Marathon Massacre

This week’s terrorist bombing of the Boston Marathon is a painful reminder that the complacency we’ve grown accustomed to in the years since 9/11 is unwarranted as terrorism once again visits an American city. 

At this point, we have no knowledge of who perpetrated this heinous act or why. In many ways, that is much more frightening as we have no way of classifying or categorizing the motives behind this bombing, nor do we have any idea who to pursue. Perhaps this was the work of a lone individual with some sort of twisted agenda, or perhaps the perpetrators are waiting to gauge American reaction before laying claim to this incident. An overwhelming pursuit on the scale of the hunt for Osama bin Laden might cause even the most ardent political group to pass on accepting responsibility if it means being hounded to death by the sleeping giant that is America.

This attack has been a monumental failure on the part of our intelligence services, which have been held out as having the ability to discern terror plots through the chatter of ordinary life. Perhaps they dropped the ball due to the dismantling of our intelligence abilities since George Bush left office, or perhaps the terrorists have adapted to our intelligence gathering capabilities and shifted the paradigm of their communications abilities. Either way, they were caught both flat-footed and unaware, which is unforgivable in light of the billions of dollars we spend on intelligence gathering and the amount of our civil liberties we’ve sacrificed in lieu of government protection from terrorist attack.

Shamelessly and predictably, the liberal left seized on the bombing for the purely political purpose of denigrating Senators both Republican and Democrat for refusing to be guilted into supporting ineffective gun control measures in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre perpetrated by a mentally deranged young man in a gun free zone. The hyperbole has reached the point where liberals are even blaming the bombing on Republicans and the NRA as if their actions had somehow made the bombing possible.

Regardless of who is ultimately found to be responsible or their motivations, we can expect further calls from the left for Americans to surrender their liberty for the illusion of increased security. This, despite the fact that terrorists intent on unleashing evil in America will find a way to use our open society against us with the only alternative being to become a closed society that is the antithesis of America itself.

The bombing of the Boston Marathon was perpetrated by evil people intent on causing mayhem and fear in pursuit of their political goals. As yet, we don’t know if this attack was perpetrated by foreign or domestic sources, but it has reawakened us to the fact that we must be ever vigilant in the fight against terrorism and accept that terrorists are intent on bringing the fight to us in unpredictable and asymmetric ways. Be it 9/11, Oklahoma City, Times Square, or the Boston Marathon, we would do well to remember that life as we knew it when the oceans separated us from the troubles of the world and the thought of Americans engaging in such acts of treachery was unfathomable is over for good.

We are watching the left spend us into oblivion while dismantling our military and weakening us around the world. Their reaction is to instantly point the finger at the right and cast blame on others for their failures. They are weak and are weakening America. They are supported by a biased media complicit in the perpetuation of their leftist agenda. The media can’t hide this story like the abortion house of horrors trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia, but they work tirelessly to manipulate the narrative to further the leftist agenda.

It is incumbent upon us liberty loving Americans to resist the left’s call to sacrifice more of our civil liberties in their false promises of increased security. We must refuse to allow the left to cast blame for its failures upon their political opponents. We must look upon the media with a jaundiced eye and refuse to take their word at face value. Above all, we must refuse to succumb to the power of leftist political correctness to stymie debate and provide cover for fanatical Islamist extremists. While we don’t know if the Boston Marathon bombing was an Islamic terrorist attack, we do know that there have been plenty of Islamic terrorist attacks in the past and Islam is not without guilt in perpetrating these attacks upon America. We also know from the Foot Hood massacre of Major Nidal Hassan that the left is loathed to identify any attack as either terrorist or Islamic for fear of corrupting their carefully constructed narrative that al-Qaeda is in ruins and the military is no longer required at their present levels.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of this horrendous event and the families of those who died enjoying a sunny afternoon at an American sporting event with not a thought in the world of evil and its instigators. Once again we have had to bear witness to the ability of Americans to come to the aid of their fellow citizens in a time of trouble. It is comforting to know that this capability is as strong as ever, but chilling to realize it is still necessary with any frequency.

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