Pro Life

As a conservative, being pro life goes beyond merely being against abortion to encompass placing the individual above the collective in all aspects of life. 

At its heart, abortion is a gruesome procedure that reconciles the natural biological order with the constraints of society. Biologically, humans are attracted to one another sexually, and the sexual act often results in pregnancy as per its design. Socially, we recognize the need to organize into family units in order to raise children and strive to delay the natural biological urges of those emerging from puberty until such time as this family organization is conducive. Being that the sexual act is a most pleasant experience, it is difficult to manage this delaying action resulting in young women colloquially referred to as being “left in the family way.” Fathers typically approach their societal responsibility to delay the onset of sexual activity in their daughters by issuing dire warnings as to the consequences of their engaging in sex prior to marriage, which many daughters promptly ignore but still fear the wrath of their fathers.

Hence the need for abortion which reconciles the fear young women experience of disobeying their fathers with the natural urge to engage in the most pleasurable act of sex. It does this by allowing the consequences of engaging in sex, namely pregnancy, to be erased with no evidence remaining to convict the young woman. As such, abortion is a matter of conveniently destroying evidence of disobedience. A life is destroyed so the young woman can maintain her innocence and escape retribution for her disobedience. Older women turn to abortion merely for the convenience it offers in not having to deal with an unwanted pregnancy while allowing one to engage in sexual activity without regards to its consequences.

It is this overwhelming fear young women have of facing the consequences of their disobedience that abortion supporters point to as the need to retain the legality of this procedure. We are constantly warned of a return to back-alley abortions, those underground procedures conducted in unsafe and unsanitary conditions that more often than not took the life of the young woman along with her unborn fetus. However, the abortion mill known as Planned Parenthood is not required to operate under the same medical standards as hospitals, and many of these clinics are unsafe, unsanitary, and expose women to the same horrors as underground back-alley abortionists, but are protected because of the fear of ceding an inch in the fight to preserve abortion as a right.

There is the abortion procedure in which a living fetus is torn from its mother’s womb, recoiling in horror from the abortionist’s instruments as its tiny body is pulled to pieces and extracted as if it were nothing more than a tumor. Abortion supporters like to pretend that a fetus is just a glob of tissue that is not alive, but ultrasounds are quick to expose this lie by revealing a living organism with a heartbeat. These abortionists seek to prevent clients from being forced to undergo ultrasounds knowing that this is powerful evidence which tends to change minds and puts a crimp in their massive profit machine.

Ultimately, governments are organized to protect the most vulnerable from the most aggressive. Government is the mechanism which allowed man to move from food gathering clans into cooperative societies encompassing multiple clans practicing division of labor to improve the standard of living of all of its members. Instead of spending all of their time gathering food, men could work together to grow and store food, thus allowing free time to engage in specialized labor such as making clothing and tools which increased the standard of living. The most aggressive were forced to temper their behavior for the good of the group, and their natural aggressiveness was channeled into productive uses such as hunting and defense. Thus, the members created governments to organize their societies and serve their interests to increase their standard of living.

It is this principle of government protecting the most vulnerable from the most aggressive that so offends us in the form of dictatorships where one gains control of the government process and perverts it to satisfy his own desires at the expense of the citizens it was organized to protect. We are outraged that one man could gain control of the very government organized to protect the rights of its citizens and use that government to trample their rights to satisfy his own lusts. A dictatorship is antithetical to the purpose of government and serves no purpose but to modernize the very nature of one man rule prevalent in clan existence by dressing it up in the legitimacy of legal rule.

Who is less vulnerable and requires more protection than a fetus? A fetus is ultimately dependent upon its mother to protect and nurture it until it can survive outside her protective womb. As such, the fetus is also entirely dependent upon her whims to consume alcohol and tobacco or other substances which can dramatically affect its development, or her desire to abort it entirely as a matter of her personal and selfish convenience. The fetus has no ability to defend itself and is thus entirely dependent upon another for its protection.

