Americans Left Behind

We have created a subclass unprepared to understand or engage in our increasingly complex society which has become a fifth column for the secular progressives. 

Much has been written describing American decline with many of the conclusions centering on the decline in culture. The swiveling hips of Elvis Presley and mild sexual overtones of early Rock and Roll are laughably tame by today’s standards, and serve as the precise definition of cultural decline. That which we previously found shocking is now reflected upon with nostalgic fondness as we find ourselves disgusted at what passes for entertainment these days. How many times have we recalled someone saying that it will never come to that, only to look back and wonder when it did come to that?

Somewhere along the course of American history, we allowed ourselves to lose the cultural argument. It began innocently enough as the malefactors appealed to reason over some point or the other, and those holding the line relented by buying into the line that it wouldn’t hurt to just listen. It probably began in academia as the concept of intellectual freedom began to be abused in the pursuit of idealistic indoctrination. The malefactors have operated under various labels, but have always shared the sentiment that the institutions which have served America so well should be demolished to create a new order.

As we survey the present landscape, we find that secular progressives have infiltrated academia at all levels, control the media to sickening effect, and have infiltrated the judiciary at all levels. Secular progressives are just communists with a slicker label, but still believe the only divine power is the state itself. Their beliefs being antithetical to the sensibilities of Americans tenaciously fond of liberty, even if they don’t always act so, these malefactors are engaged in a constant marketing and rebranding effort to disguise their true intentions.

As America transitioned from an agrarian society, government took on the responsibility of education to insure that our children were properly prepared to become productive citizens able to understand and thrive in the more complicated Industrial Age. America’s prosperity depended upon citizens being able to read instructions and do simple math to be functional in factories. As our economic system grew more complex and our knowledge improved, new disciplines were established to study and refine this system while better preparing students to participate.

Along the way, the educational system transitioned from an institution charged with preparing students to enter the workforce so that they might thrive and be productive, to one where cultural ideology supplanted the harder sciences of economics and engineering. This transition was accelerated during the cultural upheaval of the 1960s, and the young people from that era now find themselves in leadership positions throughout our society. Our educational system is dominated by teacher unions who place their member interests above and in opposition to the interests of both American society and the children they purport to serve.

Teacher unions have demanded increasingly lower standards by which they could be held accountable while control of their classrooms has been removed from them through judicial rulings. Corporal punishment being removed from their purview, teachers have lost control of their classrooms, students have reverted back to their natural feral state in which they refuse to choose betterment of themselves over the lure of pleasurable pursuits, and parents watch their kids’ test scores plummet while wondering why their taxes increase and nothing improves.

Kids are no longer taught basic life skills such as civics and economics. They graduate not having a clue how government works or how to balance a checkbook. They have no reference points to fall back on when they are given inaccurate information by our biased media. It is no wonder that the media has been able to sway elections and public opinion on major issues because many Americans’ only recourse is to believe that the media is somehow prevented from airing false or intentionally biased information. The Internet has practically no regulation and allows the most patently absurd falsehoods to circulate and stir the imaginations of conspiracy theorists. Lacking a proper educational foundation grounded in truth, young people lack the necessary filters to weed out misinformation from fact.

As if this was not bad enough, new generations are thrust into the world unable to understand its complexity or determine how to earn a living. This lack of understanding falls disproportionately upon the black community whose harbored suspicions of white people cause them to view life through a racial lens and make them susceptible to the machinations of con artists who use this mistrust against their own people. This group is increasingly left behind in society and turns for survival to the government whose politicians are only too happy to oblige in return for their support at election time.

As this group hardens into a perpetual underclass, it slowly becomes a fifth column supporting secular progressive politicians in a vicious cycle of increasing federal largesse in return for political support as America races down a steep decline. Those who would stop or reverse this decline are unable to appeal to this fifth column on the basis of rationality because its members do not possess the learning required to understand the consequences of their choices. They have been left behind by the education system and political leaders with their only recourse to become dependent upon the very system and political leaders who left them behind in the first place.

It is this group to which Mitt Romney referred so clumsily when he spoke of the 47% dependent upon government and dedicated to President Obama. This group is dependent upon government because it knows no other way. Many in this group are intimately familiar with myriad ways to game the government system to increase their benefits, but have no clue how to function in the wider world of employment. They see a system rigged against them because it will not change to suit their needs while never realizing that it is they who must adapt to the system. Ironically, they have no problem adapting to the government system to maximize their benefits, but see it as getting over on the government, not realizing that the government is getting over on them in the larger scheme of things.

In our study of great civilizations such as Rome and Greece, we note their decline while refusing to imagine that America could ever follow a similar path despite the fact that we are engaged in the very actions that led to their downfall. These civilizations grew wealthy, became indulgent, and allowed their indulgences to lead to financial ruin and eventual collapse. Like America, they began to court the masses through lavish expenditures which bankrupted their governments and left them at the mercy of their enemies.

Living out the dreams of their counterculture youth, the secular progressives are engaged in the destruction of our cultural institutions and the bankruptcy of our country. They hope to remake these institutions in their own image while avoiding the messier aspects of civilization decline that plagued their predecessors. In this, they will be just as unsuccessful, and America will join the long list of civilizations which gave in to the whims of the masses only to flicker out in the end.

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