none after 9/11 under Bush.

Obama promised to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, but failed to develop a plan for relocating the terrorist combatants held there and failed to account for the outrage of Americans over this action. He has discontinued the waterboarding techniques which provided much intelligence as to future terrorist attacks. Waterboarding was derided by progressives as torture and beneath the dignity of America, yet its effectiveness cannot be disputed as there were no further terrorist attacks on America under the Bush Administration while several high profile attacks were stopped before they could be carried out. Obama prefers drone strikes which, while less politically messy, yield no intelligence to prevent future attacks.

Under Obama, we have suffered a number of terrorist attacks which have been relabeled as workplace violence or not acknowledged at all. The Foot Hood massacre perpetrated by Major Nidal Hassan shouting Allahu Akbar as he was firing on soldiers was classified as workplace violence denying the victims medal status and hazard pay. The Benghazi scandal was precipitated upon a desire by the Obama Administration to protect the narrative that al-Qaeda was decimated and the terrorists were defeated prior to the election. The Benghazi terrorist attacks, which claimed the lives of four Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens, were blamed on rioting over an obscure Internet video despite repeated warnings from Ambassador Stevens of terrorist activity and requests for additional security which were denied by Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

Initial press speculation in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing centered on the work of TEA Party extremists which quickly morphed into the work of individuals upon discovery of video showing Tamarlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev planting the backpacks containing the pressure cooker bombs. The Tsarnaev brothers were Chechens who left behind clues that they had ties to radicalized Muslim groups, which conflicts with the official Obama Administration narrative of them as lone individuals. Russian President Vladimir Putin pointed out that Russian intelligence had warned US intelligence that Tamarlan Tsarnaev had visited with radical Muslim groups and should be watched, but this warning was lost in the vast bureaucracy.

After each of these Islamic terrorist attacks our leaders have taken great pains to lecture us not to retaliate against Muslims as the vast majority are peaceful and wish us no harm. Their posturing is over the top considering that there has not been one case of retaliation against Muslims in the west. Yet they continue to exhort us to refrain from something we are clearly not doing in the first place. Our leaders extol the virtues of Muslims and point out their disdain for these radicals, yet we never hear any Muslim groups protesting this supposed radical minority giving Islam a bad name, nor do we have Muslim spokesmen denouncing these terrorist acts as being in contradiction to Muslim doctrine. Our leaders have protested to the point of becoming Muslim apologists as they minimize Islamic terrorist acts and continually point out Muslim tolerance where no Muslims bother to do so.

Now, we have the brutal murder of British soldier Lee Rigby in broad daylight on a city street in front of numerous witnesses. Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale hacked Rigby to death with meat cleavers and knives shouting the all too familiar Islamic terrorist refrain of Allahu Akbar, or God is great. Adebolajo then launched into a rant to a witness holding a video camera that these killings would continue as Rigby’s blood dripped from his hands. Still, leaders rushed to warn citizens not to retaliate against peaceful Muslims for this brutal killing.

We in the west are not brutal savages who routinely engage in revenge killings. We believe in the rule of law and allow the justice system to process criminals, yet our leaders treat us as if we were no better than the Muslim savages which continue to attack us while warning us of future attacks. Our leaders refuse to acknowledge that the Muslim world is engaged in a war against Western Civilization which threatens the control of its adherents with our liberalized treatment of our fellow citizens. Islam is stuck in the Dark Ages with repressive controls on its followers who are not allowed to think for themselves and must seek guidance from the Muslim leaders. Muslim women are little more than property with no rights and very little regard.

The ideas of freedom, self determination, and equality underpinning Western Civilization are a direct threat to the control Islam has over its followers and is demonized by the Muslim leadership. Once Muslims get a taste for the liberalization of the west, they do not submit so easily to Islamic control. This is why the west is demonized by Muslim leaders who fear the loss of their power to control their subjects. Ordinary Muslims can’t be allowed to learn that there is a more liberating alternative to the repressive control to which they are accustomed.

Ironically, the progressives who rail against Christianity’s repression of sin with their secular humanist view of individual definitions of truth are the very ones apologizing for Islam and supporting Muslim reinterpretation of American laws to be more closely aligned with Sharia law. They reject Christianity’s relatively mild exhortation to refrain from sin in favor of Islam’s much more strict control of behavior.

Our leaders have lost their ability to admonish us as to the virtues of Islam with their refusal to identify Islamic repression and terrorism as the enemy of Western Civilization. The Islamic terrorists are telling us that they are waging war against us with the blood of our people dripping from their hands, yet our leaders refuse to believe what they are seeing and hearing. Their willful ignorance has cost them the moral authority to lecture us on Islamic retaliation. The sooner we acknowledge the bright shining lie being perpetrated by our leaders, the sooner we can properly identify the enemy and get on with the business of defeating him.

I, for one, am damn sick and tired of being treated as if I were going to begin killing Muslims in retaliation for their heinous terrorist acts. I’m sick to death of hearing our leaders apologize for Muslims who won’t stand up themselves to denounce these terrorist attacks. These Muslims are allowed to immigrate to our country, live in enclaves where they are not forced to assimilate, preach their hatred towards Western Civilization in mosques across our country, and carry out terrorist attacks which kill our citizens while our leaders plead for me to be more understanding. I’ve been more than understanding, and my patience is at an end. When these terrorists can kill us in broad daylight and rant about how they will continue to do so with our blood on their hands, then it’s time for us Americans to reassess the situation and take the fight to them!

It’s time to put an end to this bright shining lie of Muslim tolerance and begin speaking the truth about what we’re really up against and what it will take to defeat this lunacy masquerading as a religion. It’s time we stopped changing our systems to accommodate Muslims and forced them to change to accommodate our systems. This is our country and they should have to assimilate if they want to be here instead of us assimilating to their desires. Islam is not a peaceful religion and there are no tolerant Muslims. They preach hatred and subjugation, and are unwilling to leave us alone. If it is war they want, then we need to acknowledge that fact and bring it to them!

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