No Country for Old White Men

President Obama’s reelection is being spun by pundits across the political spectrum as a repudiation of traditional values and the idea that older white men still have the power to influence elections. 

With the advent of the 24-hour news cycle, we have come to endure the endless exploration of minutia surrounding major news stories, and nowhere is this practice worse than politics. Voters are subjected to stories exploring the most inane points of the candidates along with endless focus groups, polls, expert opinions, analysis of polls, trends, and expert opinions, and analysis of the election results, exit polls, etc. The news media has been irreparably corrupted by entertainment reporting in that they explore every facet of the candidates except their actual positions on the issues or their involvement in scandals. The only time they attempt to appear journalistic is when they are busy smearing the Republican candidate while ignoring any hard news concerning their preferred Democrat candidate unless it can be cast in a way that favors their guy.

In the post election analysis concerning the 2012 election, the theme being spun by the Democrat media sycophants is that Republicans lost because they were perceived to be the party of old white men. The narrative points out that America has become a nation of immigrants, ironic since America has always been a nation of immigrants, and that these new immigrants resent being told they must acclimate to the traditions of white Europeans whose numbers are steadily dwindling as they age and die off.

They go on to explain that these immigrants want entitlement benefits and shun the notion that self-reliance is the path to prosperity just because some old dead white guy said so. We’re told the old white guys controlling the Republican Party just don’t get it and are destined for decline because they will never understand the mindset of anyone outside their social circle.

There are several problems with this narrative and GOP establishment types who are already starting to fall for this nonsense and echo it back do so at their own peril. The first and most obvious problem is that Democrats have no interest in helping Republicans win at their expense. The advice they are dispensing is nothing more than piling on their beliefs in the hopes of creating enough momentum to make them inevitable. Democrats are saying “See, we won, therefore we must be right and you better get on board with our ideas or risk being left behind.” The impetus here is to co-opt Republicans into exploring variations on Democrat ideas thus shutting off consideration of any ideas outside the narrowly defined Democrat box. This is just another way of Democrats controlling the conversation.

Second, one huge factor being ignored as contributing to the Republican loss is the struggle within the Republican Party between the GOP establishment and the upstart TEA Party. When it is considered, it is miscast as conservative extremism rejected by the voters. The real issue was the refusal of the GOP establishment to support candidates backed by the TEA Party. TEA Party-backed candidates who defeated GOP establishment candidates were either refused party support outright, or they were begrudgingly given very limited support. The TEA Party represents a threat to the GOP establishment’s support of big government which keeps their operatives employed and in power.

Third is the notion that conservative ideas don’t resonate with minorities. President Obama faced a huge backlash in the black community over his support of gay marriage. Churchgoing blacks are just as conservative on the issue of gay marriage as their white counterparts, and many blacks were turned off by this weakening of traditional marriage when it is needed so badly in the black community. President Obama’s secular progressive economic policies have mired minorities in high unemployment, increased poverty, and decreased hope. Many minorities have noticed these trends and are tired of being told that their day is coming when it never seems to get here.

Finally, it is time to repudiate the idea that moral relativism apples to the laws of economics or a myriad of other subjects. There is without a doubt absolute truth and it has nothing whatsoever to do with the color of one’s skin or their age. There is no white truth and black truth; there is only truth! White people don’t just sit around believing that anything they say automatically becomes truth just because they say it. And, they aren’t just trying to be right. Conservatism espouses abstract truths that are realized after a certain amount of maturity and experience on the part of its supporters. Just because one does not like the truth doesn’t mean that it’s not the truth and no amount of moral relativism is going to change that truth.

The fact is that hard work leads to prosperity and assets are built up over a lifetime. No amount of wanting everything right now is going to change this fact. One can’t just wish that it were so. Equality is a wonderful idea, but it has been perverted into this notion that everyone should have exactly the same amount instead of the American idea that everyone should have an equal chance to succeed.

No amount of denigrating old white men is going to change the fact that the secular progressives under President Obama have spent America into bankruptcy. We face higher taxes and spending cuts because Obama turned the old Democrat tax and spend mantra around to spend and tax. The money is spent and must be repaid, therefore taxes must go up. Obama is spreading pain to everyone while telling Americans that he’s layering it on the wealthy.

Destruction of traditional institutions such as marriage, the family unit, the Judeo-Christian underpinning of America, and the Puritan work ethic is not a way of striking back at old white men because of the class envy stoked by Democrats. It is the very destruction of America itself and will lead the destroyers to ruin right along with the rest of us.

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