Progressive Gun Control

In its zeal to pass gun control, the radical left has politicized mass killing sprees by psychopaths to promote its cause and employed the media to shift the narratives to discover the emotional line that most resonates with Americans while displaying an obscene ignorance about guns in general. 

The one thing Jared Loughner, James Holmes, and Adam Lanza had in common, other than committing heinous massacres of innocent people with firearms, is that each was a mentally deranged psychopath. The radical left conveniently plays down this point as it both conflicts with their agenda of promoting rights for the mentally unstable and it detracts from the agenda of enacting draconian gun control.

America once housed the mentally unstable in vast institutions where the conventional wisdom in psychiatry often led to horrible treatment of patients. The radical left has chipped away at the laws which allowed for the institutionalization of those whose mental faculties did not allow for them to remain a safe part of society. Without medication, these mentally unstable individuals became both a danger to themselves and to others, and so were institutionalized to insure they received proper medication and supervision.

Liberals gradually dismantled the infrastructure of American psychiatric institutions and turned the mentally deranged out into the street to self-medicate under the guise of protecting their rights. These patients promptly refused to take the medication that made them feel bad, thus reverting back to their psychotic selves. Unable to hold jobs or function as productive citizens, they became homeless and sank further underground as Americans who once didn’t think of them hidden away in mental institutions now ignored them as homeless beggars.

Psychotic behavior being what it is, this army of the mentally deranged often lapsed into violent behavior attacking people and causing mayhem. Only after committing a violent crime was it permissible to institutionalize these psychopaths and force them to take their medication. They then appeared normal in court on their meds and it was often hard to reconcile their psychotic behavior without meds with their normal appearance on meds.

We have recently experienced three high profile massacres committed by psychopaths who refused to take their meds and became violent dangers to society, but the left refuses to see the glaringly obvious psychotic aspect and prefers to focus on the futile illusion of gun control. They prefer to see the mentally deranged as having the excuse of mental instability, and who would be alright if they just couldn’t get their hands on guns. This completely ignores numerous violent attacks and murders committed each year by the mentally deranged where no gun is involved.

Liberals just don’t like guns, and have never taken the time to understand guns or gun owners. The left claims the lofty ideals of tolerance, open-mindedness, and permissiveness, but practice intolerance toward any opinion or thought in opposition of their inflexible agenda. This unwillingness to understand guns and gun culture has led to an astounding level of ignorance on the left that is making itself obvious in embarrassing media gaffes.

At a recent gun forum, Colorado Representative Diana DeGette questioned the need to ban high-capacity ammunition magazines, since they’ll be used up over time anyway once they’re fired. This was part of a response to an older man in which she stated that, armed or not, he’d “probably be dead anyway” if armed intruders broke into his home. To make matters worse, her spokeswoman issued a clarification in which she stated that the congresswoman misspoke and meant to say clips instead of magazines.

Here we have a Democrat displaying intolerance by telling the man it would be useless to defend himself since he’d be dead anyway, and displaying woeful ignorance of guns while claiming to have worked for years on a high-capacity magazine ban and being deeply involved in the issue.

Meanwhile, the Sandy Hook media narrative continues to shift in response to waning support for gun control. Original reports out of Newtown just after the shooting on Dec. 14 had Lanza using two pistols and police finding a Bushmaster .223 rifle in the trunk of his mother’s car in the parking lot. The narrative immediately changed upon discovery of the semi-automatic rifle as having Lanza using the rifle and killing himself with a pistol. This week, it was reported that a 12-guage shotgun was discovered in the glove box of the Honda Civic with two magazines containing 70 rounds of Winchester 12-guage shotgun ammunition. Any good old boy instantly picks up on the fact that you can’t get a shotgun in the glove box of a Honda Civic, and there are no 35-round shotgun magazines.

Americans recognize when they are being lied to by someone who is faking knowledge of a subject that they’ve grown up with. Red-state Americans in flyover country are extremely knowledgeable about firearms, and even those who don’t have one either grew up around them or know someone who talks about them to the point where they have sufficient indirect knowledge to realize these amateur mistakes.

What we gun-owning Americans are seeing is an ignorant bunch of radical liberals who loathe guns and who are flat out lying to us to push radical gun control in opposition of our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. They don’t understand guns and just want them banned. They will listen to no reason, hear no evidence, nor view any facts when it comes to this issue. Support for their radical gun control agenda is rapidly falling as this reality starts to sink in with Americans.

President Obama, sensing the rapidly dwindling support for gun control, has upped the rhetoric by claiming that Lanza committed his massacre with a “fully automatic weapon” despite the fact that fully automatic weapons are not for sale to the general public and are difficult to obtain. Obama didn’t just misspeak in committing this verbal blunder. He is upping the rhetoric in the tradition of Saul Alinsky to inflame the public debate and influence the media narrative. Liberals have shown their ignorance on guns and are prone to believe anything that supports their agenda of gun control, while the complicit media refuses to call the president on this blunder.

The one gun incident we are not hearing a word about is the embarrassing and illegal ATF gunwalking scandal known as Fast & Furious supervised by Eric Holder’s Justice Department. That botched operation put guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels and resulted in the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry in December 2010. It is suspected that this was an Obama Administration attempt to funnel guns to the Mexican drug cartels in the hopes that rising Mexican gun violence would lead to calls for gun control in America. Attorney General Holder still refuses to turn over relevant information subpoenaed by congress in their investigation of this scandal.

Coverups, lies, and ignorance are in abundance from radical liberals who seek to realize their goal of a massive gun control ban of firearms through any means necessary. Americans who see the police as ineffective and unable to respond in a timely manner are resisting giving up their only means of defense. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke recently told residents in a public service announcement “You have a duty to protect yourself,” and that they should arm themselves because the police can no longer respond quickly to 911 calls due to budget cuts. Chicago police have effectively ceded control of the streets to criminals and refuse to leave their patrol cars or even patrol in certain sections of the city.

Americans see the rapidly decaying infrastructure of public protection from law enforcement as the country runs out of money and allows the system to crumble. They realize that their protection now rests in their own hands and they want massive firepower in those hands to deal with whatever the bad guys bring. We don’t want to level the playing field with criminals – we want overwhelming firepower that allows us to own the situation! After all, we’re talking about protecting our lives and the lives of our loved ones here.

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