The abortionists will argue that it is the woman’s right to control her own body through the choice of abortion, but didn’t she already control her own body through the choice of engaging in unprotected sex? Pregnancy is a consequence of prior choices, not a spontaneous condition like a cancerous tumor. In reality, what the abortionists are really arguing is the desire for women to engage in sex with no consequences as they mistakenly believe men enjoy. True, a man can walk away from sex without fear of pregnancy, but no real man can absolve himself of his familial obligations.

It is the nature of man to preserve his existence through the continuance of his line with progeny, and his assurance that this occurs comes from his participation in the rearing and protection of his progeny. Some men approach the problem of continued existence through the sowing of multiple progeny believing that assurance comes through numbers, but the only way to truly be assured is to be involving in the rearing of their progeny.

If governments are organized to protect the most vulnerable from the most aggressive, then why do we protect the destruction of the most vulnerable as a matter of convenience? Absolute morality does not come from the legal dictates of a government created by man, but from the absolute truth of God almighty which transcends anything created by man. This is why legality of homosexual marriage will never truly legitimize homosexuality because it violates the natural order established by God. It is an offense to God regardless of my feelings. The same is true of the destruction of life through abortion. It is an offense to God for man to destroy life which He has created.

Similarly, if it is wrong for government to legitimize the destruction of life through abortion, it is also wrong for government to abridge the natural and inalienable rights of man such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Government does not exist to be served by the people, but rather exists to serve the people. Clint Eastwood was absolutely correct when he reminded us that politicians are our employees. They are there to serve us; not to be served by us. Government does us no favor by reducing our taxes and letting us keep more of our money. That money is ours to begin with, and we must realize that government is taking it from us to waste on things we would never purchase ourselves.

Government does not produce anything, and it certainly does not produce wealth. It merely takes from those who do produce to give to those who do not produce. Government has become a glorified protection racket which skims off a percentage of the national GDP to distribute to its sycophants who serve its ends and keep it in power. This is not to denigrate the many fine people who work in government, but is intended as a critique of a government system which has grown beyond its fundamental purposes to involve itself in minute aspects of our lives with the best of intentions, but whose practice has resulted in the worst of abuses to our liberty. If we are to retain the original intentions of our Founding Fathers whose goal was to maximize personal liberty while minimizing government, then we must shrink our government down to the size where it concentrates on those fundamental functions it was originally created to perform.

We have allowed our government to expand beyond its original purpose to become our retirement plan, our health plan, our social safety net, our educator, our daycare center, and even our mother who tells us what to eat and drink. It is no wonder that a government spread so thin with so many tasks has so much trouble accomplishing anything well. The fundamental purpose of government us to protect its citizens from others and from each other. It protects us from others through secure borders and a strong national defense, and engages with the world through treaties which allow for cooperative engagement while reducing the need for war. It protects us from each other through reasonable laws which govern our behavior towards one another through the proscription of punishments for violations of this behavioral norm. Too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing, and we now have laws that purport to punish the thoughts of those who engage in criminal acts. As if such nonsense was even possible!

Weaning ourselves from the largesse of government will be difficult, but it is absolutely necessary if we are to survive as the world’s superpower. There are many who would quickly abdicate this role in favor of continuing the gravy train to which they have grown accustomed. This is a terribly shortsighted view which fails to recognize that our exit from the world stage would result in the forces of darkness and evil expanding to fill the vacuum left by dimming the light of freedom and democracy. We are faced with an evil which calls for our ultimate destruction and not merely that we retreat from certain parts of the world. Isolationism has failed us in the past and will continue to fail us as it allows the forces of evil to concentrate and prepare for our destruction. We must be engaged in the world to take the fight to the enemy on his home turf instead of allowing him to bring the fight to us. We learned this lesson painfully on 9/11 as our ignoring of al-Qaeda allowed it to attack our cities.

We must learn to do for ourselves instead of relying on a government unable to come to our rescue in times of disaster. We must privatize those ancillary functions government has assumed in the interests of benevolence but which threaten to reduce effectiveness to the lowest common denominator in the interests of fairness. In short, we must become pro life, pro individual, pro self reliant, and pro smaller government if we are to have a sustainable government capable of performing its primary functions.

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