Religion and Tolerance

The leftists are browbeating Americans into accepting Islam as a peaceful religion on the same level as Christianity by misusing the Christian principle of tolerance against us. 

America was founded upon the Judeo-Christian tenets embodied in the Bible, and our founding documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution both mention the founding of America through Divine intervention and pledge thanks to God for His inspiration and support in the process. The Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock embarked upon their journey to escape religious persecution first in England, then in Holland. The idea of religious freedom is deeply ingrained in American history and the American psyche.

The idea that America was founded upon openness and tolerance must be tempered by the knowledge that the age in which it was founded still practiced powerful behavioral constraints such as shame and public disapproval which tempered the urge towards the more outrageous. America was a free country when it came to laws, but community standards still prevailed and were taken quite seriously. Many moved west to escape the more confining aspects of society and lived free for a time until civilization finally caught up with them.

Religion in America tended towards either Catholicism or one of the various branches of Protestantism, with a minority of Jews. Everyone got along because everyone was free to practice their religion and no one could force anyone to practice their religion. That’s not to say that friction didn’t exist or that everyone lived happily ever after. In fact, there was a great deal of strife surrounding the founding of the Mormon religion and much bloodshed accompanied the founding and eventual relocation to Utah. In the end though, being an American tended to trump whatever religion one practiced.

America never had to contend with Islam during its formative years as tolerance for religion became the norm. Christianity extols love toward God and one another built upon the Jewish foundations of the Old Testament. As Christians, we are admonished to spread the word of Christ to make it available to those who are unaware. We are reminded that those who come to Christ must do so of their own volition and that they can never do so under duress. There is only one way, and it is rocky and narrow, but it is open to all who would choose it.

In contrast, Islam is a doctrine of conquest and subjugation with only three possible responses to an infidel: either forced conversion to Islam, taxation as a dhimmi, or death. Not exactly the stuff of tolerance and love, and not the type of doctrine that would have flourished in America where rugged individualism and freedom of religion were ingrained into the national DNA. It is not surprising that Islam remained a fractional minority in America that kept to itself. It adherents had to tolerated the infidels surrounding them because they were outnumbered.

After the Islamic terrorist attacks of 9/11, we were urged not to vent our frustrations on Muslims in America and told that the actions of these radical Islamic terrorists were not indicative of the vast majority of Muslims who were really peaceful people. The fear that Americans would randomly attack Muslims in response to 9/11 was always overblown and irrational as Americans are generally prone to associate the crime with the criminal and not the group. However, this fear of retribution has remained entrenched among the political class which has taken pains to create a situation where it is seen as politically incorrect to even criticize Muslims or associate terrorist acts with Islam. The left has been especially vociferous about protecting Muslims from any criticism even when the evidence of their complicity as a group has been overwhelming.

Major Nidal Hassan went on a shooting spree at Food Hood in Texas shouting the Islamic terrorist cry of “Allah Akbar” at the behest of radical Islamic Imam Anwar al-Awlaki, whom it was later learned had been his spiritual advisor, yet both the government and the left refuse to identify this incident as an Islamic terrorist event. The Obama Administration has pointedly refused to condemn numerous foiled plots as terrorist attacks or acknowledge the involvement of radical Muslims. Part of this was the fear of admitting that terrorism was still viable prior to the election, but the majority is the refusal to acknowledge that Islamic terrorism is still a viable threat to America. Obama was elected promising to end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and admission that terrorist threats remained complicated this agenda.

Islam is not tolerant, yet it is demanded that we not only tolerate it, but elevate it to the same level as Christianity in our society. Americans have been subjected to the inanities of the left’s political correctness over Islam for far too long. We see our own military attack Christianity as extremist and intolerant in a bizarre episode of surrealism. Christianity, the most tolerant doctrine of peace and love the world has ever known and the foundational basis of America itself is now categorized by the military as intolerant extremism on the level of radical Islam.

America’s leaders have consistently refused to identify the true enemy in this struggle, preferring such euphemisms as War on Terror. We overwhelmingly defeated the pitiful militaries of Iraq and Afghanistan, but we allowed the radical elements to fade into the background where they have patiently awaited our eventual withdrawal to reemerge and continue their subjugation of the people we fought to liberate. They will reorganize and attack us again from the safe havens they are reestablishing as we leave. In our zeal to demonstrate tolerance, our enemy has used our openness against us to undermine our attempts to eradicate the radical terrorist elements bent on our destruction. We have grown weary of a conflict prolonged by our reluctance to identify a clear enemy and clear goals. We continue to suffer at the hands of Muslim terrorists even as we continue to refuse to acknowledge them as our enemy.

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