Abortion’s Maginot Line

Like the impressive French defense system made irrelevant by Germany’s blitzkrieg, the line of defense surrounding partial birth abortion has been made irrelevant by the repulsion of Americans in the conviction of Dr. Kermit Gosnell of first degree murder. 

With the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, abortion has divided American opinion like no issue since the Civil War was fought to abolish slavery. Like slavery, abortion has staunch supporters and fierce detractors willing to devote time and energy to promote their side, even to the point of passionately coming to blows. Supporters of slavery argued the issue was ultimately one of states’ rights to be decided individually by each state, while abolitionists argued that a nation founded upon the concept of liberty could not support the issue of slavery in good conscience. America was unable to settle its differences over slavery without resorting to a costly and bloody war that ultimately affirmed the nation’s unity with liberty as its cornerstone.

The Supreme Court removed the possibility that abortion would be decided at the state level and forced the entire country to abide by its tortured reading of the Constitution in deriving its twisted logic. Abortion supporters have continued to employ emotional appeals to protect their multi-billion dollar industry, resisting any encroachment most would consider reasonable as threatening the very existence of abortion as an option. We’ve all heard the melancholy descriptions of back alley abortionists preying on desperate and unsuspecting women having no safe medical option to terminate unwanted pregnancies.

This unwillingness by the abortion movement to tolerate any scrutiny of the abortion industry has resulted in the very back alley abortionists the pro abortion movement has constantly thrown up in support of legalized abortion. These back alley abortionists have moved their operations out of the shadows and set up shop on our main streets. Pro abortion supporters have resisted all efforts to regulate abortion clinics along the same lines as other medical facilities where serious medical procedures are performed. The result is filthy clinics similar to that of Dr. Gosnell all across America preying on unsuspecting women who mistakenly are led to believe they are entering sanctioned and regulated facilities.

The practice of late-term abortions has been especially repulsive to Americans as it involves the termination of fetuses late enough in the pregnancy to be viable. The gruesome procedure involves the butchering of the fetus through removal of its limbs in the womb and the removal of the fetal brain through a suction device so the skull can be crushed to fit through the birth canal. Dr. Gosnell practiced an even more gruesome procedure of inducing labor to deliver the fetus prematurely in order to kill it as it cleared the birth canal. To insure its death, Dr. Gosnell instructed his unlicensed assistants to coldly snip the spinal cord of the fetus with a pair of scissors.

Adherents of secular humanism employ rationalization to define the truth as it suits their circumstances. Secular humanism is the primary reason for America’s slide down the slippery slope towards immoral behavior and societal decay. It is secular humanism that allows abortionists to morph from removing fetal tissue early in a pregnancy to inducing delivery and murdering the premature babies delivered as they struggle for survival.

A Philadelphia jury has concluded in the case of Dr. Kermit Gosnell that there is a line beyond which abortion ceases to be a medical procedure and crosses into systematic and cold blooded murder that can’t be rationalized away under the hubris of secular humanism. This jury verdict reminds us all that there are indeed universal truths to which we are all subject and must adhere.

Predictably, pro abortion groups are spinning this case as an outlier from their industry and fabricating the illusion that an imaginary conservative crackdown is responsible for creating the conditions in which clinics such as that of Dr. Gosnell could exist and thrive. They are trembling at the notion that ordinary Americans could be repulsed by the grotesque abortion procedures revealed by this trial. They have long sought to insulate Americans from the details of the abortion procedure and have fought tenaciously against conservative attempts to force women seeking abortions to undergo ultrasound procedures that reveal details of fetal development and confirm the fetal heartbeat. They do not want women contemplating abortion to realize they are destroying the life of a human being, preferring that this realization comes after the procedure and caring not that these women will have to live with the pain of their decisions for the rest of their lives.

The trial of Dr. Gosnell has revealed the grisly details of abortion along with the filth of abortion clinics and the extent of the abortion industry in resisting regulation of these filthy clinics, and his conviction has revealed that there is a moral line beyond which Americans are unwilling to cross. If this is what a woman is choosing, then this jury is saying that they are choosing murder. The issue of slavery forced America to examine itself and confront the sanctity of human beings as equally deserving of liberty. Abortion is forcing America to weigh the sanctity of human life against the right of women to not be inconvenienced by their lifestyle choices. Dr. Gosnell’s conviction is forcing Americans to become aware of the gruesomeness of the abortion procedure and the extent to which abortionists have redefined the acceptability of abortion expansion. If Dr. Gosnell is the face of legal abortion, then it’s time to reexamine the legality of this grotesque procedure and finally protect the sanctity of human life as is incumbent on us as a nation of liberty to fulfill the role of government as the protector of those least able to protect themselves.

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