Media Blackout on Abortion Horrors

The trial of Philadelphia abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell is revealing shocking details of systemic infanticide and the cold indifference of a man preying on susceptible women by endangering their lives in unsanitary conditions while his attorney plays the race card in a desperate attempt to divert attention from his callous actions, but you won’t see any of it in the media. 

Dr. Gosnell ran two multi-million dollar abortion practices in poor Philadelphia neighborhoods where he amassed a fortune preying on vulnerable women who felt they were without options. DEA and FBI agents raided Gosnell’s abortion clinic in January 2011 investigating allegations of a drug operation only to discover a filthy clinic containing fetal remains preserved in specimen jars. Gosnell is charged with multiple counts of murder and is facing the death penalty in a trial which is being universally ignored by the national media to protect the abortion industry.

Liberal media bias is well documented by now with revelation of Ezra Klein’s JournoList Google Groups forum of 400 leftist journalists and academics, along with numerous instances of bias from the leftist slant on stories, refusal to seriously dig into Barack Obama’s past, and the outright refusal to cover newsworthy events that conflict with the radical secular progressive agenda of the left.

There’s a saying in the news business that “if it bleeds, it leads.” Gruesome stories of murder and mayhem never fail to garner the public’s attention, and they used to sell newspapers when we had some worth reading. The gruesome factor of the event is directly proportional to the public’s interest, meaning that the murder of babies born alive in a filthy abortion clinic should be a dream story for every reporter clawing his way up the journalist ladder.

You’d be wrong in making that assumption as you have to consider that the abortion industry is the left’s sacrosanct constituency able to literally get away with murder under the absolute protection of the progressives. There is absolutely no horror abortionists can commit that the left will not defend to the death as if they were occupying the Alamo or defending Iwo Jima. They will vigorously defend abortion abuses that they personally find repulsive to protect their cherished right to kill fetuses that happen to intrude upon their convenience.

The horrors documented in Dr. Gosnell’s trial include such macabre details as snipping the spinal cords of babies born alive during the abortion procedure to sever their brains from their bodies and drown out their screams. It has always been recognized that once born, a fetus became a baby with the full rights and protections of the law as any other American citizen. Yet, abortion has become so commonplace that even that once sacred line is being crossed as rationalization has taken hold of the left to redefine what is permissible. Life is truly cheap to the left.

Employees of Dr. Gosnell’s clinic have testified to these atrocities and more such as keeping the feet and even whole fetuses in jars of formaldehyde, extremely unsanitary conditions, and the practice of medical procedures by non licensed personnel. But, the national media is nowhere to be found. Rows of seats reserved for the media at Gosnell’s trial sit empty. Local media cover the trial while the national media insists that it’s only local news with no interest outside of Philadelphia.


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Really? Abortion is the most divisive issue in American politics with both sides marching in the streets protesting to sway public opinion which is gradually shifting away from support as the public learns the lurid details of what’s actually happening. Knowing this, the media is actually going to lean on the flimsy argument that the grisly details of these heinous mutilations involving the most divisive issue of modern times are not newsworthy? It is opinions that are beyond credibility like this that have revealed to Americans the leftist progressive bias of the media and driven us away in droves from their product.

The problem with news media can be traced back to their shift from reporters to journalists. Reporters were taught to gather the relevant facts and answer the who, what, where, when, and why questions pertinent to readers. Headlines sold papers and bloody film caught the attention of viewers while the story underneath was of secondary importance to provide context. Then, it was realized that news stories could be written in a more emotive way to influence the opinions of readers towards the leftist bias of the media community.

Thus was born the journalist, who graduated from college knowing how to answer the basic news questions in a way that led the reader to a conclusion that supported the leftist agenda. It was also realized that what was not reported was just as important in shaping public opinion as what was reported. Thus, the sin of journalistic omission came into its own. Details of the Benghazi terrorist attack making the progressive president look bad? Well, we’ll just not cover it. No need for the public to see that. Abortion atrocities in the Gosnell trial turning public opinion away from abortion support? Americans don’t need to see that. It’s not newsworthy.

Details of Dr. Gosnell’s abortion horror clinic are not the only ones the media is covering up. Out of Delaware is emerging details of abuses committed by a Planned Parenthood clinic so horrible that employees of the clinic reported them to 911 in a series of emergency calls. Employees have described unsanitary conditions and procedural abuses that have resulted in a number of women having to be rushed to area emergency rooms after botched abortions. Former employee Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich, describing the soiled and unclean operating tables as they rushed to get patients in and out of the operating room stated “It’s not washed down, it’s not even cleaned off. It has bloody drainage on it.”

Planned Parenthood is held up as a model of family planning with abortion as just one of their many options made available to women they portray as having few other options. Any scrutiny of Planned Parenthood is vociferously attacked with grim warnings of a return to the days of back alley abortions with images of coat hangers and dead girls lying in pools of blood. Planned Parenthood has managed to remove these scenarios from the back alley and put them in a nationwide chain of abortion mills supporting a multi-billion dollar industry. Women don’t need to search for agonizing death in a back alley; they can just visit their local Planned Parenthood clinic to be taken advantage of.

The trial of Dr. Gosnell is exposing morbid details of the ghastly murder of infants, and exposing the total leftist bias of the media in their refusal to cover the story, while also exposing the hypocrisy of the abortion industry as they lay claim to the exclusive right to take advantage of desperate women. Until the media industry completely collapses and someone steps forward with the intent of placing profits above ideology, don’t expect to see these or any other stories contradicting the progressive agenda anytime soon in the national media. When reporters start replacing journalists, we’ll know someone is getting serious about making money in the news business.

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