Conservatives Unite

The recent deal on tax increases engineered by Mitch McConnell and John Boehner demonstrate the complete surrender of the GOP establishment to the secular progressives pushing big government, and the need for conservatives to finally leave the Republican Party. 

As House Majority Leader, John Boehner became the last stalwart against the big government agenda of President Obama and his secular progressive cohorts in the Democrat Party. He tearfully assumed this duty promising to hold the conservative line after TEA Party conservatives delivered the House into Republican hands in the 2010 midterm elections. Conservatives rejoiced as liberal nitwit Nancy Pelosi was forced out of the Speaker’s chair and into the minority.

The first sign of trouble came with the disastrous Budget Control Act of 2011 in which Republicans traded away a rise in the debt limit for the creation of the Congressional Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction. This super committee, whose mission was to cut federal spending under the threat of massive across-the-board cuts which would automatically take effect should the committee fail, was promptly sabotaged by ultra liberal Senator Patty Murray’s demand for tax increases as her opener. Things quickly went downhill from there, resulting in the recent fiscal cliff crisis through which we just suffered.

John Boehner negotiated the original Budget Control Act creating the super committee, then attempted to negotiate a resolution to the fiscal cliff crisis with President Obama who was clearly uninterested in reaching any agreement as he relished sailing over the cliff fully prepared to pin the blame on the hapless Republicans. Mitch McConnell stepped in at the last minute to bargain with Vice President Biden as Boehner flailed about helplessly.

The entire fiscal cliff fiasco was created by the Democrats to corner Republicans with their no-tax-hike pledge, and the GOP leadership fell nicely into the trap as they never completely believed in small government conservatism in the first place. Republicans were hoisted upon their own petard by Democrats set on exposing their hypocrisy on tax increases through a well orchestrated class warfare campaign. Once cornered, the GOP establishment threw up their hands claiming that they got the best deal possible under the circumstances. However, one must overlook the fact that fiscal legislation begins in the House, and that Republicans control the House to believe this fictional account.

Conservatives have watched uneasily as Boehner shed tears, negotiated bad deals, and refused to push through conservative legislation cutting spending which would highlight Harry Reid’s obstructionism in the Senate. We’ve suspiciously listened to explanations from the GOP establishment as they dumped conservative principles to fund Obama’s big government agenda. We suffered through presidential primaries engineered by the establishment to secure the nomination for their man Mitt Romney even as principled conservatives warned they would not support another moderate Republican.

Without the support of grassroots TEA Party members, Republicans would not have retaken the House in 2010 and Boehner would not have become Speaker. The thanks we got for all of our hard work was to be told to get in line and support the Republican agenda… again. The GOP establishment is just as fond of big government as the secular progressives in control of the Democrat Party because it keeps their armies of pollsters and consultants employed. These pollsters and consultants failed once again to elect a moderate Republican running against an incumbent president responsible for the worst economy since the Great Depression.

It is finally time to heed the calls of those who’ve been urging the creation of a third party. There can be no doubt that the GOP establishment is complicit in the protection of big government solutions. Conservatives should abandon the Republican Party and come under the TEA Party banner as a new political party to compete for control of the American political process. The establishment wing of the Republican Party will collapse into the Democrat Party as a moderate wing in opposition to the secular progressive wing currently dominating the Democrats.

Lamentations by the GOP establishment that splitting the party will lead to political dominance by the Democrats ring hollow in the face of such poor deal making by the likes of McConnell and Boehner. Note that the Republican Party was formed in 1856 from the remnants of the Whig Party and went on to take the White House just four years later under Abraham Lincoln. Principled conservatism has proven a winner under President Reagan, but secular progressive control of the media has convinced Republicans that they can no longer win unless they pander to balkanized groups like the Democrats.

We need to stop playing by the secular progressive script and retake the initiative in support of our conservative principles. The GOP establishment controls the Republican Party and will continue to freeze out principled conservatives who threaten their grip on power. We have no choice but to leave them behind and stand on our own. We might find that there are more Americans ready for the creation of a conservative party than we’ve been led to believe by the secular progressive media complicit in pushing the Democrat Party line.

Exit polls from the last election indicated that Americans were unexcited by either party and longed for a real choice to the status quo. Offered a choice between the radical left and the moderate left, Americans chose the radical left in the belief that they would at least get something out of the radicals. They have, but it isn’t what they were promised by Team Obama’s slick political advertising. The addition of a principled conservative choice would have radically altered the last election and begun the long process of restoring America to her place as leader of the free world.

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One Response to Conservatives Unite

  1. The two great Republican general-election victories of the recent past grew out of intraparty insurrections. In 1980, Ronald Reagan, fresh from challenging a sitting Republican president in 1976, ran against a party establishment represented in various ways by Howard Baker, George Bush, and John Connally. A decade later, Newt Gingrich led an insurrection, first against the Bush budget deal and then against Bob Michel and the Republican congressional establishment, which culminated in the Republican landslide of 1994. Now we are witnessing a third insurrection. John McCain is taking on the Republican establishment. In New Hampshire, he crushed it.

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