Even More Scandal Revelations

As if the Benghazi cover up heating up from whistleblower testimony this week and the IRS scandal involving the deliberate targeting of TEA Party and other conservative groups accidently revealed Friday were not enough, today we learn that the Justice Department tapped the phone lines of the Associated Press to keep tabs on journalists and listen in on privileged conversations. 

Career diplomat Gregory Hicks, testifying to Congressman Darrell Issa’s House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Wednesday, revealed behind-the-scenes details from the Benghazi terrorist attacks that differed sharply from the official administrative narrative and left the White House scrambling to reconcile the discrepancies. ABC reported that the talking points memo responsible for Susan Rice’s false narrative on five Sunday talk shows following the attack went through some 12 iterations as details of the attack were watered down by State Department officials seeking to protect the administration prior to the November elections.

On Friday, Lois Lerner, who heads the IRS division responsible for overseeing tax exempt groups, apologized for her agency deliberately targeting TEA Party and other conservative groups during the 2012 elections. Lerner’s apology confirmed the suspicions of conservative groups that they were being singled out for government retribution due to their conservative views and opposition to Obama Administration policies. Apparently, administration officials were targeting their political opponents with the unlimited resources of the government to silence their Constitutional right to free speech, and Americans are right to distrust the government.

Both of these scandals are deeply disturbing as the Benghazi cover up indicates the willingness of administration officials to put politics above the lives of Americans, and the IRS scandal indicates that the willingness of administration officials to use government agencies to persecute their political opponents. On top of these two shocking scandals, we learned today that the Justice Department tapped the phone lines of Associated Press journalists to access their privileged communications leaving us to discover the details of yet another scandal.

Liberals have long pointed to the Nixon Administration as the epitome of political wrongdoing for employing various illegal dirty tricks to insure Richard Nixon’s reelection in 1974. Many of those who have served in the Obama Administration, including Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, worked with Democrats to reveal details of the Watergate burglary and its subsequent cover up by the Nixon Administration. Apparently, the lessons of Watergate have been lost on members of the Obama Administration.

The more cynical out there might be forgiven for believing that the IRS scandal was deliberately revealed to deflect attention away from the more serious Benghazi scandal. The administration could plausibly insist that low level IRS bureaucrats instigated the targeting of conservative groups in a misguided effort to protect the administration, while details of the Benghazi cover up point directly to high level administration figures. With the revelation of this latest scandal concerning the AP, we now have the State Department, top level White House officials, the IRS, and now the Justice Department embroiled in criminal activity indicating serious ethical lapses.

Regardless of the motives for these new scandals appearing publicly, the administration is in serious ethical trouble and appears scandal ridden. Shocked Americans are now left wondering what new scandals await revelation by an administration appearing increasingly incapable of serious leadership and the ethical oversight of the government. These new scandals are coming at a much faster pace than those of Fast & Furious and the Justice Department’s refusal to prosecute the New Black Panthers for election violations in 2008.

Congressional committees are gearing up to investigate the IRS allegations, and still more investigations will be created to investigate the Justice Department tapping of AP communications. Congressmen are about to find themselves spread thin doing the investigative work the press has lazily refused to engage in as part of their Fourth Estate responsibilities. The press is scrambling to remain relevant as Americans are bombarded by scandals they either refused to cover or have been ignorant of all along. It is this attitude of nonchalance which has led to declining media profits and increasing irrelevance to the national conversation as Americans turn to alternative sources for the news they aren’t getting from the mainstream press.

President Obama is on the defensive as he scrambles to deflect attention away from these scandals. Back in September, Obama employed the defensive tactic of taking charge of the Benghazi cover up scandal and promising to get to the bottom while buying time for the attention of Americans to shift elsewhere. Benghazi has resurfaced with a vengeance commanding the attention of Americans, and Obama is left denying that there is any substance to this story and is merely the fabrication of his political rivals on the right. Now, up pops the IRS scandal and Obama is once again promising to investigate in an attempt to discover what happened while once again buying time for the scandal to die down. Suddenly, the Justice Department AP eavesdropping scandal breaks leaving Obama with no other defensive tools to employ.

Administration officials are now caught up in multiple scandals any or all of which could embroil them in legal prosecutions that could land them in prison. Denials of these various scandals and explanations of their details are looking increasingly flimsy as more scandals engulf the administration in an increasingly deepening quagmire. The press realizes that the Obama Administration is increasingly a lost cause and they are breaking ranks to catch up to the investigations begun by reporters from Fox News and conservative websites.

It will certainly be interesting to watch administration officials twist in the wind over their inane denials and explanations. The Obama Administration is suddenly unraveling before our eyes and the emperor increasingly appears to be stark naked before us. The thin skinned narcissist in Obama in certain to soon appear in all of its ugliness as he struggles to comprehend the destruction of his popularity and ability to persuade increasingly skeptical Americans. Obama’s denials will get louder and shriller as he seeks to shift blame onto others for the failures of his administration.

Obama preferred vacationing and play to the hard work of governing and allowed others to attend to the details. He is now reaping the fruits of what he has sown by his lack of oversight to his administration. Either this, or he really is at the center of all of these scandals and complicit in their direction and subsequent cover ups.

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One Response to Even More Scandal Revelations

  1. Dr Ed says:

    It’s ironic that, a few days after Obama cautioned graduating seniors to ignore voices warning of tyranny in government circles, that we are inundated with multiple credible allegations of tyrannical behavior by the government whose executive branch is led by…Barack Obama. Perfect examples of the Founding Fathers’ fears of what government would become if left unchecked by the Constitution and an informed and empowered electorate.

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